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Professional Development Opportunity
Struggling Adolescent Readers with Anita Archer
Middle school is a critical period for students facing reading difficulties. It is in grades six through eight that struggling readers may fall seriously behind their peers, jeopardizing their chances for success in high school and beyond.
Yet, despite the importance of their task, middle school teachers are often forced to use reading curricula that are outdated, impractical, or simply do not work.

During this three-day conference, Dr. Anita Archer will help participants master the most current research-validated strategies for increasing fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and decoding skills.


Dr. Archer serves as an educational consultant to school districts on effective reading and writing instruction, classroom management, and design of effective literacy programs.


She is nationally known for her work on instructional procedures and design, and is the recipient of eight Outstanding Educator awards. In addition, Dr. Archer has taught at San Diego State University, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon.


Conference Schedule

July 7-9, 2014

8:30am - 4:15pm


Sheraton Phoenix Airport Tempe

1600 South 52nd Street

Tempe, AZ 85281


Register for this conference at the ADE Events Registration page.


For more information about either conference, contact Linda Mosteller.

In Focus: New Statewide Achievement Test

Arizona Withdraws from PARCC and Moves Forward with Search for New Test

Beginning in spring 2015, Arizona will administer a new statewide achievement test aligned to Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards.


The State Board of Education is responsible for issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP), evaluating bids and awarding the contract for the new assessment. On May 30, Arizona announced its withdrawal from the PARCC Consortium in order to maintain the integrity of the RFP process. The selection of the RFP proposal evaluation team is also an important part of maintaining the integrity of the RFP process. The evaluation team will be comprised of individuals with extensive assessment knowledge and experience, but who have not been involved in the development of any specific test. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Assessment Section staff and Superintendent Huppenthal will not be on the evaluation team.


The RFP for this new assessment was issued by the State Board of Education on June 6. The new contract is expected to be awarded in October.


The ADE recognizes that awarding the contract after the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year is not ideal. We are sympathetic to the strains this will place on school administrators, staff, teachers, and the students; therefore, we will provide the most beneficial and crucial information to all stakeholders as quickly as possible after the contract is awarded.


The ADE appreciates all of the hard work that each of you have done for your students, and we are determined to work diligently to actively support the efforts of the education community throughout the implementation of the new assessment.

State Board Issues RFP for New Statewide Assessment
As noted above, the RFP for the new statewide assessment was issued on Friday, June 6. The document can be found here.


The ADE understands that there has been much interest in the process for selecting a new assessment, but because of procurement rules nobody associated with the state is able to comment any further on this process or the proposal.


Should you have specific questions about the procurement process, please visit the ProcureAZ web page at or email
Accountability Update

Stay Informed with the New Accountability Web Site

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the new Accountability section and web site at The site is a one-stop source of information that allows visitors to view technical assistance and timelines, apply to be on A-F committees, stay current on changes made by the State Board of Education, access accountability-related forms, or contact the Accountability section.  


State Board Approved A-F Substantive Appeals Committee Seeking Members

The State Board recently approved a new appeals process for state accountability and ADE is now seeking qualified applicants to serve on the committee.


For more information and to sign up, access the online application.


Other Accountability News

  • If you are planning to attend this month's Leading Change conference, keep an eye out for two breakout sessions hosted by ADE's Chief Accountability Officer, Dr. Yovhane Metcalfe. She will be presenting both "Bottom 25%: Who was in it? Who could be in it?" and "Preliminary to Final: How Data can Change" on Tuesday, June 17.
  • Please keep in mind that all letter grade and AIMS data are embargoed until August 4, 2014. Please note that the embargo on aggregate AIMS data does not apply to individual AIMS results. Student reports may be forwarded to students and parents/guardians as soon as available.
  • All alternative schools received status notifications as of May 31.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Accountability section at 602.542.5151 or


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School Updates
ADOT Introduces New Driver Licenses and Identification Cards

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division recently introduced Arizona's newly redesigned driver license/identification card. Enhanced security features have been incorporated into the DL/ID credential to safeguard personal information and help prevent identity theft.


Because Arizona schools often rely on driver licenses as a source of identification, we wanted to share these changes with you to ensure all staff are aware of the changes.


MVD customers will now receive a temporary credential before leaving an MVD or Authorized Third Party office, and they will receive the permanent credential in the mail within 15 days. The temporary contains a photo and the basic information that appears on the actual credential. It is printed on security paper for added customer protection.


The decision to accept the temporary credential as proof of identity exists solely with the organization requesting to see the license or identification card. These changes take effect June 16.


The brochures below provide additional information.


Central Issuance Brochure (English)

Central Issuance Brochure (Spanish) 


If you would like hard copy brochures, ADOT will be happy to supply them. Please contact the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division Distribution Center at 602.712.7306.

ADE to Begin Implementing New, Uniform Data Standards Statewide
The promise of a replacement for SAIS is another step closer to reality. As you may know, full implementation of the new state reporting requirements, or AzEDS (Arizona Education Data Standards) Release 1, will begin on July 1, 2014.
It is critically important that Superintendents, Business Officers, SAIS (Data) Coordinators and IT Directors understand these changes to State and Federal reporting requirements (directed by the Data Governance Commission in October 2012).
Beginning July 1, 2015, all student data submissions must be in the AzEDS format. Districts or charters may use any one of the SIS vendors that have a certified implementation of AzEDS Release 1. For more information, visit or send an email to

U.S. Departments of Education and Justice Release Updated Guidance on Providing All Children with Access to an Equal Education Regardless of Immigration Status

The updated guidance documents, including a guidance letter to states and school districts and a fact sheet and Q&A document, emphasize the need for flexibility in accepting documents from parents to prove a child's age and to show that a child resides within a school's attendance area. They also provide specific examples of the types of documents that many schools have accepted. And the guidance documents remind schools that they may not require certain documents (such as a parent's state-issued driver's license) where such a requirement would prevent a student from enrolling because of his or her parent's immigration status.


The important changes announced recently will provide districts with the additional tools and practical guidance needed to make sure the schoolhouse door is open to all students and that undocumented children and children from immigrant families no longer face barriers to enrollment in school and to starting down the path to a better future.


The documents are also available in Spanish at these links: guidance letter, fact sheet and Q&A document.
Opportunities for Educators
Foreign and Native Language Standards Revision

Beginning this summer, ADE will be following the process approved by the State Board of Education to revise the current Arizona Foreign and Native Language Standards. District and charter K-12 educators, content/foreign language experts and higher education faculty from around the state of Arizona are encouraged to participate in the process. The revision process will involve both face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings with selected committee members, and the entire process is expected to take six to nine months.


To access and complete the application to be considered for the Foreign and Native Language Standards Revision Committee, CLICK HERE.


The deadline for application submission is June 19, 2014.  Applicants will be selected and will receive acceptance of their application no later than July 1, 2014. Please send your completed application to


For questions or information about the Foreign and Native Language Standards Revision process contact Kimlee Buttacavoli Grant at

Summer Workshop for Administrators & Coaches in Music and Performance-Based Classes

Participants in this Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) training will be guided through  an in-depth look at the Learning Observation Instrument (LOI), focusing on elements which may "look and sound" different in music and other performance-based classes. Resources to support the implementation of AZCCRS will be examined and authentic ideas for accessible professional development for your faculty in these areas will be explored.


When: July 14 and 15, 2014 from 8:30am - 4:30pm


Where: Roosevelt School District Office Boardroom, 6000 S. 7th Street, Phoenix 85042


Cost: $200 for both days


Registration: Click here to register through the MCESA website.


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Success Stories

Cardinals' Fitzgerald donates computers to four schools

As reported by the Arizona Republic, Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald believes that being prepared for college will be a challenge for students without significant exposure to technology. Once Fitzgerald was made aware that there was a need for technology in schools with significant populations of students from low-income families, he decided to help close the gap. Fitzgerald partnered with Lenovo to donate 1,000 pieces of technology to four Valley elementary schools from the Phoenix, Isaac, Roosevelt and Avondale elementary school districts. Tablets will be used in computer labs, after-school programs and traditional classrooms.


Superintendent Huppenthal was in attendance as Fitzgerald presented technology to 100 Phoenix Elementary School children at Lowell Elementary School in Phoenix. To read more about Mr. Fitzgerald's efforts, visit AZCentral.

Tuba City High School CTE Students Earn National Child Care Credential

The Arizona Daily Star recently featured an article profiling seven Tuba City High School (TCHS) students who have received a national Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. This accomplishment makes TCHS just the third school in the nation to award the CDA to high school students.


The credential itself is overseen by the National Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C. and is designed to recognize early childhood educators who demonstrate the ability to constructively work with children in group settings. The CDA team in Arizona is comprised of several education stakeholders, including Coconino Community College, the United States Department of Education, ADE's Career and Technical Education section, the Northeast Joint Technological Education District (JTED) and Arizona First Things First. You can read the full Daily Star article here.

ECAP Implementation Showing Promise at Fort Thomas High

Arizona high schools are supporting implementation of the Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) process to assist students in postsecondary goal setting and college and career readiness. Fort Thomas postsecondary rates have increased from 60%-70% to 91% of the graduates in last year's graduating class, a metric that indicates students' successful entry into their postsecondary choices.


Fort Thomas High School introduces the ECAP process as students begin their freshman year. By the time students are seniors, they will have worked with both counselors and teachers to explore their interests, select their career goals, and determine their academic path to achieving their goals. They graduate having designed their "next step."


The school utilizes the AZCIS computer system, which is provided to all schools free of charge, for students to develop their personal portfolio. Students can access their portfolio 24/7, which results in parent-student conversations about school and careers. Students are encouraged to apply to their local community college and take the ACT college entrance test, and arrangements may also be made to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Community college and university representatives, as well as military recruiters, are invited to campus to share postsecondary options.


To learn more about the ECAP process, visit
Celebrate iCivics' Birthday with Resources that Empower Teachers and Educate Students
Last month, iCivics, a non-profit organization dedicated to reinvigorating civic learning through interactive and engaging learning resources, was pleased to celebrate its fourth birthday. Founded and led by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics provides students with the tools they need for active participation and democratic action, and teachers with the materials and support to achieve this. Free resources include print-and-go lesson plans, award-winning games, and digital interactives.
Thanks to the support the program has received, 60,000 teachers have adopted the iCivics curriculum and downloaded 2.1 million lessons while over 23 million iCivics games have been played by students across the country.
To find out how you can be a part of the iCivics experience, visit their website at
Have a Success Story You Would Like to Share?
We would love to hear it. Please send your Success Story suggestions to and a member of ADE's Communications team will reach out for more information.
Thank you for helping us share the great work that Arizona students, teachers, and schools are doing every day!
Upcoming Conferences
Leading Change 2014

We look forward to seeing many of you at the 2014 Arizona Department of Education Leading Change Conference and hope that all attendees leave with actionable knowledge about Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards implementation, educator evaluation, pay for performance systems, and the transition to Arizona's new state assessment.


As the conference approaches, please keep in mind that many ADE staff members may be away from their offices presenting at or otherwise supporting the conference. With that said, we will make every effort to ensure that your needs are met during this busy time.


Participants can find more information at

Second Annual Teachers' Institute: "ALL Students, ALL Teachers"

An exciting opportunity for all Arizona teachers, ADE's 2014 Teachers' Institute is tailored to the needs of both general education and special education teachers. This two-day conference will feature nationally recognized educator Dr. Anita Archer, author of Explicit Instruction-Effective and Efficient Teaching, and Dr. Richard Villa, author of over a hundred articles and book contributions regarding inclusive education, differentiated instruction, and collaborative planning.


The Institute will also feature presentations from prominent local Arizona general and special education teachers who will highlight methods and strategies found to be effective in Arizona schools. Breakout sessions will be pertinent to both general education and special education teachers, as well as cover topics specific to certain special education populations.


Registration for an individual is $199.00. If a general education and a special education teacher from the same school team up, the registration fee will be lowered to $150.00 per person!  To take advantage of this offer, put GROUP in the registration section labeled Payment Number for both attendees.

Conference Schedule

July 10-11, 2014

8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.



Glendale Renaissance Hotel

9495 West Coyotes Boulevard

Glendale, AZ 85305


Register for this conference at the ADE Events Registration page.
A Message from Superintendent Huppenthal

As students head home for the summer, I know that educators in Arizona are still hard at work. With the full implementation of Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards, the 2013-2014 school year was one of great change for our state's education system.


I commend your efforts to embrace these new standards and I realize it has not been easy for you. At the ADE, we have worked to ease the burden of this transition as much as possible, but I know that it is in schools and classrooms across the state where the rubber met the road. Your creativity, enthusiasm and dedication to the implementation of the new standards is like nowhere else in the country. I am proud to be Arizona's Superintendent for many reasons and this year was a shining example of how our state was able to rise above adversity and do what is best for our students.

I know your hard work will continue through the summer and into next year as the state adopts and implements a new assessment for mathematics and English language arts. Because important changes such as these are hard, please know that as Superintendent I will continue to support your efforts and hard work to implement these changes.


I will continue to take the message of the standards to small groups around the state who misunderstand their content, support efforts at the Legislature to make sure the standards remain free of politics, and ensure ADE staff are rigorously developing resources and tools to support the field.


With gratitude for all you do,


Superintendent John Huppenthal

June 2014 Calendar of Events



Gila County Town Hall - All About AELAS (Globe)

Webinar: Research and Information Fluency (9:30am session or 2:30pm session)

Multisensory Grammar (Phoenix)
FFA (Future Farmers of America): State Leadership Camp - (Heber, AZ)

Webinar: Close Reading (9:30am session or 2:00pm session)


2014 Leading Change Conference: Lead the Change, Create the Future

Webinar: Creating Social Studies Document Text Sets for Grades 9-12

(9:30am session or 2:00pm session)


Webinar: Text Complexity (9:30am session or 2:00pm session)

Close Reading in the Classroom - AZCCRS ELA Phase II (Phoenix)
Teaching Reading Effectively (Glendale)

SkillsUSA (Student organization for preparing America's workforce): National Leadership and Skills Conference (Kansas City, MO)

Webinar: Instructional Shifts, Literacy Practices, and Student Outcomes
Pinal County Town Hall - All About AELAS (Casa Grande)

HOSA (Future Health Professionals): National Conference (Orlando, FL)

27-7/1TSA (Technology Student Association): National Conference (Washington, D.C.)
27-7/3FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America): National Leadership Conference (Nashville, TN)
29-7/3FFA National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO)
30Taking Grammar to Writing: Write Now!

Webinar: Creating Social Studies Document Text Sets for Grades 6-8

(9:30am session or 2:00pm session)


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