I got up early one morning and got this pretty awesome shot of a local fisher and her catch. 
Hi guys
It's all nearly over! months on the road, sometimes its been hard going, some times fun and adventurous.

 I would like to thank everybody out there that I have bumped into along the way,you all rock.
Thank you as well to all the people that have sent me some amazing emails of encouragement and support to keep going forward.

The fishermen and women who have given me some of there own personal secret fly designs, that I can play around with and further develop, Thank you.
Every day I have been writing about life on the road with my vise and fishing rods, so someday you will hear about everything!.

Behind the scenes there is also some new developments at Stu's Fly Shop that I have also been working on nearly every day. So keep your eyes open!.
The season in new Zealand is not far away, so do not forget to buy your fishing license. You can get them here at the fish and game NZ web site. 
The claws on this Fisherman, I want some!.  
After hard hiking for 24 miles, I got to the spot and on the second cast was rewarded, thanks to the DeadlyAnt .  
 Waiting some fourteen hours, I got to meet one of the local fishermen , a nice big black grizzly bear. It was amazing to watch him fishing, the sheer power of the animal!.  
Two Days later after another long day of watching and waiting, this  brown Grizzly showed up,It was huge. It is very rare to see them in New Zealand like this!.  

The Rise fly fishing festival is on tour at the moment and as usual its got the best films showing. If you are going to buy or go and watch any fly fishing film festival this is the one.
It is touring Australia and New Zealand (NOW)and Europe soon as well. Nick the owner and film maker is a legend of a guy that has worked his butt off for years to bring us all some amazing fly fishing films.
If you can't get along to any of the shows you can always buy the films online.
For Dates and more info visit Nicks web site   
The guides have been going crazy over this nymph! called The Deadly Nymph 

After months sleeping in the van its sometimes good to have another home, field research, Its the only way! What other company does all this!!. 
 A day of hiking trying to get to another alpine
lake. It snowed then there was a white out!   returning back to base camp was my only option
 Yellowstone River Closure

Summer on America's longest undammed river-the Yellowstone-is typified by long, lazy floats where cutthroat, browns and 'bows tip skyward toward hoppers, golden stones and caddis. It's dry-fly season, after all.
But those ideal days came to a crash last week when Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission (FWP) closed a massive 183-mile stretch of the 'Stone between Gardiner and Laurel, Montana. The ongoing all water-based recreation ban also includes sections of popular tributaries, including the Shields, the Boulder and the Stillwater.
FWP's reaction was in response to a fish kill caused by the spread of Proliferative Kidney Disease, which has the potential to cause 20 to 100 percent mortality in a fish population. Drought, high temperatures, and habitat degradation are all tied to PKD outbreaks. PKD does not pose a risk to humans.
Biologists estimate the total impact on Yellowstone whitefish to be in the hundreds of thousands, so far. FWP has also received reports of the kill beginning to affect some rainbow and...continue reading on 
Being safe at night and not loosing your food to bears, means it has got to be up high and safe.  

Some times its best to keep an eye on your dinner!.  
The largest fly reel and rod ,i just bought!, checkout the line, great color as well. 
Two good friends sharing the passion 

                             My Parents say its official that I,m old at 49.

It was a hard, hot hike on my birthday, so instead of trying out a new fly design straight away,which was the plan, first things first!.

Needless to say, i had to find another spot after this to fish.

My parents and sister sent me some money for a birthday treat,So I found the perfect present, Thank you.


Stu - Trying to live life to the full 

Trigger- A great friend that, I miss so much. 

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