44+ trout using the same fly. Stu's Deadly Hopper " great durability test " it only lost one leg. 
Hi guys
I hope you are all having a fun day and this news letter brings another smile to your face.

Thank you all for your orders while I am on the road trying to perfect and master some fly designs and networking.The orders have been getting sent out by my little helper back in NZ and reports are the Da Bombs and new glo bugs on the super strong hooks are running low, which can only be a good thing.

This morning, I packed up my tent and camp,shot some photos, had a wash in the river, got bitten a few times by mosquitoes whilst trying very quickly to get back into my clothes and drove to a small town by 6.30am.Where I have set up camp outside a Macdonalds burger joint, to do some more work and send out this news letter. These are the bits nobody sees that go on,to keep the operation running and hopefully keep you all entertained and informed.
I Left NZ and went to Sydney in Australia to talk to two fly clubs.I was very kindly looked after by all the club members and was taken down to the snowy mountains for the weekend to see the fisheries, the worst rain in 20+ years arrived and it was so bloody cold and wet. So much for turning up in shorts and bare feet. I hope to return to the area again sometime when the weather is better as there was so many amazing little creeks and wildlife.That I still wish to 
experience at some point in my life.
The river's were all in flood so the Deadly worm fly was doing the trick.
From Australia I flew to LA and within 4 hours i was up a a small lake and that night bumped into the local Carp fly fishing guide and guru Dustin, I learned allot from him and we shared some fun stories.I had just missed the annual Carp Throw Down ,fly fishing competition that was only a week before where 70 fly fishers competed.
The hoppers were all in the grass though still to resend onto the lakes surface for the awesome dry fly fishing i have experienced there before, though we still got some.Then i hit the road in my angry bird painted camper up the 395 in Cal.
Capt Dustin Lake Henshaw Bass/ Carp guide, California.Checking out the foam lines for rising fish, it gets pretty technical.

The backs of my heals have scabs on them from hiking up to some alpine lakes at over 10,000ft though the hikes are helping my back get better and stronger, the fish are smaller so that may be helping my back as well. :)

I have tied up a heap of these Swamp Frogs for some fun later on in the trip.

Life on the road all the essentials
Why should taxpayers get the bill for pollution? 
We have also questioned the Government's announcement in the Budget of a $100 million dollar fund to clean up the country's increasing number of degraded rivers and lakes. 
We say it shows taxpayers are continuing to pay for polluters, who should be bearing the cost of this cleanup. The fund is to clean up New Zealand rivers, lakes and aquifers over the next decade. Fish & Game chief executive Bryce Johnson says the funding falls well short of what is needed. Read more here.
                            CTS The New Zealand's Fly Rod Company

The ONLY company in New Zealand that can design and make fibreglass and performance graphite fly fishing rod blanks here in NZ are back in the world fly rod building and industry news yet again. The world Tackle trade, magazine have just printed a new feature on them.

My new home,studio,office,bed,kitchen on the road in the USA at the moment. 
The World Rod Building Challenge was established in 2015 by The Munich Rod Man, Mark Crouse. In its second year of running, the challenge is expected to attract up to 200 contestants who will each build a rod on the same specially selected CTS blank, to be judged at the 2017 International Custom Rod Building Expo in Winston-Salem, NC, USA.

It will be interesting if CTS select one of the cool fiberglass blanks or a graphite one for this challenge. I would think the fiberglass may be the choice due to the cool translucent blank or if its performance and not for just aesthetics.
 It's got to be one of there premium graphite blanks. Though my friends and I could be completely wrong! yet again!
We all think its great just to have a NZ fly rod company here in nz designing and making world class rods here in New Zealand (Made in NZ), even if they are in the north Island.
                              Bid to eradicate carp using herpes virus 
Australia's federal budget will include funding for a $15m for a national carp control plan in an attempt to eradicate Australia's worst freshwater feral pest, the government have announced .
The plan includes the staged release of the carp-specific herpes virus in the Murray-Darling basin.  Scientists have been testing the virus in Australian native fish species and other animals found along the river for the past seven years and have established that it is safe to release into the ecosystem without harming other species.
The virus affects the carp's skin and kidneys, takes about seven days to have a noticeable effect and, once it takes hold, usually kills the fish within 24 hours. This has only to be great news for the state of many Australian waterways.  



People are always asking me what can they do apart from fishing in the area I live. Well here is a secret little private venture by one man and a lot of spirited helpers.
This man (Tom) and his vision's well deserves a gold medal for what he has done with a pick and shovel.  His wife and family may also deserve a gold medal for putting up with him. Though Katy his wife is not far behind him with the pick and shovel !

 When someone has a dream a vision and makes it happen , thats something special.So you want to go for a cool private hike, mountain bike a cool track or even better stay in a cool remote hut and have a bath out side.

Here is your chance to impress your partner or even just get away from your partner. This small family operation deserve all the support that you give them.Check out the WELCOME ROCK web site or check out the little film clip below.



                                                    SAGE FLY RODS

YES! The masters of fly rod game have just announced they are releasing a new fly rod with brand new fly rod blank technology. Hopefully I can visit the guys again if  pass there factory. Plus have a fish with a few of the guys as they are all fly tying and fly fishing a good way :).

It will be good also to have a play with the new rod and hear about the new technology that comes from the guys who make Boeing aircraft, I hear through the grape vine of the fly fishing community.


Stu - A man perfecting his fly designs always 

Trigger- A dog that likes to shit where no other has. 

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