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Spring is on its way! This season brings warmer weather, longer days and fresh flowers and it often represents change and new beginnings. As oil prices increase and devastation engulfs Japan, we can only look to the future for change to come. Although some of 2011's changes have been quite devastating so far, Efficiency Engineers is ready to help you overcome these roadblocks and build a productive and successful future. At Efficiency Engineers, we pride ourselves as being the leader in helping companies in all industries achieve operational excellence.


Efficiency Engineers has been traveling the world and networking throughout the globe so that they can provide you with the best service possible. Read through the newsletter to learn about the Society for Health Systems Conference and Expo, Simul8's launch of its 2011 simulation software and how Efficiency Engineers can brighten your future!



Efficiency Engineers



Society for Health Systems Conference and Expo

Efficiency Engineers' President, Michele Stuart, attended the Society for Healthcare Systems (SHS) Conference and Expo in Orlando where they focused on creating a sustainable, efficient and low-cost healthcare system. The SHS feels that the best way to achieve these goals is to begin to utilize engineering principles, concepts, and methodologies in an effort to optimize system performance and increase patient safety.


While networking with other engineers, healthcare professionals and even academic researchers, it was apparent that the health industry needs employees with industrial engineering and healthcare knowledge as well as low risk tools and methods to get concepts into action quickly. Michele was surprised to learn how many healthcare professionals were not utilizing system "optimizers," such as simulation modeling, to test their theories prior to implementation. Efficiency Engineers looks forward to helping the healthcare industry in implementing these methods providing safer and more efficient service to everyone.

Michele at SHS Conference
Michele Stuart, EE President at the SHS Conference  

Simul8 assists in Healthcare

SIMUL8 solutions provide the ability to test operational changes in a risk free environment, before implementing the optimum solution in your organization. In Healthcare, it prevents negative effects on budgets and patient care by making evidence based decisions with simulation.

  • Identify all consequences of a planned change.
  • Prove an investment will work before spending.
  • Gain insights into why your process behaves the way it does.
  • Evaluate the cost saving that will come from changing your process.
  • Try changing your process and see the changes that make it work better for less.
  • In a risk-free "simulated" environment try any idea without the cost of trying it in the real process.

Simul8 to Launch 2011 Simulation Software

Simul8 will soon launch their 2011 Version that will include the following features:

Simul8 2011  



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