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Pretty sure !  i have eaten about this much spam while on this fly fishing/design road trip!! Check the home of spam  out on the weekly blog!



Guess what !!  YES!  Stu's Fly Shop - online- is OPEN for the new coming season for the next 9 months. So now you can shop till you drop from your home   i will send your order to you ,where ever you are in the world! 

Yes-Its OPEN! the mega Store :)


As the season goes on, I will be filling the shelves with more great new products and  the fly bins with some of my New Zealand Superior fly brand designs, that i have been busy working on throughout the NZ winter!! 


Remember and check out the offer on the front page of the site for the awesome special offer for the free t-shirt and dvd!!!  




From the casting instructors, guides,film makers, fly shop owners,fly designers, fish? and everybody else that helped me and shared their knowledge and skills with me.  Your hospitality , and kindness was awesome!:)

 I thank you all  for being so kind on the road trip , hopefully i can remember it all and can  re-share it  all with others.  I owe you all !  

No doubt i,ll se and hear from you in NZ.




For the last five years after a taste of sight fishing for carp in the USA, I finally got to go back and work on my carp flies and have another go at the rubber lipped mustache fish , they seem to be a- love them or hate them fish! But like many fish in the world they were introduced?(but i still cant go past sexy wee trout) :).

After the long wait i  have managed to prefect prototype number 9, my carp fly- The GIMP Fly-( i cant yet show you the fly until it goes into production- a bit like Sage -the one- new fly rod! , that should be soon in my shop! ;)).


After four days of trying to land the big one and catching plenty 8-12lb fish, it finally happened and it was a mirror carp unlike the past news letter photo that was a common carp.

All the larger fish were always in deep water and very wary but i knew if i cast a Gimp in-front or near her, there could be a chance! ,  I set up an ambush and waited for my trophy carp after i knew where she liked to cruise.

 It was basically on the last day and on the last cast that i hooked and landed her and the sage xi3, 9wgt  saltwater fly rod,was bent double and i prayed my knots would hold as he took off to the middle of the clear lake i was fishing and i gradually turned the drag on my saltwater sage dic drag reel to number 9 (10 is max) . So you can imagine the power this fish  had to pull against all that pressure !! It was Awesome!!


My heart was pumping and my legs twitching as i ran along some high cliff tops along the shore connected to my dream , praying that she would leave me with some backing .

I was soon in the water with my tripod and trying to get some photos and as you can see i was more than happy to share her bath.

 For me on a personal note,this was one of the pinnacles in my fly fishing life as i had spent countless days, research,observation, time and money to try and make it happen and something i had dreamed of- so who says dreams do not come true! :)

Don't ask me where i get the ideas from! but i did manage to ruin one new camera lens, Just after shooting this love scene! 



No doubt you have all had a wee read at the weekly blog and all got to see what great new products won the awards at the New Orleans fly fishing retailer show. This show normally is on when my season has started and i could never go- this year they changed the venue and dates and i managed to attend it just before my USA fly fishing road trip came to an end.


I,am so glad i attended the show even though it was a bit of a mission getting there, and got to meet so many interesting people that keep the fascinating world of fly fishing retail go round and fly fishing in general. There were some great new products to be seen a touched and contacts to be made.


 One of the highlights for me at the show, was meeting two of the most famous fly casting instructors still alive today that i have learned so much from by watching their dvds and reading all their books. - Lefty Kreh and Joan Wulff, if you are interested in fly casting google these two icons or better still buy their dvd,s or books,,- I probably  should of got a photo- but hey was too shy. and sort of like a stunned mullet when i meet them. :) . Though there was no need to be.




At the show i managed to get a new pink fly rod for teaching with , to go along with all my yellow instructor fly rods and also managed to get some new good Orange lines to, test ,sell, along with the DT orange ones i sell already. 


While i,am on the teaching/fly casting, side of things- I will be running a few  of my one day, New Zealand fly fishing schools at the shop for the start   of the 2011 season and at $100 pp for a full  8 hr fun day -its something not to miss or recommend to friends,  the limited spaces will no doubt fill up quickly so if your interested in attending contact me asap, to reserve and hold a place,.

They will take place over weekends in Sept and October- accommodation is plentiful nearby the  


2011-One day! NZ  fly fishing schools/guiding-book now!



What i gradually realize is that many or all products can win awards at various advents, without relay getting a good field test they can win , just on looks , feel , retailers votes, what the makers and designers say about them can - can create a winner without actually using the product for what it was designed for!?


So because of this i have been gradually reviewing products on the weekly blog, that i personally use and trash and good feed back from my customers,, and i am not going to hide any of my thoughts or my customers thoughts on any product .-

You guys- my good customers  are going to get an honest ,in the field, and test of time review on different products !!? So check it out as it all unfolds and give me your thoughts on products as well.




For the next few weeks i will be keeping the fly prices the same as the past  4yrs but due to Tiemco having to put their hook prices up, things will have to change !

Sorry but prices will have to increase on the Superior fly brand range within the next month,So get in quick within the next few days to get the great deals for this coming season! 

 They will still be the best priced and designed flies on the market that you will ever use all tied on the best strongest hooks.

 Below is what the people are saying about the Superior fly brand!! Thank you.


 STU"S SUPERIOR FLIES -CUSTOMERS REVIEWS-       Just a few!  But Please Keep them coming in please- thank you all, for your awesome support.



 I tie my own Snowy Mountains flies and think your flies are brilliantly designed and tied.

Thanks again,



Hello Stu

Glad I got the order in before you pack up for the winter.  If you're interested, my river of choice outside of Vancouver is the Skagit River.  Your flies do VERY well there...




Hi Stu,

Keep up the good work - specially the unique high quality flies.

I did have a very big fish (cruising 2 feet off the bank and well over

ten)eat one of your brown beetles 

We will have another shot at them on our next NZ trip. 




Hi Stu.

I had to write to you, me and my wife was fly fishing last week in the north of Sweden, and my wife has just started fly fishing.

She had one off your Bionic May fly bombs and she got 15-20 graylings so your flies are the best in the world

So I` am going to order more flies from you that for sure.

Thank you Stu " tight lines "

Cheers from Sweden.





 Thank you all for your AWESOME Support! the wee shop will be re-open in early Sept..




Stu  "driven by sheer passion and living the dream"