November, 2015
We are Topeka and Downtown Proud! 

Downtown is coming up, just for you coming soon! Check out the latest advancements to downtown and get involved. 
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  • Read about a millineals master's research on Topeka and other cities revitalization 
  • Enjoy Downtown events
  • Read Kansas City Star article highlighting downtown Topeka 
  • Take a picture with the arches, clock, and Ichabods downtown
  • Get involved in the Kansas Avenue Project here
We are #TopekaProud!
Parks + Rec Master Plan innovative and efficient 
Heartland Visioning and Shawnee County Parks + Recreation partnered over the last two months to spend time communicating with more than a hundred citizens about community progress and the Parks + Recreation's new master plan. The improvements in the department are impressive including cost efficiency, community partnerships, efforts towards leveraging volunteers, marketing the department's services, and more. Parks and Recreation facilities add to a community's quality of life, increase property values, and provide a sense of pride and cohesion.  As you think about the changes within your area of the community, consider learning more about the Parks + Recreation master plan improvements by contacting Susan Fowler Hentzler for speaking engagements. Read more about the progress here
Visionary Volunteers 

Have you ever wondered what a Visionary Volunteer does and what occurs at a Heartland Visioning Steering Committee meeting? Jensen Moore a senior studying English at Washburn University shares her experience. See an excerpt below and read the full article here.  

"...At this Steering Meeting I spent a little under one and a half hours with other people volunteering their time to discuss the future of Topeka. This short discussion offered me a base of education, a platform for discussion, and the opportunity to connect with those involved with the future development of Topeka.  

I've found the biggest challenge for Visioning (other not-for profit organizations) is keeping the conversation going. Many people, myself included, have thought our voices too small and our connections too few. Consequently, this mindset feeds the notion that "I, as a citizen, have no control of the progression of my society and change seems all but impossible". Now, obviously, it's easy to be a cynic when you're alone. However, civic outlets are more than available. (Mayor) Wolgast, (Glenda, VP Entrepreneurial, Minority Business Development) Washington, and multiple members of diverse, local organizations are available. Therefore, change is not unattainable and neither is one's ability to impact his or her community." Read more here
Community Health and Safety

Heartland Visioning partners with two coalitions addressing community health and safety issues. These coalitions bring together different organizations to address the following issues. Get involved today by emailing here

Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods increases health and wellness for Shawnee County through: 
  • Increasing access, transportation and knowledge of health care services
  • Improving healthy eating and active living for healthy lives
  • Decreasing infant mortality rate
  • Completing streets for safe, convenient, and comfortable transportation and access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of their mode of transportation

Safe Streets creates a healthier community by addressing substance abuse and crime through prevention education and citizen empowerment. Safe streets continuously pursues their vision for "Peace in the Neighborhood," through various efforts:

  • Setting up neighborhood watch groups
  • Supporting youth involvement in the community
  • Encouraging community mobilization
  • Facilitating the Safe Streets Coalition to address crime and safety concerns