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Certification: Innovation Games® for Agile Teams!

Join CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann for a one-day Certified Innovation Games for Agile Teams class
on June 3 in Washington, DC. The one-day certification class prepares you to integrate Innovation Games into your agile software development process, and 
jump starts your Certified Collaboration Architect status by earning enough experience credits for a Yellow Belt.
June 3, 2013
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Arlington, VA

Navy League Building

Cost: $695 



Innovation Games en Francais!

Innovation Games-partner Objet Direct is offering several Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding classes, taught in French, in 2013. Objet Direct boasts three Qualified Instructors on its staff, in Lyon, Grenoble and Paris. 

See the Objet Direct website for more details.  



June 20-12, 2013; October 17-18, 2013

Location: Paris, France 

Pricing: 1100 Euros 

Register here.


 Innovation Games Training: Midwest Edition

Qualified Instructor Scotty Bevill is bringing a two-day Marketing-focused Innovation Games class to Columbus, OH. The certification classes prepare participants to apply Innovation Games in their business, focusing on case studies and practice.  



Columbus, OH: June 201-21, 2013 

Price: $1,195

Register & More Info 


Certified Innovation Games Class in Utrecht, Netherlands

Qualified Instructor Cesario Ramos is teaching a two-day Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding class on September 9-10, 2013 and November 18-19, 2013. The interactive class prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  



Sept 9-10, 2013 & Nov 18-19, 2013 

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands 

Pricing: 1495 Euros 

Register here.


Certified Scrum Product Owner w/ Innovation Games

Mitch Lacey and Luke Hohmann will be teaching a two Certified Scrum Product Owner with Innovation Games class on September 30 - October 1 in Mountain View, CA. The two day intensive certification class will incorporates the best of Scrum and Innovation Games. More details and complete agenda here.



September 30 -October 1, 2013 

Location: Mountain View, CA

Pricing: $1095  

Register here.


Certified Innovation Games Class in Stockholm

Qualified Instructor Ulf Hannelius is teaching a Marketing and Strategy-focused Innovation Games for Customer Under-standing class on October 1-2, 2013. The interactive certification class prepares participants to plan, play and facilitate Innovation Games--including online games. Upon completion, participants will be designated an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.  



October 1-2, 2013

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands 

Pricing: SKr12,000.00 

Register here.


Fortune's Growth Summit 2013

Join CEO Luke Hohmann, and his fellow speakers (Verne Harnish, Zappo's Tony Hsieh, Ram Charan, Stephen MR Covey, Mark Johnson, Mark Goulston, James McQuivey and Kalhan Krippendorff) for the 6th Growth Summit presented by Fortune. Learn from leaders how to make the best and right decisions to grow your business.



October 22-23, 2013

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Pricing: $1995 per executive 

Register here.


Save the Date: Skills Matter + Innovation Games 

We're partnering with Skills Matter to bring Innovation Games to London 28-29 October, 2013. CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann willb e teaching the two-day certification course, Innovation Games for Customer Understanding. The class covers both online and in-person games and is limited to just 24 attendees.  



October 28-29, 2013

Location: London, UK 

Notify me when registration opens.



Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games®

Innovation Games at Work  

Story Listening, not Storytelling  

Luke Hohmann 

 Luke photo 

I recently completed an unusually fun project: Paul Mantey from NetApp invited me, and my colleague and Certified Collaboration Architect John Heintz from Gist Labs, to make a series of short, educational films for the NetApp sales team. John covered Agile and DevOps, Paul presented NetApp's completely unique value proposition for Agile DevOps, and Paul and I discussed how NetApp's Impact Discovery Workshops, which are powered by Innovation Games®, radically change the sales process. It was a lot of fun hanging out in the NetApp film studios--Green screens! Super cool video gear! "On Air" signs!


NetApp's Cathie Staley moderated and helped produce our
Luke Hohmann & NetApp's Paul Mantey on leveraging stories in sales engagements
Luke Hohmann & NetApp's Paul Mantey on leveraging stories in sales engagements

sessions (Click on the image to the right to watch one). In one session, Cathie interviewed Paul and myself on the art of story telling in sales. Our focus was on helping strategic account managers use stories to connect NetApp value propositions and market differentiating features to customer needs. And I loved this session because it allowed Paul and myself to make a full-circle link between the storytelling that shares value propositions in a compelling way and the story listening that is the foundation of Innovation Games®.

Beware PowerPoint Paula and the What? Why? Guy

Two of my favorite negative salesperson stereotypes are PowerPoint Paula and the What and Why? Guy. PowerPoint Paula blows into your office, demands an overhead projector, and then proceeds to bore you to tears with her carefully rehearsed slide deck. Her carefully rehearsed stories (cue customer story 3 on slide 7) is what I call a "show up and throw up". Paula shows up, throws up slides-- and you simply want to vomit.


The What and Why? Guy is at the other end of the spectrum. He comes into the office with a notebook, a pen and a set of questions that always seem to end in Why: "What do you need? Why?" or "What are your strategic priorities? Why?" or "What can we improve? Why?" At best, the What and Why Guy is sincere (albeit creepily sincere). At worst, the What and Why Guy is merely interrogating you in an effort to close a deal.


Read the rest of the post.
It's Back!  

IG Summit Coming to Amsterdam 


The first Innovation Games Summit was so much fun, we decided we couldn't wait an entire year to do it again. So, we're bringing the Summit to Amsterdam, Sept 18-20, 2013.  IG Summit EU 13 C4P

Verne Harnish
Gazelle's Verne Harnish to Keynote IG Summit EU


The call for papers just opened -- and registration will soon. We're planning on a full day of in-depth workshops on September 18, followed by keynotes, panels, lightning talks, Speed Game sessions and more on September 19-20.


Killer Keynotes & Sessions

Conference Chair Ulf Hannelilus has already secured some great speakers for the summit, including a keynote from Verne Harnish, of Gazelles fame. CEO and Founder Luke Hohmann will also be keynoting and teaching an intensive one-day Master Workshop in Innovation Games.


Still need convincing? Check out these interviews from the first Innovation Games Summit:

It's going to be epic! Join us in Amsterdam and move two steps ahead of your competition.
Conference News
Running with the Gazelles



Luke Hohmann just joined the roster of the 2013 Growth Growth Summit Summit presented by Fortune on Oct. 22-23, in Las Vegas, NV. Organized by Verne Harnish's Gazelles, the high profile event brings together nine business leaders, including Zappo's Tony Hsieh, Stephen MR Covey, Mark Johnson, Mark Goulston, Ram Charan and others, with an audience of leading executives to focus on growing their business. 


Growth Summit 2013

22-23 October 2013

Games for Good 
Budget Games in Belgium
Jurgen De Smet, cofounder of Colearning.be --and our newest Qualified Instructor!-- just announced that he is working with the city of Kortrijk, Belgium to bring the Budget Games to their citizens. After three successful years of Budget Games for the City of San Jose, CA,
Jurgen de Smet works to bring Budget Games to Belgium
Jurgen de Smet works to bring Budget Games to Belgium
we're thrilled to see the game make a difference for communities around the world. 
Jurgen had been a longtime fan of Innovation Games and the work we'd done in San Jose, but doubted that he'd see such a community-based effort take hold in Europe. Jurgen writes "Budget Games" are just starting to get some ground in the US public sector and, as such, I had the impression that a European implementation was not going to happen in my lifetime. I was wrong!"
Kortrijk's city council, much to Jurgen's surprise, recently announced an initiative called Kortrijk Speaks, to better involve the community in government. 


"Being a engaged citizen of Kortrijk myself," Jurgen continues, "I could not resist to challenge the Mayor (Vincent Van Quickenborne) to step up and compare 'Kortrijk Speaks' with the initiatives in San Jose, using 'Budget Games'."

City of San Jose Budget Games
City of San Jose Budget Games


The rest is history ... well, close enough. The City of Kortrijk will continue "Kortrijk Speaks" using "Budget Games" as a market research tool, and providing an opportunity for the people to seize power within its City governance.


To read more about the initiative -- and get involved-- check out the complete post here

Cyberspace Roundup

Speed Boat meets SWOT, Innovation Games & Scrum, ScrumKnowsy and more... 


One of best parts of putting this newsletter together each month is unearthing how Innovation Games are changing how people do work, all over the world. This month we have reports on Speed Boat, including a mashup with Swot Analysis, details on using Innovation Games in Scrummaster training, the ScrumKnowsy iPad app, and more... 


Speed Boat meets SWOT

Show me someone in the working world who hasn't used SWOT Analysis? Raise your hand if you've played Speed Boat. Ever mashed the two together? 

Speed Boat Swot mashup  

No, well, Don Reinertsen of CostofDelay.com has and writes, "I've run a few SWOT analysis with senior managers and teams, to help them identify and share strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What would be great to do is combine the boat metaphor [from Innovation Game's Speed Boat] and the safe environment -- and add to it a bit by identifying both negatives and positives, as well as make more explicit what is inherent to the organization itself and what is beyond their locus of control."


Reinertsen's combined game is covered in detail on his website. Do you have a game mashup to share? Let us know!


Speed Boat Short Takes. 

Reinertsen wasn't the only person posting about Speed Boat. Check out these posts as well on how folks are putting the game to work:

  • Russian Speed Boat
    Speed Boat in Russian
    The product manager blogger behind Tisquirrel.com writes about how Speed Boat can ease the most uncomfortable and most important part of retrospectives, what went wrong and what went right. The original post is in Russian, but Google Translate helps, if you're not lucky enough (like me) to have a kid fluent in Russian.
  • David Koss writes about attending an Innovation Games workshop at PaloIT in Paris in April, where he explores how to use Speed Boat to solve organizational problems. (En Francais, but Google Translate helps here as well.) 

Innovation Games + Scrum = Awesome 

Qualified Instructor and Enthiosys President Jason Tanner recently teamed up with Carlton Nettleton to co-teach a Certified Scrummaster class. Innovation Games have long been used in the Agile community; the techniques work really well with common agile practices, but it's still cool to hear about how the games are being put to use. 

  Changecamp tree

In this post, Carlton details how he and Jason incorporated both online and in-person games into the class, including 20/20 Vision, Prune the Product Tree, Speed Boat, Buy a Feature and Knowsy (ScrumKnowsy, of course)


Carlton writes, "The online games are really powerful. During our course, Jason demonstrated how to use the online games for retrospectives, market research and release planning. Seeing the new and interesting ways that Jason had used the on-line games as a collaboration tool intrigued me."  Read more about how Carlton and Jason incorporated Innovaton Games here


ScrumKnowsy: iPad or Browser-based? 

ScrumKnowsy is now available as an iPad app, allowing you to play the standalone, personal version withou ScrumKnowsy Personal t a wifi connection and discover how your Scrum practice stacks up against such Scrum luminaries as Jeff Sutherland, Jim Coplien, Jens Østergaard and Jeff McKenna.


Want to play online, alone or with your team? Save and export your results as you improve and grow your Scrum practice? Register and play online at www.scrumknowsy.com.

Meet the Team

Biz Strategist/Marketing Pro Nancy Chou Knows Knowsy


We're growing the team again (Yay!) and are excited that Nancy Chou has joined Innovation Games as General

Nancy Chou
Nancy Chou, GM Knowsy

Manager for Knowsy™. Nancy adds 25 years of deep B2B and B2C experience at companies likeHP, IBM, the Norton Consumer Business of Symantec Corp, and Cygnus Solutions and LeadFormix, in addition to killer competitive ballroom dancing skills, to the team. And she's also a good sport, since she agreed to answer my semi-silly questions for this newsletter. 


What's your favorite Innovation Game?

Knowsy™, of course! 


What makes you smile? 

Seeing the underdog win. 


What did you have for breakfast?

Contemplated having Raisin Bran until I realized I was out of milk. So I had a banana with my decaf cappucino instead.


What's the coolest thing you've seen or done lately? 

Attending my Kellogg Graduate School of Management Class of 1983 Reunion this past weekend. The authentic connections and good will that we all felt toward each other was unbelievable, indescribable and unforgettable. 


Who do you want to play Knowsy™ with?

First Lady Michelle Obama, because one of the philanthropic causes Innovation Games would like to help solve is childhood obesity.


Want to learn more about Knowsy? Contact Nancy.

Have any news about the Innovation Games® community?  Email us at info@innovationgames.com.


Can't wait for the next newsletter? Do you have to know what's new with Innovation Games®, right now? Find out what's happening with us at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our blog.    



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