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Welcome Daniel J. Barata, Director of Healthcare Systems
The Future of Healthcare!
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I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and has been able to find some fun ways to cool down. Our activity at EE matches the weather. Everything has been heating up! We recently launched our new healthcare division and hired Dan Barata, Director of Healthcare Systems, to lead the healthcare industry to a more efficient, economical and productive future!  Read further about Dan and how he plans to implement EE's vision for the healthcare industry. Enjoy the rest of your summer!



Efficiency Engineers



Welcome Daniel J. Barata, 

Director of Healthcare Systems  

We are very excited to welcome Dan to the Team and he looks forward to assisting the healthcare industry

Dan Barata

in its transition to a more economical, efficient and productive future! Dan's educational and professional background grouped with his proven leadership abilities make him the perfect person to lead our new healthcare division. 


Dan is a licensed industrial engineer with over 17 years of experience applied in process and system improvement. After completing his MBA in 2007, Dan led and directed operations and supply chain improvement initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry under cGMP guidelines. His Six Sigma Black Belt certification was earned while working within the building products industry. Dan managed process improvement projects within ISO-certified environments and was trained as an internal auditor. He started his career in the telecommunication industry, leading several Lean and Process Improvement initiatives in the United States and Europe.  Dan plans to use this remarkable background to lead the healthcare care industry to a more efficient and profitable future.   



The Future of Healthcare!


EE's vision for the future of healthcare involves employees from all levels. Dan wants everyone involved in building a future that is more efficient and economical. He plans to use a team approach where all levels are involved from creating the vision to implementing the plan. He will focus on the entire industry by working with hospitals, doctor offices, emergency rooms, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities and clinics, medical manufactures and suppliers, rehabilitation centers, etc. 


Dan and the entire EE Team is currently working with Geisinger in an effort to return over 10% of nursing time back to patient care through implementing a Healthcare Enabled Logistics Project. With over 35 different groups delivering supplies and equipment to in-patient units, this complex system is being modeled and optimized to gain control, reduce waste, and increase effectiveness for frontline healthcare providers. Geisinger is one of the first to see the positive results of utilizing EE to improve their future!

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Contact Dan today to find out how he can assist you in becoming more efficient, economical and productive! 


Daniel J. Barata, PE PMP 

Director of Healthcare Systems 

(P) 610-207-1422 

(E)  dbarata@efficiencyengineers.com


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