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Jan. 2, 2013 





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One Whole Health...For You!        Vol. 130       

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How many times in the last week have you heard (or thought) a comment like this? 

"I can't believe 2012 is almost over!"  


Is it really that hard to believe? Hasn't 2012 been 525,600 minutes just like every other year?  Failure to believe the year is ending is often an outward expression of an inner concern. What people are really saying is:

"I didn't accomplish what I wanted to in 2012 and now I'm out of time."      


Yuck!  Who wants to feel defeated and unsuccessful?  Today I'm sharing two ways to find time for your dreams and accomplish your goals in 2013. (Plus a Bonus Tip on feeling your best as you do it).     


May you live your life & find success with ease, 

Leah Lund

Executive Health Coach & Neuro Nutrient Therapist 

A Holistic Approach to your Energy, Weight and Health  


Ready Aim Soar!

Leah Lund For Ready Aim Soar! 

I'm sharing my strategy (along with other experts in their field) for creating success in every area of your life.  Foreward by Joe Vitale of "The Secret"


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Tip #1: My Best Tip For Success in 2013

You've probably heard that the fastest way to achieve a goal is write it down and tell someone.  That's good advice.  Unfortunately, here's what usually happens:


A) You never find time to write everything down  

B) You write everything down and become overwhelmed with the list  

C) You write it down, lose the paper and never tell anyone about it-let alone remember what you wrote yourself.  

(Ex. Do you remember what your New Year's Resolution was for 2012?)

Here it is:  My TOP tip for feeling good about what you accomplish in 2013.  This is about making 2013 your milestone year that changes how you do what you do and leaves you feeling content, satisfied and happy with your progress.  


Step 1: Write down your goals, but write them on a piece of paper the size of an index card.  NO BIGGER.  Divide the card into 4 quadrants-one for each quarter of the year (Jan-March, April-June, etc).  Divide each quadrant in half to make room for Business Goals and Personal Goals.  Then write no more than 2 goals for each per quarter.  Pick the most important goals you have.  Choose the very changes or new habits that will change everything.  

Step 2: Put this paper in a visible location that you will see every day.  Examples would be inside your planner or make a digital version on your desktop or smart phone homepage.

Step 3: Shout it out to a friend or friends.  Facebook it.  Post in on our wall at www.facebook.com/onewholehealth

Each  quadrant looks something like this:

1st Quarter
Business Goals:
Personal Goals:

Simple! You are off and running!

Tip #2: Pay attention to your thoughts as you write your goals.  Does that little voice have a doubtful comment?  Do you believe you will achieve these goals?  Why or why not?  If your answer is "Yes, I believe, BUT...." ~ Its time for a belief adjustment.  Here's a 4 step process we use in The Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club to adjust beliefs about food, eating, and just about everything else.  


Here's the simple process:

1. Identify Belief-write it down in a single, simple sentence.

2. Flip the Lens-write down the exact opposite of your belief in a single, simple sentence.

3. Allow Laws of Energy-like attracts like.  The more you think the new belief, the less "head-space" available to the old belief and the more you attract situations where your new belief is true.

4. Prove the Belief-Suspend the original people (tell yourself you can always come back to it) as you play around with what it would be like if the new belief were true.


Jan 2, 2013-The Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club is back!! 
Set yourself up for success in 2013 by:

  • EATing foods that help you look younger, diminish cravings, spiral your energy upward and lose those last few stubborn pounds while crowding out some "so-called sweets that sour your moods
  • THINKing thoughts that help you own your power, be joyful, rise above your emotions and attract what you want for your life while crowding out sour thoughts of limitation and spinning your wheels

The Scoop: The Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club begins Jan. 2. Register Now! and we'll help you with your 2013 goals and beliefs. 

Program Investment:
Register on or before Jan. 28 ~ $60 (regular $85)
Bring a Buddy ~$45 for each of you
Return Club Member $45 

More Info

Here's what a past Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club Member had to say:

"I like feeling thinner. I like how my clothes are fitting better. I like my skin feeling softer. I like that I am not getting acid reflux. I like not feeling bloated or constipated. I like that I am not getting stomach aches. I like that I have lost 12 pounds in the last 2 months. I don't know how much of that has been since the cleanse, but I like it, period. I love that my blood pressure has PLUMMETED. 114 over 60! I like feeling less pushed around - less bullied by food. 


I like looking in my closet and finally being able to think "I don't like that shirt no matter how thin or fat I am, I think I will get rid of that shirt." That may seem like nothing, but it is a huge mental step for me. I like that my sweat doesn't stink as bad - if I forget deodorant it's not the same disaster it usually is. I like that I have two pair of perfectly functional arms and legs and two pair of perfectly functional hands and feet. I am not yet thrilled with my size, but I like my shape. I have a great hourglass shape. I like that my body is a vehicle to get me to all the places I want to go. I like that my body provides a way to show love and affection - (hugs, kisses, sexuality) I like that my body has healing powers built right in.


The cleanse has shown me a path. It's the path I have known was under my feet all along but somehow could not choose to travel. Now my feet are moving and I get the feeling I won't be turning back."
~Judi, WY-Rangeland Manager & Mom



About One Whole Health

Hi! I'm Leah Lund, Executive Health Coach and Neuro Nutrient Therapist with a holistic approach to energy, mood and weight. I founded One Whole Health with the understanding that the success of any organization directly correlates with the energy, focus and balance of its leader.  I teach leaders and people of influence to manage their energy, not their time to achieve personal and professional success.


I use a proven system to help clients repair chemical/hormone imbalances that have unknowingly sabotaged your efforts, while harnessing the power of your thoughts and beliefs through journaling.  Corporate Wellness Solutions, Wellness Retreats and Private Intensives are available.  I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the Neuro Nutrient Therapy Institute.  I serve as an Ambassador and Student Mentor for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association. Contact me for more information and for speaking engagements at leah@onewholehealth.com