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Become Innovation Games« Certified!

Join Luke Hohmann on April 25-26 for our Innovation Games Certification Course, "Innovation Games« for Customer Understanding," in Mountain View, CA. Completion of the course designates you as a Certified Innovation Games Facilitator. Taught by CEO and Founder Luke Hohmann, this certification class prepares you to plan, play, facilitate and post-process Innovation Games with your customers and colleagues.

Apr 25-26, 2013
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Mountain View, CA

Venue TBD

Cost: $895 Early Bird 



Innovation Games Training in Berlin

Qualified Instructors Deb Colden, Raphael Goumot and Ulf Hannelius are teaming up to teach a two-day Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding in Berlin on April 17-18. Held at one fo the leading Business schools in Europe, this course focuses on how the games can supercharge your Marketing and Strategy initiatives.

April 17-8, 2013
ESCP Europe - Berlin
Cost: 1500 Euros
Certified Scrum Master w/
Innovation Games

Jason Tanner & Carlton Nettleton are teaching a 2-day Certified Scrum Master with Innovation Games class on March 28-29 in Raleigh, NC.  


Date: March 28-29   

Price: $1,200 General Admission

Register & More Info 

Agile Teams Class in Boston & DC

CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann is teaching a one-day Innovation Games for Agile Teams class on April 3 in Waltham, MA and on June 3 in Washington, DC. The one-day certification class prepares you to integrate Innovation Games into your agile software development process.  


Date: April 3, 2013  & June 3, 2013 

Price: $495 Early Bird, $695 General Admission


Waltham, MA

Washington, DC  


The Business Design Summit, Berlin

Luke Hohmann joins the faculty of the Business Design Summit, set for April 19-20, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Other Speakers include Alexander Osterwalder, David Sibbets, Dave Gray, Steve Blank.


Date: April 19-20, 2013  

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Pricing: Sold Out! 

Register here for the waiting list.


Lean Kanban North America

Luke Hohmann is keynoting Monday, April 29, on the main stage at Lean Kanban North America, exploring how Innovation Games can help organizations improve their innovation, Lean, and Kanban processes.   

Date: April 29, 2013 

Location: Chicago 

More Info & Registration 


Innovation Games en Francais!

Innovation Games-partner Objet Direct is offering several Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding classes, taught in French, in 2013. Objet Direct boasts three Qualified Instructors on its staff, in Lyon, Grenoble and Paris. 

See the Objet Direct website for more details.  



June 20-12, 2013; October 17-18, 2013

Location: Paris, France 

Pricing: 1100 Euros 

Register here.


Certified Innovation Games Class in Utrecht, Netherlands

Qualified Instructor Cesario Ramos is teaching a two-day Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding class on April 22-23, 2013. The interactive class prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  



April 22-23, 2013 

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands 

Pricing: 1495 Euros 

Register here.


 Innovation Games Training: Midwest Edition

Qualified Instructor Scotty Bevill is bringing a two-day Marketing-focused Innovation Games class to Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, OH. The certification classes prepare participants to apply Innovation Games in their business, focusing on case studies and practice.  



Indianapolis: April 18-19, 2013

Price: $1,195

Register & More Info 


Columbus, OH: June 201-21, 2013 

Price: $1,195

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Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games«

Heads Up!  

Are You Ready to be Innovation Games-Certified?   


Those attending the Innovation Games Summit in January got a preview of one of the biggest developments coming to the Innovation Games community--the Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect Program. After years of requests (by our customers, partners and students), we're launching the Certification Program to help companies using Innovation Games (and related techniques) find the skilled partners they need to be successful. And to help our Certified Collaboration Architects find more engagements and more opportunities to put innovation Games to work.


The certification program focuses on skill, and incorporates training, facilitation and production experience (both online and in-person). Be on the lookout for more details on how you can join in. 

Innovation Games at Work  

Oh Shit! to Oh Wow! in 30 Minutes  

Luke Hohmann 

 Luke photo 

A few weeks ago the the Innovation Games team was facilitating a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting for Rackspace. While preparing for the meeting, we had designed brand new game, Dozens of Diamonds, which asks participants to add gemstones to an empty brooch to create a truly valuable piece of jewelry. In this game, the brooch represented the Rackspace Enterprise and Cloud offerings portfolio, and gemstones represented aspects of functionality that would make the brooch truly valuable to Rackspace's customers.


After the game had started, I noticed that Joanne, an Observer and one of the Rackers involved in the event production, had been taking a tremendous amount of notes. During a break, I walked over and thanked her for her help, as Observers are a critically important element of a successful Innovation Game« event--especially those focusing on market insight. It was her reply, however, that really got me smiling.


"Luke, this game is great!" she expounded. "I'm getting so many insights and taking so many notes that my hand is getting tired! I gotta be honest, though: When I walked into the room and saw the brooch on the wall and the junk on table, [paper, pens, scissors, tape, stickers, and other materials], I thought to myself 'Oh Shit. This is going to be some stupid arts and crafts team-building thing.' But, this is totally awesome. Our customers are really into the game, and I can't believe the feedback.  You took me from 'Oh Shit' to 'Oh Wow' in 30 minutes!"

Read the rest of the post.
It's a Wrap! 

The 1st Innovation Games Summit was Awesome!   

It's been a month since more than 100 Innovation Games Fans converged at the first ever Innovation Games Summit in Santa Clara, CA, and we're still  buzzing with excitement. The two day Summit was packed with real world stories of of how serious games are doing serious work--every day (more than two dozen sessions, keynotes and panels, and included the first-ever Innovation Games Certification courses. (More on that later.)   


If you couldn't attend, don't fret. We did manage to videotape a few of the sessions, and several attendees also shared their conference play-by-play. Here's the rundown:


Watch What Happened: Video 
The Social IT Game: Myers-Briggs for IT Organizations 
Serena Software's Kevin Parker
Serena Software's Kevin Parker shared how Knowsy is being used by the Serena Marketing t
eam to learn about customer priorities and drive revenue--all through the power of play. 

Kaiser Permanente's Deanna
Kaiser Permanente's Leading Innovation Game
Kaiser Permanente's Leading Innovation Game
Konrath shared a custom board game Kaiser Permanente has created to encourage Innovation and creativity in strategic planning. Attendees got to hear how Kaiser is using the game, and got to play it themselves.

Innovation Games: Roll Out by Infection at Rackspace 
Roll Out by Infection at Rackspace
Not to be outdone, Rackspace's Tony Wolf let attendees know about his company's Racktivity Room, a room dedicated to solely to serious game play.

Conference Play-by-Plays

Golden Nuggets from Steve
Protegra's Steve Rogalsky summarizes his experience as "Golden Nuggets"--the practical things you learn at a conference that you're able to put to work right away. What did Steve gain from attending the Summit?  
  1. Retrospective Redux: He'll allow team members to vote on their top 3 and bottom 3 ideas and use the net votes as the top items to pursue in the next iteration.
  2. Find more ways to apply the Budget Games process. 
  3. Facilitation techiques: Gently nudge participants. Move the conversation with a less direct approach. 
  4. A new podcast source! Look for Jack Dorsey  and
  5. Something to read: Steve Farber's The Radical Leap Re-Energized.

Sue Kim Wants to Party  

Sue Kim's take on the Innovation Games Summit is titled "I Wanna Party Like It's 2001", and she zeroes right in on Tom Grant's closing keynote, "It's Time to Change the Rules of Work."  


Sue writes that she's "doubtful he said any of what I've written below. But there are certain sentences that continue to occupy my head after listening to him -- and don't show any signs of leaving." I think she presents a pretty fine summary, but you don't have to take my word for it, since Tom is doing an encore presentation of his keynote on April 5, 2013. Sign up here or read on for more details.


Tom Grant
Webinar: It's Time to Change the Rules of Work

Tom Grant, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, gave the closing keynote at the first Innovation Games Summit in January.  


Tom's keynote covered real-world examples of how collaborative play and serious games are providing leading companies with powerful advantage over their competitors. If you missed out on the keynote or want to hear it again, sign up to attend the webinar today.


April 5, 2013
11:00 AM PDT
Register Today! 
Games for Good 
Budget Games: Three Times the Charm!
The Innovation Games Summit wasn't the only big event in January. Many of the attendees stayed on for the third annual Budget Games event for the City of San Jose, CA. The event was our largest Budget Games yet, with 40 facilitators and observers--some of whom came from as far as Sweden, Canada and the UK--and a 120 local residents.  

Julia Feng was our graphic facilitator, capturing the comments of those playing the Budget Games as the day progressed.
Our hat's off to the Innovation Games community for donating their time to help the citizens of San Jose. The Budget Games could not have been possible without their committment to spend their Saturday helping the citizens of San JosÚ prioritize the budget.
Get those people actively involved in the process! 

Getting people involved in the decision making 

process can be quite a challenge, but the City of San JosÚ has a successful 3-year track record of partnering with Innovation Games« 

to pull its citizens out of their homes and into City Hall for the Budget Games. Mark McGregor facilitated at this year's games and highlights his experience here.  "It was equally impressive to watch how people changed their perceptions based upon new inputs from other players," explains McGregor. 


Building a Better Budget

Andrea & Andy Simon, Innovation Games Qualified Instructors, came for New York to volunteer at the Budget Games. Andrea writes in her blog post on the event, "What is so interesting about these games is that Andy and I had different roles to play at different tables and each table went about the games differently. Mine decided to agree to the revenue and cost issue first, so that they knew how much money they had to work with. His went after the

priorities. Some of the tables went immediately to public safety. Mine discussed community centers and libraries and thought there were enough police and firemen but that they had to be used more effectively."
Cyberspace Roundup

From Breaking Barriers to Better Focus Groups 


One of best parts of putting this newsletter together each month is unearthing how Innovation Games are changing how people do work, all over the world. This month we have an interview with Luke Hohmann in Sandhill.com, Product Boxes and Meetups in Chicago, and comments on improving focus groups and more ...  


Collaboration, Innovation & Decision-Making 

Kathleen Goolsby, managing editor of sandhill.com, interviewed CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann recently, covering how the games are applied in market research, collaboration, civic engagement and more. You can read the entire interview here, but first, some highlights. 


Games Eliminate Barriers:  Hohmann revealed how the online games helped HP involve more than 600 people from around the world and they each had equal voice:  "In the game," a participant revealed, "I was playing with three people from China, two people from India and three from places scattered around the U.S. It was the first time that we came together in real time, without a phone call," [which puts people who are not native English-language speakers at a disadvantage]. "And the game structure gave me equal power with the other players." 


Decisions Around Innovation:  "Yahoo! tapped into the games approach for a market research initiative seeking to understand the best way to ensure its Yahoo! Finance home page redesign addressed worldwide users' needs and wants. We assembled a global team of game facilitators who speak the languages native to each location Yahoo! wanted to research."


Read the entire article here. 


Fun with Focus Groups

Check out Nancy Frishberg's two-part series on the
Designing Interactions for Fun
Designing Interactions for Fun
importance of Focus Groups and how integrating Innovation Games and other techniques into them can make them even more useful. Using the recent Budget Games for San Jose as an example, Nancy writes, " The same general techniques can be used to help make decisions about new product features in a corporate setting, and equally well for other decisions where there are too many choices, not all of which require the same amount of resources or effort. Check out her posts and video here.

Product Boxes & Landing Pages

Folks in the Chicago-area won't want to miss this April 1 Meetup on Product Boxes & Landing Pages. (And no this isn't an April Fools Joke). Hosted by Sue Kim and 8th Light, the meetup features two experiments: Product Box for an early stage startup, and a Landing Page test. Details are here. (And if you go, let us know how the Product Boxes turn out!)  


Have any news about the Innovation Games« community?  Email us at info@innovationgames.com.


Can't wait for the next newsletter? Do you have to know what's new with Innovation Games«, right now? Find out what's happening with us at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our blog.    



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