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A Season Comes to an End Saison s'achève...
With one more cruise from Maumere (Flores) to Bali, we will be preparing WAOW for the maintenance and dry dock period, until mid-June, to get her back into the best shape for next season.
As the season comes to an end we look back on the 26 cruises covering 11'000 nautical miles, with exceptional diving and encounters. Once again the Indonesian Archipelago has lived up to its reputation of exceptional cruising grounds and some of the best diving on the planet.

For this month of April we celebrate our 4th birthday. Take advantage of some of our specials.

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Anniversary Specials 

We announced some of these specials two weeks ago: To celebrate our 4th birthday we are offering an additional 5% price reduction for several cruises in 2016. You may cumulate this offer with other specials, or your returning customer discount, and re-embark onboard WAOW at a nice soft price.

Book with us before May 13th 2016 
We offer you a 5 % (1) discount 
on the following cruises.

This offer can be cumulative with your returning customer discount (5% plus free Nitrox) (2) and also any current Specials or Last Minute Offers.

14th June - 23rd June 2016 : 10d/9 n 
"Dragons & Gods - Komodo"  *** Last Minute ***

25th june - 2nd July 2016 : 8d/7n 

3rd - 10th July 2016 : 8d/7n - "Total Komodo"  

12th - 21st July 2016 : 10d/9n - "Total Komodo

23rd - 30th July 2016 : 8d/7n - "Total Komodo"

31st - 7th August 2016 : 8d/7n - "Total Komodo

18th September - 27th September 2016 : 10d/9n 

30th September - 12th October 2016 : 13d/12n 
 Forgotten Islands - Banda Sea"

Take advantage of our celebrations 
 and book now your next cruise onboard WAOW.

(1)   Offer is also cumulative with the discounts offered for half and full charters. Please contact us for a detailed quotation in this instance.
(2)   The returning fidelity discount is only available to customers returning onboard WAOW with 18 months of their previous cruise.

New Divers Onboard

For some time now, they also wanted to blow some bubbles. Due to an extended stopover in Maumere (Flores), several members of the crew took advantage of the possibility to do their Open Water Certification.

Our cruise director, Reto Schlaepfer, gave them the full course all in Indonesian. A big round of applause to both students and teacher and we wish them all best as new divers.
If you wish to congratulate them as well, simply drop a few words on our Facebook page.

New Itineraries for 2017  

Sangihe - Pearls of the North - March 2017 : 12 days / 11 nights discovering the underwater volcanoes of Sangihe, an archipelago located to the North of Sulawesi. Experience the adventure of several exploration dives in addition to superb known dive areas that are rarely visited. But of course, we will also navigate via Banka Islands and Lembeh Straits.
Magical Moluccas - March 2017 - 13 days / 12 nights from Bitung (Sulawesi) to Ambon (Seram Island), with dives off the beaten track in the Molucca Sea, to the South of Halmahera and an exploration around the islands of Palau Obi and Palau Buru, without forgetting the classic muck-dives within the bay of Ambon.
Banda Discovery - April 2017 - 13 days / 12 nights from Ambon to Maumere via the Banda Sea and taking in the Lucipara Atoll, the superb Gunung Api, the Wakatobi National Park and the Komba Volcano. This is a concentration of the "musts" and is not to be missed.

For more information click on the itineraries.

Alor - a Macro Paradise

For fans of underwater photography, rare creatures and preserved sites, Alor really is what you are looking for. This coming September embark in Maumere for 9 nights on a discovery of a region as rare as the creatures are bizarre. Blue ringed octopus, bobtail squid, rhinopias and hairy frog fish are among some of the stars, but you can also observe a marvelous collection of nudibranchs, reefs in perfect health, at the base of authentic villages and volcanos still active.

For more information,  click here.

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Bali - Labuan Bajo - 10 days / 9 nights   
From 14th to 23rd June 2016
Save 500
CHF / 460 EUR / 500 USD 
Reduced price from 4590 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

Cruise "Total Komodo"
Labuan Bajo - Labuan Bajo - 8 days / 7 nights   
From 25th June to 2nd July 2016
Save 320
CHF / 290 EUR / 320 USD 
Reduced Price from 3670 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

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Photos Credits : All photos have been taken during cruises onboard WAOW.
Robert Schnee - Aurelio Martegani - Arturo Telle Thiemann - Julia Deville - Jorgen Rasmussen - Bernard Radvaner