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Product Boxes at Design by Fire

The first Innovation Games Summit is just a few days away, January 22-25, 2013. The 2-day Summit and pre-Summit workshops bring together leaders in business, government and nonprofits to share and learn how Innovation Games, Gamestorming, Business Model Canvas and related techniques are helping organizations do real work. 
Register and join attendees and speakers from Cisco, IBM, John Deere, NetApp, and more, to experience how collaborative play results in breakthrough products and services. 


Date: January 22-25

Location: Biltmore Santa Clara 

Registration & Info   

New Innovation
 Games Certification Class

Luke Hohmann & Deb Colden will be teaching  Pre- Innovation Games Summit Workshops  on January 22-23, 2013. The class registration includes attendance at the Innovation Games Summit (all keynotes, sessions and parties). 


January 22-23, 2013 

Venue: Biltmore Hotel & Suites

Location:Santa Clara, CA

Cost: $1,395 (All-Access Pass 

Register here.

Innovation Games in Paris

Innovation Games-partner Objet Direct is offering three Innovation Games for Customer Understanding, taught in French, in 2013. Objet Direct boasts three Qualified Instructors on its staff, in Lyon, Grenoble and Paris. 

See the Objet Direct website for more details.  


Dates: March 21-22, 2013; June 20-12, 2013; October 17-18, 2013

Location: Paris, France 

Pricing: 1100 Euros 

Register  here.


The Business Design Summit, Berlin

Luke Hohmann joins the faculty of the Business Design Summit, set for April 19-20, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Other Speakers include Alexander Osterwalder, David Sibbets, Dave Gray, Steve Blank.


Date: April 19-20, 2013  

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Pricing: 1,500 Euros early bird  

Register here.




Welcome to latest issue of Your Next Move!, our monthly newsletter covering the latest news, events and announcements from the Innovation Games®


Innovation Games Summit   

Don't Miss Out: New Speakers, Certification, Last-Minute Discounts & more! 


The Innovation Games® Summit is only a week away, and it's not too late to join us. 

Alexander Ostewalder
Don't miss Alexander Osterwalder's keynote.


We've pulled together two dozen sessions from leading companies like Cisco, Rackspace, Kaiser Permanente, Brocade (and more!) on how they are using serious games to do serious work-- sessions span such topics as Market Insight, Strategy, Sales Enablement, Collaboration and more.


And that's not all. We're also offering our Certified Innovation Games Facilitator workshop (part of the brand new Certified Innovation Games® Facilitator program) as as a pre-Summit workshop, not to mention the panels, keynotes and fun!


Still on the fence? We're offering 30% off to persuade you to attend. (New registrants only, folks.) Check out the website for complete details, and sign up today

Save 30%*
Save 30% off any pass for the Innovation Games Summit, January 22-25, 2013. Offer available to new registrants only. Offer is transferable. Please share with anyone who may want to attend.
*New Registrants only. Offer Expires: Jan 22, 2013
Innovation Games at Work 
PayPal Nets Payoff from Using Innovation Games


AnswerLab's Liang Zhang recently profiled in Quirk's magazine how PayPal has been putting Innovation Games to work to better understand the shopping experience. PayPal, like many other Silicon Valley companies, has discovered that Fun leads to better Research Data.


PayPal Shopping cart

Not Just for Mary Poppins

"Fostering a game-play mind-set by incorporating Innovation Games into your research efforts with customers, and even internally with your employees, can bring research to life and produce extraordinary results." Zhang writes. "Furthermore, Innovation Games can be applied broadly across all product development and even business planning activities." (True!)


What PayPal Wanted

"To drive new product innovation in mobile and online payments, the PayPal team sought to get a deep understanding of the end-to-end in-store shopping experience, both domestically and in Europe. They needed insight into consumers' challenges with in-store payments and potential digital solutions."


Don't Be afraid to Change

"As part of our Innovation Games research, we frequently integrate several different game design elements to create new innovation game methods and experiences based on our clients' objectives. We will explore a few of these hybrid innovation game approaches in the case study below to demonstrate how a game-play mind-set can enable you, as the researcher, to come up with creative solutions to uncover deep insights." 


Playing the Games

"During the first phase of the study," Zhang write, "we transformed a traditional usability research lab into a mock retail store environment to conduct mobile shop-alongs." The players were asked to complete a series of real shopping scenarios inside the mock retail store to test a new mobile payment application--a version of the Innovation Game Me and My Shadow.


In Phase 2, participants were asked to create a storyboard of their ideal human shopping assistant. "Teams of two to three people were instructed to come up with an ideal human shopping assistant, creating a storyboard to illustrate the specific tasks that this assistant would help them with during each phase of the shopping experience." (See the Gamestorming technique Empathy Map or the Innovation Game My Worst Nightmare for a variation.) 


PayPal's Results

"PayPal's mobile team discovers new factors and considerations for improving the end-to-end shopping experience -- beyond just the payment process. Several storyboards showed the shopping assistant helping people stick to their diet, get the best deals by remembering coupons and loyalty cards, bagging groceries while they paid and even alerting them to expiration dates at home. One person in the U.K. came to the realization that what she really needed was a modern-day Mary Poppins." (And really, who couldn't use a Mary Poppins?) 


Read the entire article here

Games for Good  

3rd Annual Budget Games for San José, CA


OK, so we're not just gearing up for the first Innovation Games Summit. We're also preparing for the 3rd annual Budget Games for the City of San Jose, CA. We've

City of San Jose Budget Games
A short video about last year's Budget Games

worked with the City of San Jose and the Every Voice Engaged Foundation to bring San Jose citizens, community leaders and government officials together to use a specially adapted version of Buy a Feature to give the Mayor's office actionable feedback on the City's annual budget. This year many of the Innovation Games Summit Attendees are also volunteering their time on January 26 to help.  


Globe Trotting

Meaningful Games--Michigan to France


The best part of putting together this newsletter each month is seeing how Innovation Games® being put to work around the globe, in every industry imaginable. This month we have posts from conferences and meetups in the US and Europe, revealing how Innovation Gamers are putting Budget Games, Speed Boat, Remember the Future and more to work! 


Meaningful Play 
Innovation Games Qualified Instructor Andy Simon joined
Andy Simon
Andy Simon
Every Voice Engaged Ambassador Steve Dodds and Michigan State's Carrie Heeter to discuss Every Voice Engaged Great Neighborhoods program at the Meaningful Play Conference at Michigan State this fall. The Great Neighborhoods program was designed by Innovation Games's not-for-profit spin-off, Every Voice Engaged, to help local governments support community and neighborhood growth through the use of serious games. Read Andy's blog post, and check out Every Voice Engaged for more details on Innovation Games is doing good works.
Buy a Feature -- en Francais 
There's no doubt that Innovation Games have take France
Buy a Feature in Paris
by storm, and we couldn't be more thrilled. (After all, I actually get to put my seven years of French classes to work.) Case in point, the recent Agile Playground event in Paris that featured Buy a Feature as one of two games participants played. Nathaniel Richand, aided by Audrey Pedro and Yannick Grenzinger facilitated the game. The subject was an e-learning platform and the participants--as always--had to collaborate to "purchase" the best possible features. Read more (in French, of course) here
Speed Boat + Remember the Future
Our friends at ValTech have been using Innovation Games
Valtech Open Space
Speed Boat at Valtech
to great affect in their work. Case in point, this post by Valtech Trainer and Agile Coach Jean Claude Grosjean, entitled "Speed Boat + Remember the Future + Open Space = the Road to Joy". Jean Claude details how ValTech's team used both games in an internal standup to define ValTech's vision of success and how they will get there. Onward! 

Software Powered Through Collaborative Play
InfoQ just published the video of Luke Hohmann's keynote at SDEC 2012 in Winnipeg last October. Luke's talk centers around his favorite topic, how games power innovation. Check it out here

How have you been putting Innovation Games to work? Let me know!

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