Maria in the Shower
Inspired by wandering minstrels and vaudeville...a feast for the senses!
Maria in the Shower consists of a cabaret of wandering minstrels squeezed into a 4-piece band, hailing from deep inside the creative beating heart of Vancouver, B.C. The Triad community is in for a unique entertainment experience when the band makes a special appearance at the High Point Theatre for what promises to be one of the most electrifying performances to have ever hit the venue's stage.


Always fun and always captivating, Maria in the Shower is a place where all music comes to play - swing, samba, ballads, folk, rockabilly, blues, gypsy soul and more - as the boys in the band also skillfully incorporate fits of infectious dancing into each performance. Then, just when the audience thinks they're having too much fun, someone hauls out an accordion and ramps up the energy level just that much higher.
Closing out our 2013-2014 Season

Maria in the Shower
MAY 1 - 7:30 PM


A Doc Watson Tribute



MAY 10 - 8 PM 

Sutton Holt Coleman A Tribute to Doc Watson featuring 
Bryan Sutton, David Holt and T. Michael Coleman
Doc Watson, music legend from Appalachia who was renowned for his flatpicking and two-finger-style technique on the acoustic guitar, passed away on May 29, 2012, at the age of 89. His influence among folk musicians for his brand of bluegrass, blues, country and gospel music goes beyond the norm, including Grammy Award winning musicians Bryan Sutton, David Holt and T. Michael Coleman. Individually, each has been inspired by and performed with Doc Watson over the years, together they assemble to honor their mentor's musical genius. The High Point Theatre is delighted to present this talented trio as they pay tribute to their beloved friend with a special night of music, stories and humorous Doc Watson "insights."

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