Open Letter to Campus - February 13, 2015
UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center
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Dear Campus Community:

Earlier this week, an offensive flyer was posted across the UC San Diego campus. Several concerned students acting in the spirit of upholding our Principles of Community brought this incident to the attention of UC San Diego staff. We wish to commend these students for their prompt and proactive commitment to improving our campus climate.

The flyer intentionally demeaned and dehumanized members of our campus community. Its words undermined UC San Diego's commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and damaged the advancements that this campus has made to foster and maintain a climate free of bias and hatred. A hostile campus environment negatively affects everyone, and is particularly harmful to student learning, well-being, and sense of belonging.

We reject this act of hate. We will continue to work to create a student-centered campus where inclusion and respect are the norm. We wholeheartedly support the actions taken to identify those individuals responsible for posting these flyers.

We ask that everyone in our campus community who is committed to fostering and maintaining a climate free of intimidation and discrimination take a stand against this hurtful act. Through individual and collective action, we unite against prejudice and create a campus where everyone thrives within the highest degree of civility, free of hostile and demeaning treatment.  


We encourage you to share this message with others.


Gerardo Arellano 
Director, Raza Resource Centro

Marnie Brookolo
Director, Women's Center
Heather Belk
Director, Associated Students

Doug Carlone
Management Service Officer, Student Life
Glynda Davis
Senior Diversity Officer, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Alex Kushner
Director, University Events Office
Emily Marx
Director, Center for Student Involvement

Jordan Peimer
Executive Director, Art Power
Gary Ratcliff
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life

Jon Carlos Senour
Director, Student Legal Services
Frank Silva
Chief of Staff, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Stacia Solomon
Director, Black Resource Center
Shaun Travers
Director, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

Sharon Van Bruggen
Director, University Centers
Edwina Welch
Director, Cross-Cultural Center
Belinda Zamacona
Program Manager, Chancellor's Associate Scholars Program