Week 4, Winter Quarter 2015
UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center
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"As long as there is power and hierarchy, then abusers know where they can hide. Because abusers know how to exploit power and hierarchy, because they know how to learn the language, they know how to say the right things, they more than others know how to perfect a tone of rationality and paint their victims as betrayers."


-On Distrusting Community- via Speaking When the World Sleeps


join us for our open house this week!


LGBT Resource Center Open House

Thurs. Jan. 29th | 11:30a-1:30p | LGBTRC

 The UC San Diego Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center cordially invites you to stop by our Open House on Thursday, January 29 between 11:30am-1:30 pm.  In honor of our 15th years on campus, we will have on display milestones and photographs from each of the last 15 years, as well as opportunities to browse our historical collection archives.  If you have never been to the LGBT Resource Center, it will be a great day to visit us, take a tour, and learn about who we are and the community we build at UC San Diego.

what's happening at the rc 


Fluid Attraction Group

Thursday 1/22 | 6-7p | LGBT RC

This group is an open dialogue and supportive space for those who identify with bisexual, biromantic, fluid, pansexual, panromantic, queer and questioning experiences. We welcome you to attend, listen, participate, and connect with others as we explore fluid sexualities and/or fluid romantic attractions. This is a community space where confidentiality will be respected.


Contact ucsdfluidgroup@gmail.com for more info.


Trans* Collective 

Thursday 1/22 | 4-5p | LGBT RC

Trans* Collective is a support and discussion group designed for trans*, gender variant/fluid, intersex folks including individuals who are questioning and/or identify outside of their assigned gender/sex. 

Contact rainbow@ucsd.edu for more info. 






Q-Tunes Library Premiere and Listening Party!

Mon. Feb. 9th | 12-1p | LGBTRC


Ever wish you could add more amazing LGBTQIA+ music artists to your playlists? Want some QT-friendly workout and party jams? Some amazing ballads that express all your feels in a musical fashion? Come to the premiere of Q-Tunes Library! 


The Q-Tunes portion of the Library is an updated version of the music section of the LGBT RC Library. It will be receiving new music CDs and songs from amazing contemporary LGBTQIA+ artists such as (but not limited to because you have to come to the party to know all the artists ) THEE Satisfaction, Against Me!, Mary Lambert and Angel Haze! Plus, we will have and distribute copies of our first Q-Tunes Mixtape comprising of great songs of various artists! To commemorate this expansion of the library, there will be a listening party to listen to the amazing music! You can also exchange your own music playlists and mixtapes with other people at the listening party! Join the facebook event here!

If there are any questions or music
 recommendations for future Q-Tunes additions, please e-mail lgbtpolitics@ucsd.edu ! 

This project is the Queer Student Action Project (QSAP) of Alex Vo, the current Bayard Rustin Intern for Activism and Education.








 Graduate Student.......................6







 Q LEAGUE: Queer Leaders' Summit.


LGBTQIA student organization leaders, you are invited to the Q LEAGUE: Queer Leaders' Summit on Saturday February 7

th, 2015 from 12-4pm (lunch will be provided). It will be an opportunity to connect with other student leaders.


The objectives of the summit are to:

*foster leadership development

*collaboration among LGBTQIA organizations at UCSD

*discuss intersecting and multiple identities

*building community


RSVP to mpgomez@ucsd.edu by January 30th






Financial Aid Pizza Night at LGBT Resource Center

Thurs. Feb. 5th | 5-6:30p | LGBTRC


*             Meet Financial Aid Counselors

*             Learn about the FAFSA & CA Dream App

*             Ask about the March 2 application deadline

Bring a Friend!

Contact the LGBT Resource Center at (858) 822-3493 or rainbow@ucsd.edu for more information.


QTPOC After College: A conversation on power and privilege after college

Tues.  Feb. 10th | 4-5:30p | LGBTRC

As Queer and Trans People of Color you may experience multiple intersecting identities, simultaneously experiencing privileged and oppressed identities. How do these identities change as a college student and upon graduation? How are these complicated when you are a first generation college student/grad? Come have a conversation about power, privilege, and the workforce.


LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit Native Film Series

Wed. Feb. 4th | 6-8p | LGBTRC


The LGBT RC will be hosting a short film series and critical discussion promoting the visibility of LGBTQ and Two-Spirit Native and indigenous people in cinema. The intention is to unsettle dominant perspectives and assumptions, and in doing so, encourage self-reflection and positive (re)action. Join the facebook event here!

Queer Black Social with author FrederickSmith 

Fri. Feb. 20th | 2-3p | LGBTRC


Join us and build community with other Black identified people. Queer Black Socials are closed spaces for Black identified students, staff, faculty, and community members to talk about queer issues. This session will feature author Frederick Smith, fredericklsmith.com

student orgs & staff announcements

Mon. Week 5, 7-9p | LGBT RC
LGBTQIA is committed to providing safe spaces for the community.  For more information please email lgbtqia@gmail.com.

Men's Group

Wednesdays, 7-9p | LGBT RC

Men's group is a social support group that strives to establish a safe, comfortable space for discussions being male and queer.

More Info: rainbow@ucsd.edu


Queer & Trans People of Color
Thursdays, 7-9p | LGBT RC
Connect with other Queer and Trans* People of Color!   Discuss issues around navigating homophobia and transphobia, resisting racism, and fighting misogyny among other things.


12 Step Recovery Group

Fridays, 3:15-4:15p | Heritage Room


The open 12 step meeting is a safe space for folks who are in, seeking, or have questions about recovery. We meet weekly to support one another as a non-judgmental peer group that respects each individual's privacy and process. Topics include, but are not limited to recovery from substance abuse, eating disorders, sex and love addiction, and codependency.


More info: rainbow@ucsd.edu 

campus community centers




You Had Me at HELLO

Thurs. Jan. 29th | 3-4:30p | BRC

No matter the career you choose to enter, there are basic tools that can help you get the job, internship etc. you are pursing. 

It takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. In this electronic age, many first impressions are made without you being physically present. Instagram, FaceBook, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter, all of these forums provide access to your personal life and invite others to form opinions about who you are and what you are about. In this workshop, you will explore the implications, benefits and impact of first impressions.


brc.ucsd.edu | 858-534-0471


Transfer Mixer

Thurs. Feb. 5th | 6-7:30p | Comunidad Room


Join us for food and networking. Relax with other transfer students and destress from classes.

ccc.ucsd.edu | 858-534-9689 

Fiesta Fridays: The History of Chicano Park

Fri. Jan. 30th | 11a-1p | RRC


Come and learn about the history of San Diego's Chicano Park from Carmen Linares Kalo, one of the park's artists and members! She will also be discussing the park's importance to our community. Food will be provided! 


raza.ucsd.edu | 858-822-0072



I'm Not a Feminist, But... 

Wed. Jan. 28th | 5-6:30p | Women's Center


Are you curious about feminism? Not sure exactly what it means, or if it's for you? Join us for an open dialogue about all things feminist. We'll talk about myths surrounding it and why some folks might not identify with the word. Light refreshments provided. 


women.ucsd.edu | 858-822-0074 

community classifieds 

7th Annual UCSF LGBTQI Health Forum

Fri. Feb. 20th & Sat. Feb. 21st | 6-9p & 9-5p


What do LGBTQI patients need? What are their health risks and disparities? What can you do to help? Our goal is to have as many partners in heath present to participate and enrich the dialogue as possible. For more information e-mail us!

Oasis Job Fair 2015

Weds. Feb. 11th & Thurs. Feb 12th | 10a-3p | Oasis Main Lobby (Center Hall, 3rd Floor)


Find out about all the student staff positions OASIS will have available for Summer 2015 and academic year 2015-2016.

Directing Change Student Video Contest 

Deadline: February 16, 2015


Students throughout California are invited to Direct Change by submitting 60-second videos in two categories: "Suicide Prevention" and "Ending the Silence about Mental Illness". The winning teams will win cash prizes and will be recognized at a statewide award ceremony. Visit the campaign website for contest rules and information click here

Test Anxiety Reduction Workshop

This workshop address the cognitive and behavioral causes of test anxiety, and provides skills/strategies to reduce anxiety in testing situations and improve performance. 

All workshops will be held from 3 pm - 4:30 pm. The workshops are January 27 (Tuesday) in the Red Shoe Room-Price Center West, February 9 (Monday) in the Green Table Room-Price Center West, andMarch 2 (Monday) in the Red Shoe Room-Price Center West.


This is a drop in workshop, but please direct questions to: Ryan Stevenson or Joanna Boval  


Fathers, Fathering, and Fatherhood: Queer Chicano Desire and Belonging


The editors invite contributions to an anthology that brings together work by queer/gay Chicanos/Mexicanos on their fathers, the act of fathering, and/or notions of fatherhood whether fathers are/were present or absent, accessible, inaccessible, engaged, disengaged, accepting or rejecting of sons.


Please submit an abstract (ideas or thoughts about your topic) or first draft of your work with a title by March 15th, 2015 to here and here.

Trajectories in Black Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations & New Formations

A UC Wide Symposium & Public Gathering

Fri. Jan. 30th | 10a-6p | Price Center

10a: Morning Plenary-An Intergenerational Conversation on the State of Black Studies

1:30p: Afternoon Breakout Sessions-Inhibition, Instruction, Interdisciplinarity, Internationalism

4p: Evening Plenary-Multidisciplinary Voices in Black Studies


The Victory Empowerment Fellowship 


The Victory Empowerment Fellowship is a training program for transgender people and LGBT people of color that want to take their leadership potential to the next level. The fellowship will pay for your flight, your hotel and your registration to come to Victory's Candidate and Campaign Training  and International LGBT Leadership Conference, plus one-on-one support from Victory staff and hand-picked mentors.


Applications are due Tuesday, February 17th - find out more and apply now here.

Second Annual Undergraduate LGBT Studies Research Symposium

Wed. Apr. 22nd | UCLA


The theme, Staging Queers: Identity, Performance, and Bodies of Entertainment will highlight the ways in which activism through performance and art has catalyzed the queering of popular culture and politics. The symposium will set the stage for presenters to focus on queer topics that spotlight challenges to heteronormative structures that work to appropriate, exoticize, and (mis) represent, the queer body. For any questions or concerns not addressed on this website, please email the Symposium Organizers at  here with any questions.


Spring Queertillion

Fri. Feb. 13th | 8:30p-12:30a | Montezuma Hall


We are so excited to invite you to our Spring Queertillion, as this is SDSU's first semi-formal gathering for the queer community! We wanted to make this a gathering not only for our own campus, but for the college and university campuses within San Diego County. The event is intended to create a sense of community between the schools and students within the county.

Faculty/Staff with inquiries about volunteering for the event or anyone with questions are encouraged to contact The Pride Center Coordinator, Anthony Keen, at here.

PFLAG 2015 Scholarships

Application deadline is March 16, 2015


PFLAG San Diego and its collaborators are pleased to offer these scholarships in 2015. Minimum scholarship amounts are $1,000, and more than one scholarship may be awarded in a given category. Applicants are encouraged to address the additional award factors considered for these named scholarships when they submit their essays. For more information visit here!

UCSD Dream Big Conference


Undocumented Student Services is hosting the first-ever UCSD Dream Big Conference.  UCSD Dream Big Conference.  This two-day event will bring together students, staff and faculty, and invited community guests to share information and to explore how UCSD can better support students who are undocumented and from mixed immigration status families.  The event will be Friday, Feb. 6 and Saturday, Feb. 7.  For more information please visit our website here.  

MEChA de UCSD presents 25th Annual High School Conference: Caminos

Sat. Feb. 14th | 8a-6p


M.E.Ch.A addresses issues of the greater community by providing support to all underrepresented and underserved groups and standing in solidarity with communities domestically and transnationally that face institutional injustice. As such, our conference is specifically tailored to provide adequate access to higher education that is usually denied to underrepresented and underserved students. Register here! 



Are you interested in providing health education to your peers?

Do you want to develop your leadership skills?

If so, then apply to the Student Health Advocate Program!


Attend one of our Information Sessions during Week 4 and 5 to learn more about the program and to receive an application.

Visit here for dates, times, and location of our Information Sessions. 

Gamma Rho Lambda (GRL) LGBTQA Sorority Campus Expansion 

UC San Diego has acquired interest group recognition to become a fully recognized chapter.  This national sorority commits itself to "nurture a spirit of sisterhood among lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning or otherwise progressive women." There will be an info session on Wednesday 2/11 from 7-8p in PC West Green Table Room. Join the facebook page here! Contact Brisa Medina if you have any questions. 



HackOut, the preeminent hackathon for the LGBT community. Last year in Austin, 70 LGBTQA people came together for two days to seed great ideas for companies, with fantastic mentors including Tim Gill, Matt Richardson and Christa Tuttle. Participants came from all across the country and teamed up to start their personal entrepreneurial journeys together. Applications are due by 5:00 pm Central, January 31st, 2015. For more information visit us here