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July 2014
Solo vs. Social Computing  
Or you can't collaborate with a crowd
Luke Hohmann

I just finished the second day of facilitating the Human Computation Roadmap Summit Workshop (through our partner, Sunni Brown, Ink.), in which a diverse group of world-class researchers and innovators are exploring the past and prospective impact of human computation to clearly delineate the research areas and activities that will lead directly to the most beneficial national and societal outcomes.


While cleaning up the room, I had an interesting discussion with Seth Teicher, who manages Partnerships and Business Development at CrowdFlower. I mentioned that I wasn't a fan of the label "Human Computation" because I think the word "Human" implies there is one person involved in the task. Seth remarked that while he never thought of it this way, he thought my point made sense because at companies like CrowdFlower, the tasks are designed to be solo.

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Introducting Innovation Games Online 3.9
No lazy summer for the Conteneo Dev Team.

It's been a productive few months at Conteneo HQ, and we're excited to IGO 3.9 announce a slew of new features to Innovation Games® Online -- so many new features and improvements that you may wonder why we're not yet at version 4.0. (Only because we have more great improvements underway!) 

So What's New? 

So what's new? Improved usability and a more modern design across both visual collaboration and prioritization platforms -- and Galas 2.0. You'll find that it's now easier to join and start games, thanks to the addition of 9 Digit Access Codes -- Access codes that are also prominently displayed in the project organizer. No more searching your email for that lost game facilitation URL! (Or maybe that's just me.) Buy a Feature now includes a simple yet elegant how-to-play tutorial for first time users -- not to mention improved player notifications (when new players join, budgets change), a game clock-and more.


Galas, for those of you unfamiliar, enable you to host a large number of un-facilitated prioritization games -- and our improvements now make them easy to set up and schedule, but most importantly easy to play. You're able to configure the number of player slots per game, configure the time period before player slots are dropped, the time frame for each game -- and more.


Want to know more? Check out the details here, or log on and give the new system a spin.

How Put Scalable Enterprise Retrospectives to Work 
And you can too!  

But does it scale? It's a common question -- and one heard a lot in relation tomany agile practices. Take retrospectives, for example. While there is no question that retrospectives produce dramatic improvements on a team level, what do you do when you have multiple distributed teams across different locations the problems - and the problems unearthed are outside of the team's scope and ability to fix? 


Last week, we had the privilege of talking with Gibraltar-based's head of Product-Platform Steve Guthrie about how the largest listed gaming company in the world used large-scale distributed team retrospectives with its global development team. (You can sign up to get listen to the recording here.) 

Global Team -- Massive Agile Transformation recently underwent a large agile transformation, taking a 300+ member development team in Hyderabad, India, from a waterfall process to agile. With such a dramatic change, wanted to ensure the development team had a chance to provide feedback on the process. "We didn't want it to be top-down, forcing them to change," Steve commented. But with so many globally distributed team members, engaging everyone in a retrospective on the project was challenging.


"Using Innovation Games® Online enabled us to coordinate a large number of retrospectives, involving all the teams, [and] we were able to manage it all with just taking up an hour of everyone's time," reported Steve. Other advantages for using the online system included easier analysis of the results.

Find out more about the project by watching the webinar recording,  or go to to find out how your organization can benefit.

Prioritize Priortize Prioritize -- Online!


Innovation Games® Online isn't just for retrospectives -- especially with all the improvements to Buy a Feature Online and the launch of Galas 2.0. 

Knowing what to build, what features to add and which to jettison is depende Buy a Feature nt on understanding what your customers truly value. We've found that having your customers collaboratively prioritize features, user stories, epics and so on leads to breakthrough products and increased success-but collaboration isn't easy. Until now. 


Thanks to Galas 2.0, we're able to offer large-scale, online prioritization at, of course, Upload your player contacts, your items to be prioritized-and we'll invite the players, and send you the results - all for just $10 a participant.


Check it out and let us know what you think.

Looking for a few Good Sessions!
Submit to speak at the Innovation Games Summit.

The Innovation Games Summit returns to stateside 2-5 December 2014. Hosted by Adobe Systems at its Lehi, Utah office, the Summit will feature 2 days of intensive workshops, plus conference sessions, keynotes, panel discussions and more. 

Check out the topic ideas and tracks and submit today.
Upcoming Events & Certification Courses
Meet face-to-face with the Conteneo Community

Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Raphael Goumot22-23 Sept 2014Paris, France
Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Cesario Ramos
22-23 Sept 2014Utrecht, Netherlands
Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Cesario Ramos25-25 Sept 2014Stuttgart, Germany
Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Luke Hohmann2-3 Oct 2014Santa Clara, CA
Introduction to the Practice of Innovation Games*Raphael Goumot6 Oct 2014Paris, France
Keynote, Austrian Innovation ForumLuke Hohmann16 Oct 2014, 4:40 PMViena, Austria
Innovation Games Workshop*Luke Hohmann15 Oct 2014 Vienna, Austria
Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Raphael Goumot27-28 Oct 2014
Innovation Games for Customer Understanding*Cesario Ramos24-25 Nov 2014Utrecht, Netherlands

*Certification courses. Completion designates participant as a Certified Collaboration Architect.

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