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New Certification Master Classes 

IG Summit
We're offering two brand-new certification classes at the Innovation Games Summit in Amsterdam this fall. Both earn participants 60 Experience Credits toward their Certified Collaboration Architect Belt Level
Luke Hohmann's Advanced Innovation Games Master Class focuses on the differences between online and in-person versions of the same Innovation Games. (Orange Belt & up only.) 
Focus2Grow's Teicko Huber will teach a one day master class on Innovation Games for Sales and Marketing Enablement. 

Don't miss the Early Bird! Register for the All Access Pass & attend the Master class of your choice and the Summit save and additional 10%.

Innovation Games + Agile in Austin

Qualified Instructor Jeff Brantely is teaching a Certified Innovation Games for Agile Product Development Course on August 14, 2013The intensive one-day class covers how Innovation Games pair with and improve common Agile Practices, such as Speed Boat for Retrospectives, Prune the Product Tree for Roadmapping and Buy a Feature for Backlog Prioritization. Completion of the class designates participants a Certified Collaboration Architect.



Aug 19-20, 2013

Beaverton, OR 

$895 Early Bird 

Register here.


Certified Innovation Games in Belgium

Qualified Instructor Jurgen de Smet is teaching several Certified Innovation Games classes including the two-day Innovation Games or Customer Understanding Class and the one-day Innovation Games for Agile Teams class in Ghent, Belgium.  The interactive classes prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games--including online games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  


Details & Register   

Aug 19-20, 2013

Sept 13, 2013 (Agile) 

Oct 28-29, 2013

Innovation Games Comes to Portland

Qualified Instructor Cory Foy is teaching a Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding Course on August 19-20, 2013 at Catalyst IT Services' office. The interactive two-day class prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games--including online games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  



Aug 19-20, 2013

Beaverton, OR 

$895 Early Bird 

Register here.


Innovation Games en Francais!

Innovation Games-Qualified Instructor Raphael Goumot has partnered with Agilebee, France's leading Agile Training Consultancy to offer Innovation Games Certification courses in Paris, France. The Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding classes designate participants as Certified Collaboration Architects and focus on boosting Agile practices with Innovation Games.  



Sept 12-13, 2013

Nov 21-22, 2013

Dec 5-6, 2013


Paris, France 

1490 Euros 

Register here.


Luke Hohmann Keynotes on BA in OH 
CEO and founder of Conteneo and inventor of Innovation Games® Luke Hohmann will keynote the Columbus chapter of IIBA's annual conference on Sept. 13. Luke's talk "Business Analysis Powered through Innovation Games® and Knowsy®"  



Columbus, OH

Sept. 13, 2013

Register & More Info 

Certified Innovation Games Class in Utrecht, Netherlands

Qualified Instructor Cesario Ramos is teaching a two-day Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding class on September 9-10, 2013 and November 18-19, 2013. The interactive class prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  



Sept 9-10, 2013 & Nov 18-19, 2013 

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands 

Pricing: 1495 Euros 

Register here.


Certified Scrum Product Owner w/ Innovation Games

Mitch Lacey and Luke Hohmann will be teaching a two Certified Scrum Product Owner with Innovation Games class on September 30 - October 1 in Mountain View, CA. The two day intensive certification class will incorporates the best of Scrum and Innovation Games. More details and complete agenda here.



September 30 -October 1, 2013 

Location: Mountain View, CA

Pricing: $1095  

Register here.


Certified Innovation Games Class in Stockholm

Qualified Instructor Ulf Hannelius is teaching a Marketing and Strategy-focused Innovation Games for Customer Under-standing class on October 9-10, 2013. The interactive certification class prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games--including online games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  



October 1-2, 2013

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands 

Pricing: SKr12,000.00 

Register here.


Fortune's Growth Summit 2013

Join CEO Luke Hohmann, and his fellow speakers (Verne Harnish, Zappo's Tony Hsieh, Ram Charan, Stephen MR Covey, Mark Johnson, Mark Goulston, James McQuivey and Kalhan Krippendorff) for the 6th Growth Summit presented by Fortune. Learn from leaders how to make the best and right decisions to grow your business.



October 22-23, 2013

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Pricing: $1995 per executive 

Register here.


 Skills Matter + Innovation Games 

We're partnering with Skills Matter to bring Innovation Games to London 28-29 October, 2013. CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann will be teaching the two-day certification course, Innovation Games for Customer Understanding. The class covers both online and in-person games and is limited to just 24 attendees.  



Oct. 28-29, 2013

London, UK

£1345.00 if booked before 29-08-13 




Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games®

Meet Conteneo
You may have noticed the new header. The Innovation Games® Company is now Conteneo, but our mission remains the same: We bring people together to do real work through games.
Innovation Games® aren't going away! It's the name of our first game platform and is here to stay! But as we've grown and added new games and platforms, we found that we needed a new name to better reflect all of our brands. 
We're hard at work on our new look, and hope you'll stay tuned for the big unveil this fall at the Innovation Games Summit in Amsterdam! Until then, we hope you continue to put Innovation Games® Online and Knowsy® to work.
Knowsy at Work  

Serena Software Conquers the Complex Sale with Games


It's no secret that serious games are conquering business problems across the enterprise--from market research to strategic planning--but did you know that games can also tackle one of the thorniest, the complex sale?

How Serena Software Uses Knowsy for Sales


Our online game platform, Knowsy for Sales, was recently profiled in B2B Online for it's role in helping Serena Software with just that problem. 


Charlene Woolard writes in "How Playing Games Helps Serena Software Support Sales Reps", "Serena Software's sales pitch is not a simple one. When the company's reps sit down with prospects, the conversation is about how to build an enterprise-wide plan to streamline IT development, operations and management."  The landscape is complex, Woolard continues, the technology solutions cross departments, divisions, and the decision-makers and stakeholders--even from the same team--may have different priorities.


The problem Serena Software wanted solve was how to frame that complex conversation, while uncovering alignment. And using Knowsy for Sales to build Serena Software's Social IT Game was the perfect answer. The game, used in Serena's marketing events and roadshows around the globe, asks participants to rank their priorities and then predict the priorities of other players.

Serena Software's Social IT Game: Myers-Briggs for IT Organizations
Serena Software's Social IT Game: Myers-Briggs for IT Organizations


Playing the game starts the conversation, says Serenity Thompson, Director of Marketing-Americas for Serena Software. "In the end, they make a common list of priorities. It's a non-confrontational way to have a conversation that can be difficult."


To read more about the Social IT Game, check out the complete B2B Online article, or watch Kevin Parker, Serena Software's VP and Chief Evangelist, discuss the game in detail at the IG Summit in January.


Want to know more about Knowsy? Check out or drop us a line.

From the Blog   

We Knew Our Games Were Good. Research Proves They're Great.  

Luke Hohmann 

 Luke photo 

If you've used Innovation Games® Online or Knowsy®, then you know our game platforms, well, just work. Over the past decade our customers have used our games to answer questions, solve problems, unearth serious insight and foresight, align their organizations, and a whole host of related work. We have years of anecdotal and experiential data, and there's no question that serious games are becoming more common solutions in the business world. 


However, we feel it's still critical for us to assess the effectiveness of games for solving problems. After all, we want to know if our gaming platforms are producing as high-impact results as other techniques--or if they are even better. Fortunately, the preliminary research that I'm sharing confirms our years of practical experience: Our games are good. Really good.


Practical Experience Drives Design Parameters

For a number of years, we've been collecting the feedback from our customers on the business impact of our games. They've told us that the games generate a number of hard and soft benefits: 

  • They improve the novelty of new product concepts.
  • Increase the number of novel ideas.
  • Strengthen Intellectual Property portfolios.
  • Reduce time to make decisions.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Enhance strategic relationships.
  • Strengthen corporate brands.  

While this is an impressive list of benefits, it is by no means exhaustive. Quite often the highest impact result of a game is its ability to directly solve a specific problem. For example, reducing the time it takes to prioritize product features often pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of direct savings from avoiding unnecessary or unwanted products or product features.


Read the rest of the post.
Innovation Games Summit 

Join us & Move Ahead of the Competition


Big news for the Innovation Games Summit in Amsterdam (18-20 Sept 2013)--and lots of it. So much news in fact, I barely know where to begin. But, here I go. 


Registration is open (yay!) and we're offering an additional 10% off the early bird rate for the Your Next Move readership. The discount code is YNM7, and if you click on the link, the percentage off is added automagically. 


What's Happening...

But, wait, who will be speaking? What will they be

Join us! Innovation Games Summit Eu 2013
Join us! Innovation Games Summit Eu 2013

speaking on? Check out for the Summit program, just announced. 


Day one is reserved for three intensive Master Classes:

September 18th starts with keynotes from Verne Harnish, Save 10% Luke Hohmann, Paul Mantey and Erickson's Rickard Dam, and the fun continues on September 18 &19 with lightning talks, speed games, hour-long workshops, real world case studies. On Friday afternoon, participants will also have a chance to experience the power of games first hand as we play a Summit-wide game to put power of serious games to work to help a nonprofit organization. 


Stay tuned and check out! We have even more great things planned. You won't want to miss it.  

Out-Takes, Show Stoppers

Serious Games At Work, iPadalooza & more 


One of the best parts of putting this newsletter together each month is unearthing how Innovation Games are changing how people do work, all over the world. This month we have reports on Remember the Future, the launch of a website dedicated to how work can be all about serious fun and more... 


Games @ Work: Not a Misnomer

If you attended the first Innovation Games Summit in

Miss Tom Grant's Keynote at the IG Summit? Watch the webcast and find out about the inspiration for the Serious Games at Work site.
Miss Tom Grant's Keynote at the IG Summit? Watch the webcast and find out about the inspiration for the Serious Games at Work site.

January, you got a preview of Forrester Senior Analyst Tom Grant's side project, Serious Games at Work. The website catalogues and profiles the multiple kinds of serious games that are being using to do real work in the business world, including case studies. With the launch, Tom is also inviting participation from the community. Have an example or case study about using games for work? Want to contribute to the Taxonomy he's compiling? Let him know


Remember the Future at IPADPALOOZA 

Remembering something that hasn't happened yet sounds weird, but it's just the kind of cognitive dissonance that can spark creativity, uncover a breakthrough idea. It's one of our core games and one the original 12 Luke featured in the book that started it all. And we're always excited to hear about how it's being used in the field. 

Remember the Future IPadPalooza
Playing Remember the Future


Jeff Brantley, Product Marketing Director at Compass Learning (and one of our Qualified Instructors) recently used Remember the Future at IPADPALOOZA to unearth how mobile is going to upend K-12 education in the coming years. 


Jeff played the game with 50 K-12 educators and stakeholders, dividing them into 5 groups, each tasked with a different future scenario around mobile technology and education: 

  1. The role of the library in the mobile world
  2. Professional development and mobile
  3. Parental involvement and parent education in mobile
  4. Rethinking Physical Design Space in a Mobile World and
  5.  Creativity, art and soft skills in mobile  

What did he uncover? Personalization is big. Libraries aren't big containers with books, but a central hub and a place for collaboration. Another highlight: one group strongly supported political candidate they described as "right brain creatives" who valued the entire education experience. Want to learn more? Check out this blog post on the entire game. 

Tips & Techniques
Everything You Wanted to Know about Layers & Regions, but Were Afraid to Ask.

Actually, no one is afraid to ask about layers and regions
How to Use Layers and Regions in a Visual Collaboration Game
How to Use Layers and Regions in a Visual Collaboration Game
in Visual Collaboration games. (But I've always wanted to use that headline...) It's a popular question and with good reason. Adding the right Layers and Regions to your Visual Collaboration game enables you to determine the meaning of the items placed on the image. Here's a quick video tutorial from our CEO Luke Hohmann on the how and why of using Layers and Regions in Prune the Product Tree.
Meet the Team

Hail to the Chief (Gaming Officer, that is)


We have a Chief Gaming Officer! This a big deal for us -- as anyone who's read Luke's blog post on the topic knows. Or really anyone who has ever talked to us -- ever. Matt Brown


We're happy to welcome Matt Brown to the team 

-- and his hazing involves answering my semi-silly interview questions. But first, about Matt.  


He's spent the past two decades focused on activating play to make our lives happier and more creative. What does that mean? It means he's worked at such companies Speck Design (Chief Strategist), Scholastic (SVP), Klutz (President) and Leap Frog (VP of Business Development and VP of the Internet Divsion). He's also started a few companies, including including Primordial, creator of Zoob, and big BOING, an integrated strategy and development company that partnered with Toys R Us, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Coca Cola and others to launch or revitalize brands. Prior to all that he clerked for Judge Oliver Seth in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which means he used to be an attorney, but don't hold that against him. Matt lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, daughter and 3 dogs.  


What's your favorite Innovation Game?

Product Box is my favorite. Partly because it's physical. I love seeing and holding the final product. Also, I like how the game is a blend of divergent (come up with products, names, taglines, features) and convergent (pick the top features, a final name, key benefits, etc.).


What makes you smile? 

My daughter's laugh, my wife's smile, my dogs rolling around on the grass. 


What is your favorite place on Earth?

Anywhere on a beach with crashing waves.


If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? 



What it the coolest thing you've seen or heard lately? 


Heard and seen. You gotta watch this YouTube video Basic Needs--Extreme Happiness. I want to feel that level of joy all the time, but probably won't. I'm just not willing to walk solo to the South Pole and back.  Brrrrrrr.

Who do you want to play Knowsy (or Innovation Games) with? 

Einstein, Edison, Homer, Socrates, Edgar Allen Poe, Stan Lee, Steve Kirby, Jesus, Ghandi, Mohammed, Confucius, Alexander the Great, Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Disney, Douglas Adams, Steve Martin, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Susan B Anthony, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Katherine Hepburn, Annie Oakley, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Georgia O'Keefe, Cleopatra ...


or The Tick, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, Ford Prefect, Flaming Carrot, The characters from Firefly...


or, my great, great, great grandparents.  I barely have any idea where I come from.

Have any news about the Innovation Games®, Knowsy®, Conteneo (!) community?  Email us at


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