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trout spot
"Every fish i have ever caught in the world has been beautiful- even the Ugly ones!" - This ones Sexy! From the Kinni River

I hope you are all well and happy!


Hopefully you will all like the new updated blog that you can all read every week and hopefully smile and enjoy whilst your reading it. Check out the links to my friends on the blog as well and USA photos.


All the buttons on the left hand side of this news letter are links to some interesting stuff, so if your bored click on them and see ideas you get for a fly design or that inspiration to go fishing, not that most of you need it. 


 You can now forward the news letter very easily to and of your friends or enemies  by clicking on the orange box on the left. 

You will also notice that i,ve had time to get on the social net work scene on facebook, so please click on that link and we can all share our passion on there as well.




Sage are about to launch one or more new rods and one of their top models  is being replaced earlier than usual, so i,m keen to see what they replace one of their top models with. I hopefully i will get to cast  and see one pretty shortly here  in the USA and i,ll let you know what i think.

I know is they are sticking with the G5 technology  and turned down the offer from SA for their newest  graphite technology- which Hardys from the uk  are using on their new rods(its  basically   makes the rod very strong ,light and very hard to break). So interesting that Sage did not want it!

I,ve also  been given  a new SA line to try which they hope to bring out if it works out, in a year or two, its pretty interesting concept . Hopefully i,ll have it on my reel shortly and give it a thrashing.


I found this poster on a fridge -it came from the usa fly fishing film tour

So winter came in NZ and i just managed to finish painting and renovating the shop,then locked my self away for 8 days in the tying room and done on average 13hrs a day at the vice, and completed some great new Superior dry flies  and finished off some of my saltwater epoxy projects. These new designs which i had been working on for years and now finished will all be available this coming season.


After hours of flying and waiting in airports i finally got here to Wisconsin USA. I,ve never been here before and so far i,ve not seen too much of it ,but what i have seen is beautiful and the trout streams are full of trout  and they are all pretty sexy spotted trout. 

Most days  where i,m staying , between my computer work and some building work,  A 20 second walk from my bed and i can start catching trout, i do not have to go far for some action  with 5000 trout per mile!.sign


Wading up the kinni river and casting small dries size 16.s mayflies  under branches and bankings,  is so much fun with my  wee 4wgt Sage Txl, Its great to actually get back into the fishing zone and  also get on top of my casting again, its all short but accurate casting.


I just bought some flies out of a few big shops for a few ideas and to use as i brought only one of my flies with me by accident and only my vice. I did this so i can start the creative process again having nothing with me , for hopefully some new future designs.

Interesting for me how even with smaller trout here i,m opening the hooks out easily, , just goes to show  how many flies are tied on poor hooks, but i also realize i fight these fish hard and quick.- soon i,ll have the vice out and creating and using good  Tmc hooks again , just incase i hook a big one.


When i have used a nymph the best success has been with one of my tungsten nz creeper patterns  the one fly i did bring by accident,, which i had to dually give the last and only one to Andy the local head guide  - No doubt i,ll have to send him some when i get back to nz early in Sept to open the shop.


I have been helping out at a couple fly fishing schools , doing the casting demonstrations ,which has also been fun but also another great way to learn how others teach as Andy is a mind of  knowledge, and just like me does not know it all, so its great to work with a like minded  fly fishing Instructor.

Paige  watches from her lodge steps!

 I was kindly taken fishing the other Sunday by Jeff and  i spent the full  day on the river. I did mess around for hours with my camera and there was allot of kayaks on the river, so thats my fishing excuses-we all have them! . Jeff still managed 5 or so trout and  i got skunked!  and yes in some of the runs 10ft from me there must have been 100-200 trout  but they were not on the munch..  I,m actually happy that i got skunked , as its a great wee story ! Thats fishing for you!


When i get some wheels i hope to head off and try and fishing for a fish called a Muskie- It sort of looks like a pike- It will be 9wgt rod and using big flies, so i,m keen to see what they use and sort of fly i can design for them. But my main attraction is to head when its the right time for some flats grass carp action. Something i wanted to do  for years after reading about it,  after my last Montana carp action years ago. 


I,ll Finish this off with a word of advice- If you ever plan to  travel round the world to hire  or buy a car and drive around marketing and fishing etc- Do not do what i,ve just done and forgot to pack my drivers license. :)


Catch you all next month, Thank you all for your feed back and Support, please keep the moths in your wallets ,until early Sept when i re-open the wee shop, you will not be disappointed with new awesome Superior flies.




Stu  - "Driven by sheer Passion and living the dream"