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The McCammon Group, Ltd. is an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider comprised of retired judges and practicing attorneys who possess a variety of subject matter backgrounds. Founded in Virginia in 1995, The McCammon Group has since expanded into Maryland and Washington, D.C. Although based in the mid-Atlantic, our Neutrals serve throughout the country.
Our Neutrals
Washington, D.C.
Donald T. Bucklin, Esq.
Our Newest Neutrals
Hon. A. Michael Chapdelaine (Ret.)
Hon. A. Michael Chapdelaine (Ret.) - Bowie, MD

The Honorable Michael Chapdelaine served the Circuit Court for Prince George's County as a Master for Domestic Relations for five years and as an Associate Judge for more than four years. Prior to his service on the bench, he enjoyed a successful private practice with an emphasis on family law. He is a past Member of the Board of Directors of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce and a Life Fellow of the Community Legal Services of Prince George's County. Since his retirement from the bench in 2011, he has been mediating and arbitrating family law disputes.  

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Hon. John M. Glynn (Ret.)
Hon. John M. Glynn (Ret.) - Baltimore, MD

The Honorable John Glynn served as an Associate Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City where his tenure included time as Judge-In-Charge of the Asbestos and Criminal Dockets. Prior to that, he served as a Judge on the District Court for Baltimore City including time as Judge-In-Charge of the Civil Docket. Before his judicial service, he was People's Counsel for Baltimore City and was a trial lawyer for the National Labor Relations Board. He was a Fellow of the Council on Economic Regulation and is a past Chair of the Executive Committee of the Maryland Judicial Conference. Since his retirement in 2009, Judge Glynn has been mediating and arbitrating a wide variety of civil disputes. 

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Hon. Ann N. Sundt (Ret.)
Hon. Ann N. Sundt (Ret.) - Rockville, MD

The Honorable Ann Sundt served the Circuit Court for Montgomery County with distinction as a Master for Domestic Relations for seven years and as an Associate Judge for seven years.  Prior to her service on the bench, she enjoyed a successful private practice. She is a past Chair of the Family and Juvenile Law Section Council of the Maryland State Bar Association and a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Since her retirement from the bench in 2008, Judge Sundt has established herself as one of the leading family law mediators in Maryland.  

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Hon. Stan Klein (Ret.) Named Among Virginia's 2014 "Leaders in the Law" by Virginia Lawyers Weekly
Hon. Stanley P. Klein (Ret.)
The Honorable Stanley Klein, Retired Judge from the Fairfax Circuit Court, was named one of Virginia's "Leaders in the Law" for 2014 by Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Judge Klein was recognized during the annual "Leaders in the Law" awards celebration at the Science Museum of Virginia on October 23, 2014. 

The "Leaders in the Law" program honors attorneys and legal professionals who have made significant contributions to the practice of law in Virginia. 

The McCammon Group salutes Judge Klein and all of the 2014 honorees.

To view Judge Klein's full profile, please click here.
Article: There Are No "Small" Cases
Richard C. Huffman, Jr.
By: Richard C. Huffman, Jr., Vice President, The McCammon Group

The universe of legal disputes resembles a pyramid with a lot of small cases at the bottom and fewer, progressively larger cases at the top. One might think the number of small mediations would likewise be much greater than the number of mediations in the large case bracket. And yet, ADR is used much more frequently in the large case bracket.

Good results, management of risk, cost reduction, privacy, and confidentiality are just a few of the many reasons that lawyers have chosen ADR processes for those large cases. In light of these substantial benefits, why isn't ADR being utilized more often for small cases?

Perhaps the limited stakes involved make the risk of an adverse outcome less threatening in small cases. Perhaps lawyers don't feel that the smaller case justifies the time and effort.

Bar ethics and fiduciary obligations would argue that all cases are equally important. Indeed, in a client's mind, there is no "small" case. To clients, their case may be the single most important (and perhaps the only) case they will ever have.

If we accept that getting the optimum result for all cases, regardless of size, is the proper goal and, further, if we accept that ADR processes can often provide better resolutions with numerous related benefits, more small cases should be utilizing ADR processes.

There must be something else impeding the use of ADR for small cases. Maybe, it is cost.

Many ADR providers employ a "one size fits all" approach to fees, whereby they charge the same hourly rate regardless of case size. This approach to pricing reduces the cost-effectiveness of ADR services in smaller cases.

To address this issue, The McCammon Group employs a tiered Fee Schedule designed to provide lower hourly rates for smaller cases. This approach reinforces the benefit of cost reduction in all cases, regardless of their size. Indeed, mediation can be just as cost effective in small cases as it is in the larger cases.

Increasing societal demands on an already crowded court system combined with relentless client expectations are squeezing lawyers from both sides. Perhaps timely, cost-effective ADR for small cases, as well as large cases, is part of the solution. One thing is for sure, taking care of the small case client will serve attorneys well not only in the individual case but also in enhancing an attorney's reputation for client satisfaction.

Richard C. Huffman, Jr. is Vice President of The McCammon Group. Rich holds a BBA from James Madison University and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been employed at The McCammon Group since 1996.
The McCammon Group and SWVA Higher Education Center Partner to Present CLE and Reception in Abingdon
On Tuesday, October 28, The McCammon Group partnered with the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center to present a two hour ethics CLE program entitled "Ethical Advocacy in Mediation." The presentation was held in the Executive Auditorium at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, VA. 

More than eighty attorneys attended the event. Following the CLE presentation, a reception was held at the Higher Education Center's new Professional Center, where attorneys may reserve spaces for mediation, depositions, etc. For more information on the meeting facilities, please click here.

William D. "Duffy" Carmack, Chief Financial Officer of the Higher Education Center, introduced the speakers, The Honorable Larry B. Kirksey (Ret.) and John B. McCammon, Esq.

The McCammon Group extends our best regards to the attendees and thanks to the staff at the Higher Education Center for their professionalism and hospitality.
Hon. Alexander Williams, Jr. (Ret.) Addresses Attendees at Maryland Association for Justice Auto Negligence Seminar
Hon. Alexander Williams, Jr.
The McCammon Group was pleased to sponsor lunch at the Maryland Association for Justice 2014 Auto Negligence Seminar, which was held on Tuesday, November 11 at the Doubletree Hilton in Columbia, MD. 

Over 150 attorneys attended the seminar. Roger Dodd served as the keynote speaker, and The Honorable Alexander Williams, Jr., a Neutral with The McCammon Group, addressed the attendees on the topic of mediation before the sponsored lunch.

Judge Williams recently retired after serving nearly twenty years on the bench of the US District Court for the District of Maryland. He now brings his distinguished record of accomplishment to The McCammon Group to serve the mediation, arbitration, and special master needs of lawyers and litigants throughout Maryland, DC, and beyond.

To view Judge Williams' full profile, please click here.
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