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December 2014
Game On! 
Reflections on the IG Summit
Luke Hohmann

Last week, we held our 3rd Innovation Games® Summit at Adobe's stunningly beautiful offices in Lehi, UT. Tami Carter did a masterful job of curating the event: The speakers were thought-provoking, inspiring, and memorable; the attendees created new connections and strengthened old ones; and Conteneo learned a great deal more about how we can better serve our customers. 


This post captures my perspective on some of the highlights of the summit. (We'll back this spring with more face-to-face events under the Playcamp banner. Stay tuned!)


Summit Highlights

There were many great moments during the week, and these are just a few. We videotaped all of the presentations and will be posting videos and copies of all slide decks shortly at When you watch the videos you can compare your reactions with my own!

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Missed the Innovation Games Summit? Check Out the Presentations
Innovation Games Summit Session Decks & Video (Coming Soon!)

If you couldn't join us in Utah for the 3rd Innovation Games Summit -- or can't wait to share what you learned with your colleagues --

Summit attendees Peter Green, Nancy Mayer, Hart Shafer, Eric Rapin and Ron Strawbridge compete to see who will win their very own copy of the new Knowsy Board Game!

we're posting the Summit presentation decks at and will follow up with video of the presentations as they're available.

The two-day Summit was jam-packed with real-world examples of how diverse companies like Transamerica, Adobe, and others are using collaborative games internally and with customers to drive innovation. You'll find such presentations as: 


Stay tuned as we'll be posting more presentations and video in the days to come. 

Collaboration Superpowers Podcast
A conversation on creating epic wins through collaboration.

Lisette Sutherland from Collaboration Superpowers sat down for a conversation with Luke Hohmann, in which they dive deeply into what collaboration actually is and means - and why games are an important way to solve big problems.

Watch now. Watch later. 
Webinars on-demand

Our webinar series focuses on how real-world companies are using Innovation Games to do real work  -- in portfolio management, distributed retrospectives, team collaboration, innovation through employee engagement, and more. 

Our most recent webinar features NetApp and how Innovation Games are amplifying collaboration in its Global Leadership program. We've also featured such companies as Adobe Systems,, Rackspace, Transamerica and more to come. Check out the webinar recordings here and stay tuned for our upcoming webinars in 2015.
Upcoming Events & Certification Courses
Meet face-to-face with the Conteneo Community

Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Raphael Goumot10-11 Jan 2015Paris, France
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Raphael Goumot
17 -18 Jan 2015
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Cesario Ramos22-23 Jan 2015 Utrecht, Netherlands
Certified Innovation Games Online -- Visual Collaboration Games*
Luke Hohmann19 Feb 2015Online
Certified Innovation Games Online -- Buy a Feature Games*
Luke Hohmann
20 Feb 2015Online
Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*
Raphael Goumot7-8 Apr 2014Paris, France

*Certification courses. Completion designates participant as a Certified Collaboration Architect.

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