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May 2015
Collaboration vs. Solo Participation in Market Research
Luke Hohmann 

In this recent blog post, CEO and Founder Luke Hohmann discusses how the collaboration framework Buy a Feature compares with Market Research techniques like Forced Rank and preference modeling. 

Recently, I was asked why it's more effective to use our Decision Engine platform (a.k.a. Buy a Feature) collaboratively, rather than using Buy a Feature with a single customer and asking him to allocate his sole budget to features he chooses.

It's not an uncommon question, and it frames Decision Engine and Buy a Feature as an alternative to other choice or preference modeling techniques, notably "Forced Rank." Forced Rank is a good comparison, because it helps highlights the differences between our collaborative prioritization engine and more traditional market research techniques.



Let's start by comparing the results generated by the both Buy a Feature and Forced Rank. Both techniques uncover the priorities of the participants. However, using Forced Rank or Buy a Feature with a single person, will only give you insight into that person's priorities.

In This Issue
Conteneo Collaboration Cloud A to Z
A cheat-sheet to the new names & acronyms bestowed on Innovation Games Online, Visual Collaboration and more. 

You may have noticed some changes when logging into your Innovation Games Online account this week, starting with the fact that it's no longer called "Innovation Games Online". We're excited to announce that the Virtual Market and Visual Collaboration platforms that made up Innnovation Games Online are now part the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud, which is comprised of four collaboration engines crafted to tackle specific business challenges: Alignment Engine, Decision Engine, Idea Engine and Strategy Engine.

This rebranding is a continuation of the process we started last year, when we renamed the company Conteneo. The Innovation Games-faithful 
shouldn't worry though. Innovation Games isn't going away. The "games" are just taking their rightful place as a collection of branded collaboration frameworks used to tackle the same business challenges as before: Feature 
and backlog prioritization, ideation, product innovation, retrospectives and more.

The A to Z Name Change Guide
So looking for Buy a Feature? Visual Collaboration? Your Game Definition. Check out this handy guide (in ABC order).  Or check out this blog post. Still have questions? Let us know

And stay tuned. We have more great things coming in the next release!
New Class -- Designing for Multidimensional Collaboration
Learn to extend, create and design your own collaboration frameworks for solving complex business problems.

After its debut in London and Paris in March, we're bringing our brand-new one-day master class to the Bay Area. "Designing for Multidimensional Collaboration" was created for Innovation Games and Gamestorming facilitators who want a deeper foundation of game theory in order to extend, redesign, and create new collaboration frameworks (a.k.a serious games for the initiated).


June 18, 2015 | 8:30 - 5:00 PM

Mountain View, CA

Cost: $395 Early Bird (ends 5/15)

$595 general admission.

Register Today!


"Designing for Multidimensional Collaboration" teaches the "secret ingredients" of serious, collaborative game design through hands-on use of the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™ and an associated deck of Collaborative Game Design Cards™ to deconstruct existing games, extend them, and create new games.


After taking this class you will be able to create serious, collaborative, online and in-person frameworks to tackle complex business problems in strategy, competitive positioning, marketing and product development. And you'll learn some new collaboration frameworks that Conteneo has created since Luke's original book.



Playcamp is Coming to San Francisco & Santiago, Chile!
We're hitting the Americas with two great events in May & June. 

Innovation Gamers, playmakers, gamestormers, serious game afficianados, collaboration gurus ... whatever tribe you subscribe to, join us at Playcamp to celebrate how collaborative play and serious games are being used to drive real business results. 


San Francisco | June 19, 2015 | 10AM - 4PM

Mark Finnern & Luke Hohmann

We're thrilled to announce that Mark Finnern, formerly SAP's Chief Community Evangelist, and Luke Hohmann, CEO & Founder of Conteneo, will be keynoting Playcamp San Francisco on June 19. 


Mark's keynote is titled "Playfulness Connects the Enterprise" and details how he successfuly set up and nurtured Community Advocacy Groups (a.k.a. Enterprise Tribes) to maximize playfulness and corporate well-being at SAP. 

Luke's keynote details how agile principles affect not just our business lives, but also affect the world around us -- our schools, our relationships -- even how we choose our political leaders. He'llreveal how collaborative, social, and serious games have blossomed into multidimensional frameworks that have roots within the Agile community. These frameworks are making the world a better place in simple and profound ways. Often this is in no way related to software at all. 


In additon to the keynotes, Playcamp SF will also feature open space sessions from leaders in the serious games/agile games/Innovation Games community. Early bird ends May 15th! 

Santiago, Chile | May 13, 2015 | 2PM - 6PM

Masa Maeda

Playcamp is coming to South America on May 13, sponsored by Valueinnova and Seed for Tech. The one-day event will be held at the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, and will feature a keynote from Masa Maeda, world-wide recognized expert on Kanban, Lean-agile project management, Scrum and serious games, along with open space sessions faciliated by leading experts. Find out more. 


Want to attend an upcoming Playcamp? We're coming to San Francisco, Vienna, Washington, DC and more cities. Or sign up to organize a Playcamp in your town.

Upcoming Events & Certification Courses
Meet face-to-face or online with the Conteneo Community

Playcamp ChileMasa Maeda, et al.13 May 2015Santiago, Chile
Certified Introduction to Idea Engine (aka Innovation Games® Online Visual Collaboration Games)*
Luke Hohmann
18 May 2015Online
Certified Introduction to Decision Engine (aka Innovation Games® Online Buy a Feature Games)*
Luke Hohmann19 May 2015Online
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Cesario Ramos3-4 June 2015Utrecht, Netherlands
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Raphael Goumot4-5 June 2015Paris, France
Certified Introduction to Idea Engine (aka Innovation Games® Online Visual Collaboration Games)*
Luke Hohmann9 June 2015Online
Certified Introduction to Decision Engine (aka Innovation Games® Online Buy a Feature Games)*
Luke Hohmann10 June 2015Online
Certification: Designing for Multidimensional Collaboration*
Luke Hohmann & Mike Northcott18 June 2015Mountain View, CA
Playcamp San FranciscoMark Finnern, Luke Hohmann and more.19 June 2015
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Raphael Goumot2-3 July 2015Paris, France

*Certification courses. Completion designates participant as a Certified Collaboration Architect.

Say good-bye to Zombie Projects, ROI Lies and Sacred Cows and transform Portfolio Management Fails to Epic Wins. This how-to playbook gives you the same game plans used by, Verisign, HP, Cisco and more.

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