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Collaboration at Scale 
The 2016 San Josť, CA, Participatory Budgeting Project 
Collaboration at Scale: The 2016 San Josť, CA, Participatory Budgeting Project
By Luke Hohmann

At the Agile 2015 conference I challenged the agile community to build on the core value of "Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation" to tackle technical and wicked social problems on a global scale. And we're making progress! Participatory budgeting deliberative decision-making forums and other forms of civic engagement are increasing, with more cities and governmental institutions leveraging these techniques and inviting more citizens to participate.

I'm pleased to announce that based on our past success producing Participatory Budgeting events for San Josť, CA, in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, Conteneo and the Every Voice Engaged Foundation have been selected to lead two Participatory Budgeting programs for the city of San Josť in 2016. Both programs will leverage Conteneo's online and in-person collaboration frameworks to provide a combination of intimacy and scale, along with other tools to help make these programs a success.

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Join us for the Collaboration Confab 2016: Speakers Announced

We're thrilled to announce that our 4th summit, renamed the Collaboration Confab, will be held in Silicon Valley, February 11-12, 2016. The two-day summmit features in-depth workshops, along with keynotes, lightning talks, panels and case studies from innovative leaders in the public and private sector. Speakers will focus on how leading organizations are leveraging collaborative techniques to not only drive innovation, but tackle complex and wicked problems in such area as urban planning, agile transformations, mergers and acquisitions, stakeholder-driven innovation and more. 

  • Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of 7Summits
  • Mark Johnson, co-founder of Innosight
  • Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Josť, CA
Civic Engagement: Participatory Budgeting
Our take is that the public and private sector have much to learn from each other in creating the thriving communities that spark breakthrough innovation. And, as such, attendees will get a chance to put what they've learned to use as volunteers in San Josť's largest city-wide budgeting event on February 13 and the week of February 15. Check out Luke Hohmann's blog post on the topic for more information and sign up for updates on how you can get involved.

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Collaboration Framework Spotlight: Product Box to Science Fairs.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but fexibility is the progenitor of new science fair product box collaboration frameworks, especially in in-person forums. Even with our long experience with live events and logistics, occasionally things go awry. Shipments are late or supplies we thought we definitely needed are sold out and unavailable. When faced with logistical snafus, Collaboration Architects excel as transforming problems into solutions. 

Protegra's Terry Bunio writes on his company blog about just such an issue and how he was able to transform missing Product Box supplies into a new collaboration framework   he calls, "Science Fair," for an Agile Winnipeg User Group meeting. The birth of Science Fair came from missing supplies (and the creative use of others.) 

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