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The team at BBCetc can only dream about being 25 years old again, but on the occasion of our 25th anniversary of service to Michigan entrepreneurs this month, we're doing cartwheels (read: patting each other on the back enthusiastically). 

The company was founded as Biotechnology Business Consultants (BBC) in 1990 by Mickey Katz-Pek, who had previous been president of a University of Michigan spinout. Its original focus was on assisting early-stage Michigan life science companies with technology commercialization strategy and implementation. Managing partner, Lisa Kurek, joined the company in 1997, having spent 15 years in various roles in biomedical technology with both large corporations and small start-ups. 

Over the years, BBC expanded and evolved adding consultants and technology expertise, expanding our geographic reach and developing a nationally recognized specialty in SBIR/STTR training and consulting across all 11 participating federal agencies. Reflecting this broader scope of services, BBC became BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting (BBCetc) in June 2012.

In addition to serving as the state SBIR/STTR representative for Michigan, today BBCetc works across the U.S. (32 states in 2014!) assisting a wide range of clients from individual companies and entrepreneurs to universities, SBDC's and tech-based economic development organizations.
We continue to seek new ways to spread the word about the SBIR/STTR programs and help technology entrepreneurs compete effectively to cross the "Valley of Death" with this compelling source of funding. On behalf of the whole gang at BBCetc, heartfelt thanks to our many partner organizations and clients for making it possible for us to do what we love for 25 years!

DoD Solicitation is in Pre-Release - Talk to Your TPOC Now
DoD has pre-released its SBIR 2015.3 and STTR 2015.C DOD solicitations. Components offering topics for SBIR 15.3 are Army, Navy, Air Force, DARPA, MDA, and OSD. For STTR 15.C, CBD, DARPA, DLA, and MDA are offering topics.

During the pre-release period you are encouraged to contact the topic authors directly (contact information is listed with the topic) to ask technical questions about specific solicitation topics. Why is this important?
  • The TPOC is often the author of the topic and so is most knowledgeable about its intent. 
  • During the 30-day pre-solicitation period, your conversation with the TPOC is private. Once that period is over, you can post questions - anonymously - to the SBIR/STTR Interactive Topic Information System (SITIS) for technical clarification only, but your questions and responses will be public. (Conversely, you can gain information by monitoring the questions/answers of others, but the answers will likely be nowhere near what you can glean from a one-on-one conversation.). 
  • This is your opportunity to learn the parameters of the topic, ask technical questions, get clarification, and gauge whether and how well your technology meets the objective.
The DoD will begin accepting proposals on September 28, 2015 at 6:00 a.m. ET and will close to proposals on October 28, 2015 at 6:00 a.m. ET. Plan ahead and submit your proposal early to avoid heavy traffic on the site during the final week.

1. SBIR 15.3 and STTR 15.C Pre-release: August 27, 2015
2. SBIR 15.3 and STTR 15.C Open: September 28, 2015
3. SITIS Q&A Close: October 14, 2015
4. SBIR 15.3 and STTR 15.C Close: October 28, 2015

Read our quick overview of the topics and Check out our library of recorded webinars including the follow DoD topics:
  • Overview of program and components
  • Working with DoD and Speaking Their Language 
  • DoD Proposal Preparation Essentials 
  • Commercialization Planning for DoD
  • How to Prepare a Budget for Your DoD Proposal DoD 
  • Pre-award Assurances / When Do I Get the Money? 
Build Your Team to Build Your Company
At BBCetc, we love the passion and intensity of entrepreneurs who are developing amazing technologies even as we try to harness their enthusiasm and keep their feet planted on the ground. Part of our job is helping them understand that participating SBIR/STTR agencies are seeking more than a great idea; they want to see a product based on technological innovation with a credible commercialization strategy that includes the right team to get you there. 

We remind our clients often that product development shouldn't lead business development. They go hand in hand, combining technical skill and business expertise, with the right people playing the right roles.

Although it is the scientific/technical team members who are considered "key people" and are paid from the grant, an ideal team should include both scientific and management roles. While it is not unusual to have team members with both technical and management training, i.e., a PhD with an MBA, you should be cautious about relying too heavily on one individual to deliver in both areas. Here's a breakdown of typical team roles:

"Employees" are people who work for you, right? Sounds obvious, but in our experience, the term is used quite liberally. Read on

Other Funding Opportunities
NICHD - Tools for Assessment & Improvement of Neurologic Outcomes (R43/R44)
To develop tools and technology for diagnosis, intervention and improvement of outcomes for pregnancies and infants with known neurologic disease or infants at high risk for neurologic complications.
Due date: December 10, 2015

NHGRI - Novel Nucleic Acid Sequencing Technology Development (R43/R44)
Seeks novel chemistries, physical approaches and instrumentation for DNA and direct RNA sequencing.  
Due dates: October 27, 2015; July 14, 2016; June 15, 2017

NIDCR and NIBIB - Imaging Diagnostics of Dental Diseases and Conditions (Caries, Periodontal Disease, Cracked Teeth, and Pulp Vitality) (R41/R42)
Encourages the development of devices that will improve diagnosis of certain oral diseases and conditions
Standard NIH due dates

Onsite Training 

SBIR/STTR Overview and Proposal Prep for NSF
Sept. 14 - Hampton, VA
Sept 15 - Norfolk, VA

SBIR/STTR 101 Intro & Overview
Sep 15 - E. Lansing, MI

SBIR Commercialization Planning
Sept 16 - Norfolk, VA

Commercialization for Early-Stage Companies
Sep 17 - Kalamazoo, MI

Proposal Prep for NSF
Sep 18 - Southfield, MI

SBIR/STTR Overview and Proposal Prep Essentials for NIH, NSF & DoD
Sept 20 - Cleveland, OH

Proposal Prep for NIH
Oct 7 - Plymouth, MI

Webinars are 1-2 PM

Sep 17 - How to Prepare a Budget for SBIR/STTR Proposals

Sep 24 - What You Need to Know About Gov't. Audits

Sep 30 - NSF Program Overview

Oct 8 - QuickBooks & Compliance for SBIR/STTR Awardees

Oct 21 - Essentials of Commercialization

HHS/NIH Omnibus
Closes Jan 5

Closes Oct. 8

Closes Oct. 19

DoD SBIR 15.3 / STTR 15.C
In pre-release. Opens Sep. 28; closes Oct. 28
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