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WAOW is currently navigating between the Islands of Togian and Banggai, down the East coast of Sulawesi. Despite very warm water (over 30 degrees) the visibility is near perfect and the diving is thrilling the passengers: superb corals, massive sponges and a plethora of reef fish assure the
Oh how Indonesia is beautiful!!!

For this March newsletter, we come back to the previous cruise "Halmahera's Crown", on which we were privileged spectators of a total eclipse of the sun. We will also speak about our upcoming dive show "Beneath the Sea" in New York, our special offers, Alor and the Forgotten Islands. 
Enjoy !

Back from Halmahera 

After completing the cruise "Halmahera's Crown" from Sorong to Bitung, on which we had the possibility to observe the total eclipse of the sun, the owner of WAOW, Michel Deville, shares his thoughts.

Total Eclipse, .... Total Cruise.
When everything is ready and good luck is on our side, we believe, on WAOW, to be living in paradise on water. Dream landscapes and diving, a group of charming passengers, passionate and addicted to diving and stars, and treated to amazing knowledge by the two eminent presenters. The astrophysicist professor Michel Mayor (Famous for his discovery of exoplanets, very approachable and with wonderful simplified presentations) and the brilliant astrophysicist Stephanie Godier helped us touch the infinite with amazing technical data about the universe, and about ourselves as well. Good lessons to keep the ego in check, forget about petty things
and ponder the miracle of life that we have on this planet. Thank you to them. 

Meteorological luck
The night before the eclipse we went thru all the states of mind: firstly a starry sky, but also rough seas an
d a wind that wasn't bringing fair weather. About 2 in the morning there was rain (more like a tropical shower) which made Andrew decide to head out to sea away from land that was attracting the clouds. Happy initiative as first thing in the morning the sky cleared for WAOW and her passengers, all alone out at sea, and was completely clear for the eclipse.

Joy, emotions, admiration and congratulations for everyone present who could therefore say "we were there" and "from the sky we can contemplate several million centuries"

Back to weather, the afternoon gave us 16 knots of wind on the aft beam for 4 hours of healed sailing with an experienced helmsman: Andrew

           Michel Deville

"Beneath the Sea" - New York

An appointment not to be missed for divers on the East coast of America, with the dive show "Beneath the Sea" taking place from 1st to 3rd  April at the Meadowland Exhibition Center in New Jersey. We hope to see many of you there.

Stephane and Julia will be present on stand number 411

The Forgotten Islands
An Indonesian Kaleidoscope   

From September 30th to the 12th of October 2016, we are proposing an exceptional itinerary from Maumere to Saumlaki, to discover the Forgotten Islands.
Ideally situated  at the gates of the Banda Sea, and to the East of the Sondes Islands, these volcanic islands rarely visited guarantee you a variety of diving in total exclusivity. This cruise of 13 days/12 nights will offer you a unique voyage discovering exceptional dive sites. Judge for yourself.

The Komba Volcano, with regular eruptions every 15 to 20 minutes.
- Gunung Api where the numerous sea snakes swim freely and the Hammerhead sharks patrol at this time of the year. Thresher and Silky sharks can also sometimes be seen in these waters.

Wetar and Romang, for the giant sponges, vertical drop-offs and visibility often perfect.
Leti, Bobar and Damar, with their important concentrations of fauna, whether pelagic or endemic. If chance is on your side, stand by for a true festival of underwater life.
Tanimbar and Alor, and their muck dives, rich in Macro fauna: pigmy sea horses, bobtail squid, ghost pipe fish, tozuma shrimp, mimic octopus, and many more.

Macro & calm guaranteed !

From the 18th to 27th September 2016, WAOW will again navigate the region of Alor, to the East of Flores. Renowned for its preserved sites, calm and authenticity, this area of Indonesia is loved by underwater photographers who find a garden of Eden for macro-photography: bobtail squid, hairy frog fish, rhinopias, rare nudibranchs and pigmy sea horses are just some of the 
rare species that can be observed more easily than in other areas. 

But that's not all. Maybe you will get the chance to see a mola-mola in the Pantar Straits, or a hammerhead at the foot of the Komba volcano.... And if we call to the gods of Poseidon hard enough, we just might get a visit from a blue whale as it is the season. 

All is possible in Alor... 

To find out more, cliquez ici

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Photos Credits : All photos have been taken during cruises onboard WAOW. 
Bernard Radvaner - Julia Deville - Jerôme "Jay" Monney