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March 2014
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Spring, service, sleep apnea and smiling

Spring has been welcomed by us all with great enthusiasm this year. It has been a busy one for us at 229 Charles Street. In March, I was inducted as an AADPA member in Palm Springs.

I am honored to belong to an organization that has drawn the best of the best of dentistry for the past 50 years and is committed to leadership development, growth , self awareness and paying it forward - all for the purpose of serving the patient and the profession of dentistry . I was also excited to present a TED talk as part of their conference program this year. My topic was 'Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity- Transforming the Dental Experience for the Patient and the Dentist.' It was my privilege to present alongside some of Dentistry's finest educators.


You have probably noticed our focus on sleep apnea and it's harmful (sometimes fatal) effects on health and well-being if you follow our Facebook page. It is a focus of our health assessments for our patients in addition to oral-systemic links, dental issues and bite problems. Stay tuned for more on how we are working with sleep physicians in our community to help our patients.


Lastly, I would like to share this incredible fact with you. Smiling is one of the top 10 brain exercises that have been proven to help repair and heal the brain. So at 229 Charles Street, we help improve your brain function by taking care of your smile. How awesome is that?

Awards and Honors
Dr. Merriman has been selected again in the NJTopDocs 2014 issue as one of NJ's Top Dentists. This spring, her presentation on new approaches to delivering dental care at a national dental conference will be captured in the popular TED talk format and will be aired on the organization's website. Stay tuned and watch for the video when it comes out! In the meantime, read Dr. Merriman's feature here: Healthy Living 2014 


It is also an honor that Dr. Merriman has been featured in the latest issue of BellaNYC Magazine. As a member of the Medical Advisory Board, she discusses the oral-systemic health link and the impact of a smile on your brain function. A strong biological connection exists between oral and systemic health. Often times, systemic diseases are first detected by none other than your dentist.  Read on to get more information on why treating periodontal disease is so important and how your teeth and brain work together. It's all connected. Read more here: It's More Than Just a "Cleaning"! 

Practice Updates/Continuing Education
  • Dr Merriman and our hygienist Jasleen Dhillon attended a 2 day course on Sleep apnea, Total wellness and TMJ Splints this January at the Dawson Academy in St. Petersberg, Florida. Dr. Steve Masley was one of the presenters- up to date and visionary concepts of preventive care were discussed.
  • Tonya Johnson, our practice manager joined Dr. Merriman in Palm Springs at the AADPA conference. She is excited to bring back to the practice all the wonderful information, ideas and training that she got at this 4 day event.

  • Dr. Merriman attended another Implant session in Livingston, NJ. This continuum started 2 years ago and is going strong with an incredible group of general dentists and facilitators.
  • Dr. Merriman and Jasleen Dhillon, RDH attended an Invisalign CE day in NJ in February.   

Dental Tip

As the recreational sports season starts, please know that most sports drinks have an incredible amount of sugar in them. They cause dental decay. Water should be the beverage of choice for athletes of every age unless they are competing in events that are strenuous enough to require electrolyte replacement.

Mindfulness Tip

While brushing and flossing at the end of the day, consider taking the opportunity to clear your mind and practice mental stillness when doing the repetitive motions of your hygiene routine. It will increase your mental focus and decrease any stress and 'noise' from the day, thereby relaxing you in preparation of a good night's sleep.

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Until next time,


Be well, Do Well, Live Well

Sunita Merriman, DDS