Your Next Move: July 2015
Games for Civic Engagement: 
Participate in Every Voice Engaged's 24-Hour Day of Play. 
Be Part of Luke Hohmann's Agile 2015 Keynote!

We're delighted to announce that our nonprofit foundation, Every Voice Engaged is a sponsor of Agile 2015 in Washington, DC, August 3-7, 2015. Many of the sessions and invited talks at Agile 2015 will focus on the idea that collaboration and agile principles are the cornerstones of effective teams and successful projects. And effective teams and successful projects aren't only found in sofware development. Since its founding, the Every Voice Engaged Foundation has used the same agile principles and techniques, especially collaborative games, to bring citizens, governments and industry together to tackle problems that can only be solved through effective collaboration.  


Our CEO Luke Hohmann, who is also EVEF's acting executive director, will be keynoting on August 3, focusing on how agile practices can tackle Awesome Superproblems and make the world a better place. You can be part of his keynote by participating in a collaborative online forum on school budget priorities: The forums begin every half hour, starting at Midnight GMT on July 30Everyone is welcome to join. An educated population benefits us all. Join us in demonstrating how effective collaboration can make the world a better place.


24 Hours of Play: July 30, Midnight GMT  to July 31 Midnight GMT
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Introducing the Framework Selector!

We're thrilled to announced the addition of the "Framework Selector" to the Conteno Collaboration Cloud's Project Organizer. If you use Idea Engine or Decision Engine, you now have an easy way to discover which collaboration framework to use to solve your business goal.


The Framework Selector, dubbed the "game genie" in development, is built around the "Verb/Noun" construction first laid out in a blog post by Luke Hohmann several years ago, "On Choosing the Right Framework: Goals, Verbs, Nouns and Context" (see below). Most business goals can be categorized into the construction "I want to Verb Noun": For example, I want to "prioritize" "product features." Now you can use that a simple phrase to discover how to solve your business problem.

On Nouns and Verbs and Choosing the Right Framework

Luke Hohmann

In this post from October 2010, CEO Luke Hohmann outlines our philosophy on selecting the right collaboration framework for solving your business problem. This post was the genesis of our new "Framework Selector" (see above), but is also a good primer for thinking through your business goals and how best you can collaborate with others to accomplish them. 


Designing and producing effective Innovation Games® and other collaboration frameworks boils down to gaining an understanding of these four key elements: goals, verbs, nouns and context. This post explains how to use these four key elements to design and produce great in-person and online forums, drawing on some examples from our client successes over the years.

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Upcoming Events
Join us at Agile 2015 and hear Luke Hohmann present his keynote "Awesome Superproblems" on August 3, 2015. He'll reveal how all of us can be superheroes, without any superpowers.
Join Conteneo and our fellow community partners at Agile 2015 as we support the Every Voice Engaged Foundation's mission to use agile techniques for social good. 
On September 24, 2015, Luke Hohmann will be teaching the all-new certification course, Designing for Multidimensional Collaboration in the Bay Area. Join us!
Join an Innvoation Games Certification course in your community. Organizing in Paris, Brussels, Mountain View, Richmond and more.

Luke Hohmann will be keynoting at AgileCamp on September 25. Join him and learn the difference between Agile Doing and Agile Being.
Playcamp comes to Austria on 18 September. Sign up for updates & join us!
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