November 2012
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"True Story" - Dog Days
Process Server Safety
Press Release - Due to Growth, Aristocrat Process Serving, LLC Moves Their Wichita Office

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Process Serving
Our Clients Have Proof of Legal Notification


We utilize a Smartphone application with GPS capabilities that captures the accurate location of our servers. This application also records and documents every attempt, serve and non serve made with a date and time stamped photo in real-time, which allows us to provide our clients with Innovative Proof of Legal Notification.



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In this edition, we have addressed Process Server Safety and provided a true story, Dog Days about one of our serves.

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Kyle and Melissa Jones

President and Vice President

Dog Days

Process Serving "True" Story
By Lyndsey Sherrow    


Like postal carriers and delivery people, process servers face a variety of potential obstacles in the course of our daily work. Some, like rain and snow, are minor annoyances; others are outright dangerous. This is a story about the latter.


Aristocrat process servers are trained to scope out an area before proceeding in to attempt service. On one particular job I parked in front of a target's residence and looked around as usual to identify any potential threats. Seeing none, I got out and walked up to the house. As I arrived at the front door I saw a huge dog appear in the window. This dog was visibly agitated, barking and jumping up against the window, and I had a weird feeling that something bad was about to happen. However, I had a job to do, so I rang the doorbell.


A man opened the door and as I
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Process Server Safety

"Don't shoot the messenger" is a familiar expression, and one that needs no explanation. That is because throughout history, people have recognized the dangers inherent in delivering bad news. The exact nature of potential danger changed as messenger transport evolved from foot to horseback to carriage to automobile, and today's messengers use GPS, Smart phones, email, and other electronic tools to aid in their missions and help maximize their personal safety; and yet, the delivery of a message can still be a risky business.

Process serving used to not be considered a "dangerous" job. More and more process servers are getting hurt, even killed for simply delivering court papers. "
As early as October of 1883, The New York Times reported the assault of John O. Ball by John E. McCann, the clerk of Russell Sage, to whom Ball was trying to serve a summons. Time hasn't seemed to change much. In May 2008, a process server in Loveland, Colorado


November 2012- Due to Growth, Aristocrat Process Serving, LLC Moves Their Wichita Office

Wichita, KS - Aristocrat Process Serving, LLC announces the relocation of their branch office that was opened in 2008 in Wichita, KS. The new location allows Aristocrat to expand its professional process service to Butler, Cowley, Harvey, Kingman, Reno and Sedgwick counties.


"Our Wichita office relocation reflects the steady growth we have experienced in recent years," said Kyle Jones, Founder and President, and Melissa Jones, Founder and Vice President. "We will provide the same exceptional timely and effective services our clients have come to expect from our prior Wichita location and our corporate office in Olathe, KS."


In addition to the relocation of the Wichita office, Aristocrat has a pick up box at the Sedgwick county court house.


This new office location is 445 N. Waco Street, Wichita, KS 67202. The phone number is (316) 201-6331, the toll free number is 888-880-6824 and the fax number is (888) 798-6494.


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Aristocrat is dedicated to using innovative techniques and strategic teamwork to provide unmatched professional service of process and diligent investigations to attorneys, businesses and individuals nationwide. Our purpose is to provide accurate information to help ensure justice. Our core value is diligence. We give constant and earnest effort to accomplish what we undertake. Our clients can rely on us for excellence, professionalism, respect, integrity and innovation in all we do. We work in unity with our clients and team members to ensure lasting relationships... Read more
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