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March 2015
Why Work + Play Is the Secret to Success
InfoQ Q&A with Luke Hohmann 

In this recent interview with InfoQ's Shane Hastie, Innovation Games inventor and Conteneo CEO Luke Hohmann talks about his  love of incorporating play into work and his roots in the agile community. Luke also talks about his keynotes at Playcamp Paris and London.


Q: Luke, You have been incorporating serious games and collaborative play into your work for more than a decade. What makes "play" and "games" such an important part of your work?


A: Human beings really are hardwired for play--despite the fact that somewhere in history, people began to see "work" and "play" as opposite concepts. We use more of our brains when absorbed in play, then when we're performing simple analytical tasks--there have been countless studies on the connection between play and learning, including a recent study by cognitive scientists on the increased brain wave patterns of eight year olds while playing with Legos.


Beyond research though, just think of the last time you really accomplished something at work. Or how it felt when you really worked well within a team. By using serious games and collaborative play, you can get that moment, that flow, much more often.

In This Issue
Webinar: 10 Tips for Running a World-Class Customer Advisory Board Program
Speakers: Ignite Advisory Group's Gavin Nathan & Conteneo's Luke Hohmann

Our webinar series continues on Thursday, April 2 at 9:00 AM Pacific with an
Gavin Nathan & Luke Hohmann
hour long discussion on HOW you can create and run a world-class customer advisory board program with Ignite Advisory Group's Gavin Nathan and Conteneo Founder and CEO Luke Hohmann. Both Luke and Gavin have extensive experience designing and managing customer advisory boards for leading organizations. They will discuss how to: 
  • Design an advisory program: target members, goals, topics.
  • Effectively recruit members
  • Build an advisory board charter document.  
  • Onboard members: discovery interviews on top-of-mind topics.  
  • Build a meeting agenda.
  • Sustain board momentum between calls and meetings.   
  • Measure program ROI
  • And much more! 
Space is limited, so sign up today. (Can't make it?  Sign up and get the recording.) 

Enterprise Upgrades: Innovation Games® Online 4.6
Share images/icons across enterprise, account management updates & more...

The IGO dev team continues to release cool new features and improvements, focusing in the past few months on Enterprise accounts. The list of the latest and greatest improvements includes:

  • Branded Enterprise Landing Pages: Enterprise license holders are able to create branded, customizable landing pages for user signup & sign in. It's your IGO.
    Customizable Enterprise Sign Up Landing Pages
  • Revamped Enterprise Analytics: Enterprise Admins are able to generate reports on producer, facilitator and player perfomance across their enterprise, tracking game play details and player details.   
  • Enterprise User Management: Enterprise admins can now easily activate & deactive users.
  • Enterprise-wide Sharing of Game Artifacts. Enterprise account holders can now share customized game backgrounds and icons. In other words, you can now share that custom Empathy Map image with the rest of the users in your enterprise license, but not the entire world.  

Feature You May Have Missed

Instant Start games --quickly accesible in IGO

Wondering what Innovation Game you need to solve your problem? Need a quick fix? Log in to Innovation Games Online and check out the Instant Play Games organized by category (market research, strategy, prioritization, etc.) inside the Innovation Games platform. Just click "Instant Play" in the navigation in the upper right of the browser.


Stay Tuned! 

We have big plans for continuing to improve Innovation Games® Online to make sure you have a great game experience, whether your team is in the same room or distributed around the world. We'd love to hear what you think! Contact us at And remember, more great features are on the way!

Playcamp Paris & London Rocked
The Best Tweets from Playcamp Participants on What You Missed. 

We're still buzzing from the excitement of Playcamp Paris & Playcamp London, where more than 100 playmakers (to borrow Portia Tung's phrase), serious games devotees, agile gamers, gamestormers and Innovation Gamers all came together to celebrate the use of collaborative play and serious games at work. 


What's Playcamp like? Check out these musings on Twitter:





Want to attend an upcoming Playcamp? We're coming to San Francisco, Vienna, Washington, DC and more cities. Or sign up to organize a Playcamp in your town.

Upcoming Events & Certification Courses
Meet face-to-face or online with the Conteneo Community

Certified ScrumMaster with Innovation Games®*Jason Tanner & Luke Hohmann30-31 March 2015Palo Alto, CA
Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) + Innovation Games®*Jason Tanner & Luke Hohmann1-2 April 2015
Webinar: How to Best Run a Customer Advisory Board w/ Ignite Advisory CouncilLuke Hohmann & Gavin Nathan2 April 2015 | 9:00 AM PDTOnline 
Certified Innovation Games® Online  --Visual Collaboration Games*
Luke Hohmann8 April 2015 | 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDTOnline
Certified Innovation Games Online -- Buy a Feature Games*
Luke Hohmann9 April 2015 | 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDTOnline
Certified ScrumMaster with Innovation Games®*
Jason Tanner
13-14 April 2015Richmond, VA
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Luke Hohmann16-17 April 2015 Palo Alto, CA
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Jurgen de Smet16-17 April 2015Affligem, Belgium
Innovation Games Workshop* (Spark the Change Conference)
Luke Hohmann24 April 2015Toronto, Canada
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Cesario Ramos3-4 June 2015Utrecht, Netherlands
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Raphael Goumot4-5 June 2015Paris, France

*Certification courses. Completion designates participant as a Certified Collaboration Architect.

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