Your Next Move: October 2015
Customer Design Jams for Product Development
Plus Playcamps in Panama and Singapore, Product Updates & more.  
Drinking our Own Champagne: Idea Engine 2.0 Design Jam 
By Luke Hohmann

A little more than five years ago, Conteneo introduced the first scalable platform for visual collaboration, now called  Idea Engine. Since then, we've built Strategy Engine and Alignment Engine, made drastic improvements to Decision Engine, launched a nonprofit to bring our techniques to the public sector and a whole bunch of other cool stuff! 
Unfortunately, along the way, Idea Engine received less love than it deserved and become a little stale. So stale, in fact, that we've decided to redesign and rethink the platform, reset our technology stack and create some powerful new capabilities that promote even more scalable collaboration and innovation. This is Idea Engine 2.0, and this is the first of several stories we'll share about its creation. Our hope is that you'll find techniques that you can leverage for your own products and services. 

Getting Started! 
We kicked off Idea Engine 2.0 by "Drinking Our Own Champagne" and holding a Design Jam with our customers, strategic partners and advisors. A Design Jam is a special kind of Customer Advisory Board meeting in which we use collaboration frameworks like Prune the Product Tree to explore the next generation of our platform.

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Product Update: Playing with Sand
Sand-influenced front door_ lobby and game play in the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud.

While Conteneo is headquarted in the heart of tech innovation, the Conteneo team comes from all over the world. Some of us remember playing in a sandbox has a kid. Others of us played with sand on the beach. And sand is what inspired our 
design and development team to take our user interface in an entirely new direction.

While the development team continues to make progress on Idea Engine 2.0, along with functional updates to the platform, the latest release highlights our design team's modern color palette in the improved UI.

Check it out!

Collaboration Communities: Playcamps in Singapore & Panama and more

Since we launched the Playcamp initative early last year, we've seen Playcamps spread around the globe, with events in London, Paris, Vienna, Santiago, Panama City and San Francisco, with more on the horizon around the world. It was our hope to start a global series of events, where the local organizers could customize the event to best suit their communities, while
providing a forum for exploring new and innovative ways to collaborate. And I must say, we've been thrilled and delighted to see the variety of topics, speakers and formats that the local organizing committees and participants have brought to each event. 

This month we've profiled Playcamp Singapore and Playcamp Panama, as two examples of how Playcamps can be organized based on the individual community, in one case focusing on small business owners and the other, co-located with a Lean Agile conference.

All Treat! No Trick!

Why let kids have all the fun on Halloween? 

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Upcoming Events
On Dec 1-2, Luke Hohmann is teaching our two-day Innovation Games for Customer Understanding class in Vienna, Austria. Join us! 
Applied Frameworks' Jason Tanner is teaching several certification classes including Innovation Games on the east coast this fall. More details.
We're bringing the "Designing for Multidimensional Collaboration Master Class" to Antwerp, Belgium and Vienna, Austria this December. Join us for what's been described as "Business Model Canvas meets Game Design." 
Playcamp logo
Playcamp returns to Vienna, Austria on December 5. Hosted by, the one-day event will feature keynotes from Luke Hohmann and Mitch Lacey, along with sessions exploring Innovation Games, Gamestorming, Lego Serious Play and more.Join us! 

Qualified Intructor Raphael Goumot has partnered with the prestigious French School of Design Les Gobelins to offer Designing Thinking classes based on Innovation Games. More Info. 
Join Qualified Instructor Jurgen De Smet for his "Innovation Games for Distributed Team" class, focused on digital collaboration. More Info.
For certification classes, upcoming Playcamps, webinars and regional and international conference sessions from the Conteneo community, check out our website

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