Your Next Move: September 2015
Using Games to Create Amazing Products 
Plus news from California, Ukraine, Austria & more.  
[Podcast] Using Games to Create Amazing Products.

Our CEO and Founder Luke Hohmann recently sat down with Chad McAllister from the Everyday Innovator Podcast series to discuss how collaborative play and serious games can spark the creative collaboration needed to build breakthrough products. Luke was recommendedy by Jeff Honious, the VP of Global Innovation of the RELX Group (Thanks Jeff!). In the podcast, Luke discusses the origin of the Innovation Games collaboration frameworks, in-the-trenches stories of product development and innovation, and how his company's focus on the smart application of games and collaboration frameworks is helping companies around the world optimize their decision making and innovation, product development and market research.

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Building Empathy with Board Games

On April 18, 2015, the Conteneo team facilitated a session on the California drought, "Let's Talk Water," at the annual Redwood City-San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce Progress Seminar. Robert Bell, former San Mateo City Manager, was one of the organizers and sat down with us to discuss how the Knowsy Board Game was used to build empathy and allow people who had only just met to tackle such a complex issue.

Conteneo: What was the purpose of the Knowsy "Let's Talk Water" Session?

Robert Bell: Once a year, at the annual Progress Seminar, San Mateo County community, business and government leaders get the chance to come together to learn, share and discuss successes and ideas for the future of our region. For this year's event, we decided to invite the Conteneo team to host a number of breakout sessions using Knowsy in order to help participants talk about a complex issue we are facing-the California drought-and to experience an innovative way to catalyze meaningful conversations to increase empathy, connection and understanding.

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Conteneo and the Wirtschaftskammer Wien Bring Innovation to Vienna-based Companies

We're delighted to announce that we've entered into a partnership agreement with the Wirtschaftskammer Wien, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Austria, to help Viennese companies improve innovation and decision-making processes. The partnership agreement provides Vienna-based companies with more than 35 employees access to the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud's Idea Engine and Decision Engine. Viennese companies will also be able to work with a selected group of Vienna-based Innovation Consultants to integrate our digital platform and techniques into their innovation process.

Details on the program are the Wirtschaftskammer Wien website.  

Remember the Future, Empathy Map & UI Design in Ukraine

Originally published in the, and curated (and translated from the Russian) on Vanessa Holgate's website, Sascha Bublienka's article "5 Methods for Innovation You Should Try with Your Team" profiles how the Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP in Ukraine frequently organizes an event called "Method Mondays." The regular one-hour meetings are a time for members to share, practice, and test different methods, including some of our favorites: The Innovation Game Collaboration Framework Remember the Future, the Gamestorming Collaboration Framework Empathy Map and a technique called "A Day in the Life" which is similar in scope to the collaboration frameworks the Apprentice and Me & My Shadow

Don't read Russian? The original article is still worth a look thanks to the photos. The link to the English Translation is below. 

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