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"Pages to Reel": Fight Club
Focus on a Member: Ron Kenedi
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It's been another busy month for us at Nevada County Arts. Check out our calendar for all our upcoming events. Tonight at the Center for the Arts, Tacy and Amelia Hahn will chronicle their 1000-mile journey on Two Horses and a Mule from Nevada City to Montana. This will be a unique event with the proceeds benefitting Art/OnSite, an environmentally based Art project that NCArts is proud to sponsor.


We now have a presence at the Thursday Night Grass Valley Farmer's Market (although we won't be there this week). We have opportunities for local artists to share our space so get in touch and we can explain how that works. We would love to partner with our local artist stakeholders, so join us at the Market and contact us if you would like to participate.


 Our Pages to Reel program continues on Aug 24 with "Fight Club" at the Magic Theater. See the movie and stay to be a part of a guided conversationled by Nik Colyer. These discussions have been enlightening and give you a chance to dig deeper.


Next I want to deeply thank outgoing board members Julie Baker and Julie Hardin, Executive Directors of the Center for the Arts and InConcert Sierra. They are stepping down due to the overwhelming efforts they both expend to run their own dynamic organizations. They have been invaluable members of our Board as we have grown and have agreed to stay close to NCArts as we create our Advisory Committee in the very near future. We support what they do and intend to continue to work closely with them for a long time to come. They are simply amazing.


I also want to welcome new Board Members John Bush, Carla Beebe Chris Collier, Tim Ogburn, and Stan Miller. Tim is already a critical part of our Fund Development Committee and Stan Miller, just retired Assistant Superintendent of Schools, will head our Education Committee. Carla Beebe (from Truckee) chairs our Visual Arts Committee and is a dynamic player in the Eastern County Arts Scene. Our connecting East to West in Nevada County is just beginning - so stay tuned. We will present more in depth profiles of our Board in the future, but I wanted to welcome them so that you know who is working their hearts out for all of us in Nevada County...Where Art Grows!


If you would like to support Nevada County Arts by becoming a member, click here - it's only $35 a year, or 10 a day!


Enjoy the rest of your summer!  


Jon Blinder, President of the Board
Nevada County Arts

Tacy and Amelia Hahn traveled 1,000 miles on horseback
from Nevada City to Montana. They will be giving a presentation
chronicling their trip on August 8th, at 7pm, at The Center for the Arts.  

Art on Site - "The Art of Overland Travel" on August 8th, 2013   


On Thursday, August 8th, at 7pm at The Center for the Arts, ART/OnSite will be hosting a presentation by mother and daughter Tacy and Amelia Hahn. "The Art of Overland Travel: Two Women, Two Horses and a Mule chronicles their 1,000 mile ride from Nevada City to Montana. The program which includes photos, video and colorful stories by the mother and daughter duo, is a fundraiser for ART/OnSite.


One afternoon while Tacy and her daughter Amelia, then in the sixth grade, were driving home from school (one of them, they don't remember which one) said "let's ride our horses from Nevada City to Phillipsburg, Montana."  That conversation planted the seed that would fulfill their 10-year dream. What started as a casual conversation culminated in a 12-week, 1,000 mile, equestrian journey to celebrate Amelia's graduation from high school.


Their story begins with selecting their horses, constructing the box that would contain their food, researching the care and feeding of their horses, and getting the horses in shape. Once they began their arduous adventure, they traveled 10 miles a day, overcoming obstacles and medical emergencies and pushing their boundaries.


This event is a fundraiser for ART OnSite/Tribute Trail.  The suggested donation is $25; students are free; no one will be turned away.


ART OnSite is an environmentally-based art project, which will premier eight artists and 23 installations along the Deer Creek Tribute Trail on Saturday, September 7, 2013. The project's goals are to celebrate the arts, the historic characteristics of Deer Creek, and educate the public about the Deer Creek environment and its history. ART OnSite is a partnership with Nevada County Arts and a project of The Sierra Fund, and partially is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.  For more information visit






"Pages to Reel - "Fight Club" at the Magic Theatre on August 24th    


The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club. The second rule is the same - so why are we talking about Fight Club? Because at noon on Saturday, August 24th, Nevada County Arts and the Magic Lantern Film Society present the next "Pages to Reel" event with a special screening of David Fincher's "Fight Club" at The Magic Theatre in Nevada City.


"Pages to Reel" is a unique experience that combines the appeal of a book club with the opportunity to be a film critic.  Since the series kicked off in April, the two organizations have screened "On the Road" directed by Walter Salles and based on Jack Kerouac's seminal 1957 novel of the same name, and the Academy Award-winning film "A River Runs Through It," based on the autobiographical short story collection by Norman Maclean.


"Nevada County Arts is pleased to present our third film in the series, Pages to Reel. A gritty book/film that is sure to encourage a lot of discussion afterwards," says JoAnn Marie, Board Member of Nevada County Arts.


"Fight Club", based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, was one of the most talked about films of the 1990s for its controversial takes on violence, manhood and consumer culture. Directed by David Fincher ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," Netflix original series "House of Cards") and starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as two frustrated 30-somethings who form an underground group where young men channel primal aggression into brutal, bare-knuckled brawls that leave them feeling exhilarated and alive. The concept catches on, with secret fight clubs forming in other cities until things spiral out of control.


"Fight Club" was Chuck Palahniuk's first-published book.  The novel won the 1997 Oregon Book Award, and was well-received by critics. The film has become a cult favorite, and in 2008, Empire Magazine named it the 10th best movie of all time.


Following the film, author Nik Colyer will lead an open discussion on the film and book. "Using "Fight Club" as our platform, I will talk about the misled initiation process expressed in the movie and about men's hunger for initiation," explains Colyer.  "Since violence is a prevalent part of the movie, I'll talk about male hierarchy and how violence (perceived or real) plays a key roll in a young man's development.  I would also like to speak about the process of mentoring younger men."


Fight Club is rated R and not suitable for children.  Please note this event has moved from its original event date of Saturday, August 17th to Saturday, August 24th.


Copies of Palahniuk's "Fight Club" can be purchased at Harmony Books and The Book Seller.


"The Nail That Stands Up Gets Hammered Down" by Ron Kenedi


Focus on a Member: Ron Kenedi    


For the last thirty years, solar electric energy pioneer Ron Kenedi has led a secret life as a figurative expressionist artist.  By day, Kenedi traveled the world spreading the benefits of renewable energy and running the largest manufactures of photovoltaic components and systems in the US.  By night, he was in the studio, channeling his life experiences and social commentary into his paintings.


This August, over a dozen of Kenedi's works will be on display in his solo show "Bright Lines, Thick Subjects & Loud, Loud Colors" at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley.  The show runs from August 20 - September 7, with an artist's reception on August 28th from 6 - 8pm. 


Kenedi's art features bold lines, adventurous colors and dramatic shading.  His subjects are expressive, vibrant, and thought provoking.  Each painting has its own story, often political, but always timely."Behind each painting is a story; an outlook on where the world is going and I'm attempting to tell it with irony moving towards humor," explains Kenedi.


As a young man, Kenedi attended Stony Brook University where he studied Fine Arts with such mentors as art curator and critic Lawrence Alloway, and artists Allan Kaprow and Nam June Paik. After graduation, Kenedi moved to the San Juan Ridge where he built dome houses, started several small businesses, and even worked as the maintenance supervisor for the North Columbia Schoolhouse before launching the Independent Power Company.


Kenedi draws inspiration from great artists such as Matisse and

Cezanne as well as the bold colors, objects and messages found in pop-art and graffiti art.  "There are no subtleties in street art," says Kenedi. His most recent works explore controversial topics such as gun control, nuclear power, and the blurring lines between religion, corporations, and the government.


"We need dialogue and right now we have two sides yelling past each other," says Kenedi.  "I am empowered by my brush, not by speeches and sound bites. My weapons are paint and canvas."



Our new NCArts tote bags are available at our table at
Thursday Night Market in Grass Valley


NCArts Member Opportunities    


Nevada County Arts will be creating an ad for the fall issue of Sierra FoodWineArt. This ad will include member events for the months of October, November and December. We will select these events from the calendar of events on the NCArts website, so be sure that you have posted your fall events here.

Nevada County Arts has a table every week at Thursday Night Market in Grass Valley. If you are a member and would like to have brochures or other promotional material at the table; or if you would like to volunteer at the table, contact our Executive Director, Larry Ortiz at

Member artists are also invited to show and sell their work at our table at Thursday Night Market. This opportunity is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and interested artists should submit digital images of their work to To submit work, you must be a current member of NCArts, you must provide your own display materials, and 15% of any sales will be donated to NCArts.

Nevada County Arts will have an information table at the next First Friday Art Walk in Nevada City on September 6th.
If you are a member and would like to have brochures or other promotional material at the table; or if you would like to volunteer at the table, contact us at   

The mission of Nevada County Arts is to promote and sustain the visual, literary and performing arts of Nevada County in order to advance the cultural, social and economic life of our community.

If you have ideas about how we might better serve you - the artists and arts organizations of Nevada County - we would love to hear from you! Please email us at  


Please forward this newsletter to anyone who shares your interest in the arts; and if you are not already a member of NC Arts we hope you will become one. Working together we can continue to increase the vibrant energy of the arts in our community!



Top Artwork, left to right:

LeeAnn Brook at Nevada City Winery

Denise Wey at The Center for the Arts