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Bali was a life changing journey and you can be sure that my experience will be blended into every program I share with you this year, beginning with Feeling Good On Purpose!


Feeling Good On Purpose! is a group experience for all of you who inspire and influence others (i.e. lead your business, household, family, charity, organization) and wonder how long you'll be able to keep all the balls in the air.  Wouldn't it be great if you could sustain the momentum and it could be a little bit easier?  That's the intention of this program-to teach you to manage your energy instead of your time AND influence your team, family, co-workers, community to do the same.  On your busy schedule! Without relying on will power!


To See If This Program Is Right For You, I invite you to join us for a NO COST Preview. In exchange for 1 hour of your time, you'll recieve tips for boosting your energy, balancing your mood & keeping the wheels of your busy life moving forward.  You'll find confidence that this program with help you make a difference in your career, organization, charity, church, family and world. 


Here's to living your life& finding success with ease,
Leah Lund
Executive Health Coach & Neuro Nutrient Therapist
A Holistic Approach to your Energy, Weight and Health  



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I'm Kicking My Chemical HabitFeeling Good 4


The key to accomplishing anything in your life, from a increasing sales results to losing weight to raising children with good values, comes down to the habits of your behavior. In fact, a Duke University study in 2006 determined that up to 40% of the actions people take are not based on a decision, but rather a habit. In other words, we run on auto-pilot! By coaching people to change a vast variety of health & lifestyle habits, I've created a specific process for changing habits that will help you create success in any situation.


Steps To Change A Habit:

  1. Quick Hits. Action precedes motivation. When you want to create change, pick an easy habit that can be adapted quickly to give you a feeling of success and motivate you to try more difficult changes. These are low risk, low impact, no brainers that build momentum.
  2. Ease Into Change. Choose no more than 1-2 new behaviors per month. One of the most common forms of self sabotage is the "all or nothing." When you set up a plan to change too many things at once and stumble in the process, it is easy to just give up on the whole thing.
  3. Evolution. Changing habits is an evolution over time. Expect that. Be forgiving and gentle with yourself along the way and practice the skill is "rebound"-getting back on track and continuing the journey.

To show you how these steps work, I'll share an example from my own life-my journey to eliminate chemicals and toxins from my lifestyle. Several years ago, I learned that we are exposed to up to 123 toxins before we even leave the house in the morning. I knew I wanted to raise the bar on my wellness, but doing so seemed overwhelming. I used this very process (and still do) to continually up my game.


  1. Quick Hits. My first quick hits were no food related-no more chemicals, additives, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. I knew my life and health depending on it so that was an easy change for me. I also stopped using eye shadow, eye liner and lip liner (filled with carcinogens.) These products only accentuated my wrinkles anyway! It was also easy for me to stop using aluminum based deodorant or antiperspirant and perfume. Doing so streamlined my morning process and saved me time and money. The best part is that something like eliminating perfume on a daily basis is an example of a keystone habit. Keystone habits are behavior patterns that can reprogram other routines in your life. Daily reminders that give you power to make other changes. Every morning that I didn't reach for the perfume, I reinforced my decision to live a toxin free life. If skipping the scent was possible, other changes would be as well. My clients begin with the keystone habit of Juice Plus, a whole food based supplement. It's amazing how that daily dedication to eating something healthy results in more exercise, less soft drinks and no more eating fast food.
  2. Ease Into Change. Over the next several years, I made a change every couple months, usually as the opportunity presented itself. I found a chemical free Vitamin C based face moisturizer that was an easy substitution for a product I'd been using. Same thing with shampoo and conditioner. I traded in my lip stick for all natural, lip color, changed to fluoride free toothpaste and found coconut oil (the very same kind I cook with) was a fantastic body moisturizer. I began cleaning my house with vinegar instead of toxic cleaning products. Every shopping trip was an opportunity to upgrade, one product at a time, small step by small step.
  3. Evolution. I never get down on myself for the chemicals that still exist in my life. I focus on the positive changes that I have made and keep moving along on the journey. Some changes that took time were finding a good water filter to eliminate plastic bottle leeching, switching to soap berries instead of chemical laced laundry soap and (just recently) finding a great quality hollow air headset to eliminate cell phone radiation. I know I'll never be "done" improving my personal environment. My list for 2013 includes avoiding microwave use, tetra packs (like the kind all natural, organic vegetable broth and almond milk come in) and contaminating dental procedures. I'm sure I'll stumble along the way. I expect that, but I also know I will get back on track, try again and keep moving forward.

Eliminating chemical toxins can alleviate headaches, allergies and digestive issues (among many, many other positive effects). It can help you lose weight. Avoiding pesticides and hormones can even prevent sterility and premature puberty. That's a habit worth kicking and it's not so hard if you ease into it! 




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A Healthy Indifference


In the midst of deprivation based diets aimed at making women feel "less than" until there is less of you, I propose a radical viewpoint: A Healthy Indifference. What is a healthy indifference?  The ability to "take it or leave it" and feel good with your choice.  Whatever "IT" is-food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, judging, working, achieving, earning, relationships, security, status, gifts, possessions..


When you have healthy indifference, you never feel deprived. A healthy indifference means you can:

    indulge and not feel guilty


B)     refrain and not feel deprived


It's a recipe for peace. Either way ,it's your choice and you feel good.  To start, stop or continue any habit, success lies in developing a healthy indifference toward the matter.  Indifference can imply mediocrity or lack of interest; however, indifference truly is the opposite of compulsion


Take food cravings as an example.  I specialize in helping people balance brain chemistry through nutrition.  When brain chemistry is balanced, cravings for sugar, starch and caffeine disappear.  My client Shari, is well on her way to a balanced brain and is losing weight consistently for the first time in her adult life.  When faced with a girl's night out, she was concerned she might not be strong enough to resist the wine and dessert.  This was the perfect opportunity to check on her healthy indifference by using this 2-part test.

Healthy Indifference Test:

1) Can you make a decision and stick to it without having an emotional response?

2) If you choose to partake, does it set off a compulsive downward spiral?


I asked Shari, "If you decide to have wine and dessert, how will you feel?  What three words most accurately describe your feelings in that moment?" After deliberation, Shari responded "happy, relieved and excited."  Shari wasn't ready for wine and dessert. It was clear that Shari was still looking for reward and comfort from her wine and dessert.
She suffered from low endorphin. Find out if you do 

Looking for an emotional result from a food, beverage or activity, means you are not indifferent to it. Shari broke down and had wine and dessert. She felt guilty and weak; She said it was not worth it. We made adjustments to her nutritional plan to address her sugar cravings.


Healthy indifference applies to habits beyond what you eat. This two-part test can assess your indifference to exercise, cleaning your house, shopping, or going on vacation. When you are compulsive, you attach an emotional meaning to the activity or to depriving yourself of the activity. When you have healthy indifference, you never feel deprived.

Healthy indifference means you are at peace with your choices.

About One Whole Health

Hi! I'm Leah Lund and you have been reading my E-letter.  I am an Executive Health Coach with a holistic approach to your energy, weight and health. As found of One Whole Health, I understand that the success of any individual, business, family or organization is dependant on the energy, focus, drive and balance of the leader.  I support leaders in managing your energy instead of your time to achieve your personal and professional dreams.  Specializing in Neuro Nutrient Therapy, I have a proven system for helping you repair chemical and hormone imbalances that unknowingly sabotage your efforts.  One Whole Health provides private and group health coaching via telephone and Skype using journaling to accelerate results.  Corporate Wellness and Colorado (soon to be international) Wellness Retreats are also available.  I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners & SUNY (State University Systems of New York), serve as an Ambassaor and Student Mentor for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association. Contact me for more information and for speaking engagements at leah@onewholehealth.com