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June/July 2014
Adobe Puts Innovation Games® To Work

Getting to know your customers through games.


Regular readers will know our opinion on traditional focus groups and surveys. Great if your customers suffer from insomnia, not so great if you actually want to know what they think. We're not alone in our assessment that focus groups often don't result in deeper understanding. Mikel Chertudi, Senior Director of Marketing at Adobe Systems, recently wrote about how Adobe gamified its customer outreach with Conteneo's Innovation Games.


He writes, "Focus groups just didn't do it for us. Stale, bor­ing, and often mis­lead­ing, we wanted a new approach that would give us a more accu­rate assess­ment of our inter­ac­tion with cus­tomers as they con­sider, buy and use our products."


While Innovation Games are typically thought of as a "qualitative" technique,  Chertudi covers both the qualitative as well as quantitative advantages of Innovation Games. Specifically, he talks about how Luke's book and his coaching helped Adobe understand both its own operation, as well as its customers. 

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Retrospectives: 100s of teams? Multiple Time Zones? No problem. 

Luke Hohmann


A few years ago, I was helping with a large-scale enterprise Agile Transformation project led by Applied Frameworks. The client had several hundred engineers spread across multiple locations, and was a cloud-based infrastructure company that has grown very rapidly both organically and through multiple acquisitions. A key part of Applied Framework's transformation services is starting every transformation with retrospectives so that we can better understand what all members of the product development function - from developers 

and quality assurance, to product management and customer care - think about what is going well and what needs to be improved.


Speed Boat is our game of choice for retrospectives. But the size of the organization involved meant that we would be conducting multiple moderately large retrospectives of 30 to 40 people. This was costly, of course, and time-consuming, but the enlightened leadership of this company was committed to understanding the perspective of their employees before cramming Agile down their throats.


Join Us at The Innovation Games® Summit 2014

We're really excited to announce that the 3rd Innovation Games Summit will be in Lehi, Utah on Dec 2-5, 2014, hosted by Adobe Systems. (Thank you Adobe!)


If you haven't attended a Summit before, this is your chance to explore how collaborative games and the science of social play enable leading organizations achieve their epic wins in strategyportfolio managementmarket-focused innovationteam collaboration and sales.


We'll have real-life case studies, keynotes, certification workshops, panels and interactive sessions. Don't miss these four days of workshops and lectures on how collaborative play and serious games are your secret weapon for success in a complex, consumer-centric, fast-moving world.   


Tickets are on sale now!



Be a Speaker at Innovation Games Summit 2014!  

We're looking for hands-on, interactive sessions, along with case studies and panels. At their core, the sessions should all explore how collaborative games and the science of social play help leading organizations achieve their epic wins in portfolio management, strategy, market-focused innovation, team collaboration, and buyer alignment.  


Do you have a great presentation that is ready to submit? Check out the IG Summit website and Call for Participation here.


Webinar: How Rackspace uses Innovation Games to Super Power its Product Development Process.

July 10, 2014 | 11:00 AM Pacific


Want to build successful products?
Talk to your customers. It's conventional wisdom, but are you getting the most out of your customer research? Typical focus groups and customer advisory meetings aren't very
Racker Will Sensenderfer
interactive, and the lack of engagement means you won't get an understanding of your customers' true business needs. That's where Innovat
ion Games® comes in.


On July 10 at 11:00 AM Pacific, join Wil Sensenderfer, Technical Community Manager at Rackspace, and discover how one of the hottest cloud-computing service providers is using Conteneo's Innovation Games® with its customers and internal stakeholders for product development and management. 



Webinar: Why You Need Enterprise-wide Retrospectives

July 17, 2014 | 11:00 AM PDT


As organizations widen their use of Agile, Agile's core team-based practices can begin to be stretched. In those situations, we need to re-think and adapt them to fit the wider

Luke photo
Luke Hohman

context. Retrospectives, for example: While they can help individual teams improve, these events can become isolated and fail to address the needs of the organization, issues that are beyond the control of a single team. That's where collaborative, social serious games come in.


In this webinar, CEO and Founder of Conteneo, Luke Hohmann will discuss how Conteneo's Innovation Games® can be used to create high-impact, large-scale team retrospectives to propel the organization forward.  


Register today and join us on Thursday July 17, to learn how you can use Innovation Games to create enterprise-wide retrospectives.  



Upcoming Events & Certification Courses
Meet face-to-face with the Conteneo Community

DateInstructorCertification CourseLocation
30 June 2014Raphael GoumotInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
30 June-1 July 2014Cesario RamosInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
14-15 July 2014Luke HohmannInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
22 September 2014Raphael GoumotInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
25-26 September 2014Cesario RamosInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
6 October 2014Raphael GoumotIntroduction to the Practice of Innovation GamesParis, France
27-28 October 2014Raphael GoumotInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
Paris, France
28 November 2014Raphael GoumotIntroduction to the Practice of Innovation Games
Paris, France
4-5 December 2014Raphael GoumotInnovation Games for Customer Understanding
Paris, France

*Certification courses. Completion designates participant as a Certified Collaboration Architect.

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