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The sun is out in New Zealand and the rivers are all low and clear. Lucky for me, every night I get to jog with Trigger beside the Mataura river and yes the trout have been seen rising!.

There has been no major floods this winter so that can only be a good thing for the start of the New Zealand fishing season.Which is on the 1st of October.
The guiding,casting and NZ fly fishing school dates are filling up quickly and its looking like another busy fun season ahead.

The photo above is of a bear that would not take no for an answer and appeared as i was cooking and i struggled to get all the food away in time and get in the van to safety. As you cannot close the back doors of this camper-van, until the  the portable kitchen that pulls out the back of the van has been put away.

It wanted the food and if it got in the van it would have been a disaster.Believe me it was close,so much so that the bear scared me enough that i stopped running in the woods in the mornings, it took a while to shake off the bear paranoia fear.

I hope you all enjoy the photo's stories and there are some great non fishing and fishing films  at the bottom ,for you to relax, cry,think and maybe even laugh .

The vandals , did make me think twice about starting this hike "Pure Hell"It was quite steep
On my way to an alpine lake,at the bottom of the track was this note from a fisherman who had left/lost his rod.   
Finding the fisherman's rod and re-uniting him with it was a great feeling

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Every year, I travel across the ditch to fly fish for trout in Southland New Zealand.
And every year I spend a day being guided by Stu Tripney.
What Stu doesn't know about fly fishing, the local conditions and casting isn't worth knowing.

I know its a bold statement, but if you are a fly angler at any level and want a great day out, then I couldn't recommend Stu more highly.

He also designs and sells his own flies which work very very well. Many of my fishing friends have also spent time out on the water with Stu and all agree that he is very very good.

 I recommend him to any one wanting a great day out hunting large trout in the most beautiful countryside possible.

Go to Trip Advisor to write a review, read, or to settle your mind. If should you book one or more of Stu's services.  
 The joys of an angry wasp or bee, it stung me in the ankle and my ankle and leg blew up like a balloon for five days.That was not fun.  
The Deadly spinner size 16 fly caught this rainbow trout, one of the most stunning rainbow trout that have come to my hand.  
The Fish have been going crazy over this nymph! "Its a we cracker "called the
These were the strongest and most pretty rainbow trout,In all my years fishing that i have ever come across thanks to the Skagit river system.

 A Da Bomb brown nymph size 10 with a size 16 deadly grey nymph gold bead tied off the back,was the key rig to catching these beautiful Grayling  
A big brook trout nailed the Deadly hopper.
The only fly company in the world that does all this type work! and maybe the smallest?  

Somehow my van nearly went past this shop.  
The Realistic Olive Damsel nymph
,will be found all around lake edges! The best damsel nymph you will ever use to catch fish with. 
I have taken photo's of hundreds of signs through the years this was my first penis sign! shoot.    

                             There was a young maid from Madras 
                             Who had a magnificent ass 
                             Not rounded and pink 
                             As you probably think 
                             It was grey,had long ears  
                             and ate grass.

Denali - I watched this at Bamf film festival - with two others we all welled up with tears,Its so well done 
Denali - Three of us watched this at Banff film festival we all had tears, In our eyes. A film from one of the felt sole media fly fishing guys.   


I smiled ,cried,laughed a great doc film about some amazing Australian women in a unique sport, a must see film. True Legends!

Some fantastic fishing tips from a guy called Colin! .Do not watch unless you can laugh and want to learn!

Another wee beauty! Catching the smallest fish you can find is sometimes more challenging than the biggest, the sign of a real fisherman,I am told, thankfully somebody does understand my actions?


Stu - Back in action in NZ, cleaning and dusting and jump starting vehicles.  

Trigger- Back guarding the fly shop and destroying every ball.

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