Living the dream, maybe not the high life, though the dream! New Shades,New beer- bought for the name, 50% off Spam! two tins real of good food for a week! 
I slept with the doors open this night,up a remote mountain top, at first light there was a cool looking big black bear sniffing the dead fire.

The hike up to this wee lake made me wish for some spare lungs. 
I hope you are all having a magic day.Thank you all for the great emails of support and your orders.I am sitting out side a tourist info center and have made this picnic table the office for the day.

You have probably,noticed that every penny earned at Stu's fly shop, goes back into making things better, the journey & work never stops.


Stu's fly shop news has won another gold medal for the third year in a row from its mail out company for having the most opened and read fly fishing news letter. How cool is that!.

This morning,I had a good wash in the local river (all my bits shriveled ),did my exercises and headed into Smither's BC for an oil change. Looks like it's too early here for any Steelhead(rainbow trout on steroids) action, so the Pike are maybe calling! 
Young/old Customer of Stu's fly shop, thought he would give Mexico a go this NZ winter and landed this monster Rooster fish from the beach on a 9wgt fly rod, Around 90lbs in weight one of the biggest caught from the beach in years, well done John Hanning of Christchurch and his guide Grant Hartman.  
High up in the Sierra mountains on small lakes edged with snow and ice working on Photos and fly designs, the work never stops, but its Fun! 

One of my Carp fly fishing goals to complete my carp fix, was to fish the Banks lakes in Washington state USA. Catching a fish there was just a bonus on my gimp fly. Old videos of some of the first carp fly fishing guides in the USA came from this lake. Plus I got to meet the carp guiding legend and owner from the desert fly shop. 

Twice before some years ago I got skunked twice ,this time I got lucky ,thanks to a deadly damsel nymph in olive. Some days later i got not so lucky as i got some sort of infection from wet wading in the lake, sort of groin duck itch! Not fun!  

I was after carp when this fellow was spotted. A black rare rainbow trout??!!!   
 After 74 trout caught now on the one Deadly hopper fly, I gave it a rest and went smaller to a Deadly Ant to try and catch some really small trout , though they all out -smarted me and I could only manage catch ones at this larger size, the little ones were too fast! 

YES, YES, YES,had to stop and take a photo of this sign.

Don't we all just love big BUGS 
This has to be my biggest ever USA brown trout - nom 71 on that same Deadly now two legged Hopper fly 

It was a cracking day of actual sight fishing lake edges in CAL, USA 

FLY Rods from all the best brands are nearly all in NZ, Is there a market for more brands? 


Stu - Lover of any insect that does not bite! 

Trigger- Who is busy, playing in snow in Athol. 

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