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Currently right in the middle of the Banda Sea, WAOW and her passengers experienced an amazing beginning of the cruise. A Thresher shark in Alor, Mobula Rays in Wetar, Hammerhead and Silvertips at Gunung Api, without forgetting the thriving reefs full of colour and life in this area of the Archipelago. Useless to tell you that everyone is loving it!
For this new newsletter we will talk about both the big stuff and the little stuff. The rare creatures of Alor and the Whale Sharks of Cenderawasih Bay, without leaving out the reefs of the Celebes and the Indonesian waters awaiting you full of treasures and surprises. 

Geneva Exhibition

As with each year we will be present at the "Salon du Leman" which takes place at the Palexpo Exhibition Halls in Geneva from the 13th to 15th of November. This will be a great opportunity for you to discover (or rediscover) WAOW. 

The organisers of the show are also offering free entry to the show. To obtain yours click here.

Birmingham Dive Show 

The major dive show for British divers takes place in Birmingham on the 24th and 25th of October. Don't miss this one. 

During the show the agencies representing WAOW will be able to offer you a show special 5% discount on some of our departures from January to June 2016. The only condition for this offer is to sign up during the show and organise your deposit in the two weeks after the show.

Cenderawasih Bay
Final remaining spots

Four places have just become available for the Whale Shark cruise in Cenderawasih Bay, which takes places from the 8th to 18th of December 2015, between Biak and Manokwari. 

This is a unique opportunity to explore an amazingly biodiverse bay and also to dive in the company of several Whale Sharks. These magnificent creatures are very often found in numbers around the "bagans", which are the traditional floating fishing platforms. Don't wait to grab the last spots.

The Celebes & the Flores Sea

In March and April 2016 WAOW will make her migration from North to South. During this time it will be possible to discover the East Coast of Sulawesi, the Wakatobi National Park and the Flores Sea. Two separate cruises of 11 nights each.
Hidden Sulawesi - from Bitung to Kendari: 
The macro fauna of Lembeh Strait, the panoramic lagoons of the Toggian Islands, the drop-offs of the Banggai Islands and the impressive collection of sponges along the wild coasts of the Celebes.

Flores Atolls - from Kendari to Maumere
The clear rich waters of the Wakatobi National Park and the surrounding atolls, the black sands of the Komba volcano (still active) and the patchwork corals of Alor and Pantar.


Back from Alor 

Freshly back from a trip to Alor, our colleague Stephane Griveau gives us his thoughts.

"For many years now Alor has made me dream. Also for years I have heard so many photographers speaking of the same destination with such enthusiasm. They all seemed so amazed, dazzled, even obsessed with this part of Indonesia, and their photo harvests seemed so complete. It was all too much really and I needed to get there and see it for myself.

Leaving from Maumere, in the East of Flores, WAOW took us towards Adonara, Pantar and onto Alor, before finishing the circuit at the base of Komba, an active volcano. While of course all the passengers were there to discover the legendary riches of this zone, I think everyone underestimated the festival level of colours and emotions that were offered during this voyage.

The diving is without compromise. The quality of the reefs is exceptional, with dense coral in perfect health, mixed with numerous sponges and other flowered-animals, not forgetting to mention the mazes of anemones, so numerous that the clown fishes don't defend territories anymore. The fresher waters of the Indian Ocean bring so many nutrients that we find a very varied underwater landscape. The site of Watu Balu at Palua Rusa is a perfect example. There is a feeling of being the first person to dive the site because the reef is so intact and beautiful. This feeling has unfortunately become too rare in other parts of the world.

Fish life is everywhere yet also hides what needs a sharper eye. In the middle of the clouds of anthias and blue trigger fish our job is also to discover the rare specimens such as rhinopias, wonderpuss, nudibranchs (lots of nudibranchs) orangutan porcelain and decorator crabs, shrimps, ghost pipe fishes, and ribbon eels. I now start to understand the shine in the eyes of the photographers.

I understand further as the night falls, with the muck (no rubbish) night dives being magical. A notable example being at Beang Abang. It's hard to get out of the water without seeing a hairy frog fish, a bobtail squid, a blue ring octopus and many juvenile fishes. The macro life is king in this area and comes out to play almost without prudence.

The deep blue also reserved some surprises with enormous tuna, barracuda, ocean sun fish (mola-mola) and a thresher shark.  A great hammerhead shark also graced us with a pass-by to put the icing on the cake.

The above water experience was also fairly intense and wonderful. Between the kids singing in Beang Abang, the water games of those at Pantar, the explosions of lava at Komba under a clear moon, we felt humble, small, and very privileged.

Unique and off the beaten track, this cruise, Gems of Alor, will touch deeply the soul of the dive-adventurer."

One of our guests, Mr Lee WORRALL, captured some beautiful photos he has agreed to share with you. I

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Cenderawasih cruise "Whaleshark Festival"
Biak - Manokwari - 11 days / 10 nights    
from 8th to 18th December 2015 : 4 spaces

Raja Ampat & Misool cruise "Treasure of 4 Kings"
Sorong - Sorong - 12 days / 11 nights   
from 6th to 17th January 2016 : 6 spaces
from 3rd to 14th February 2016 : 6 spaces

Togian & Banggaï cruise "Sulawesi Secrets"
Bitung - Kendari - 12 days / 11 nights    
from 16th to 27th March 2016

Wakatobi & Alor cruise "Flores Sea Atolls"
Kendari - Maumere - 12 days / 11 nights   
from 30th March to 10th April 2016

Alor cruise "Gems of Alor"
Maumere - Maumere - 10 days / 9 nights   
from 13th to 22nd April 2016

Komodo cruise "East meets West"
Bali - Labuan Bajo - 12 days / 11 nights   
from 25th April to 6th May 2016

Komodo cruise "Dragons & Gods"
Bali - Labuan Bajo - 10 days / 9 nights 
from 14 th to 23rd June 2016

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Photos Credits : All photos have been taken during cruises onboard WAOW. 
Stephane Eybalin - Arturo Telle Thiemann - Aurelio Martegani - Julia Deville - Nelly Boullez - Stephane Griveau