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New Features!

Event Slider

We recently added a new Event Slider feature so you can add a slide show to calendars. This new promotion spud provides an elegant and easy way to highlight special events by presenting event images and details as a moving slide show. You control and customize how it looks and functions to get exactly the results you want. You can set the slider size, how many events the slider displays, which fields to include, how images appear, appearance, timing and more. The Event Slider's cycling images is a great way to add even more visual interest to your calendar and is an ideal spud to use with digital signage as well.

See Colorado State University's event slider 

To learn how you can set up an event slider on your calendar see the event slider help topic .


For more information contact Sales. 



New Trumba Quick Tour



Are you a new Trumba subscriber and not quite sure where to start? Our new Quick Tour will help you with ideas and information about how to get going with your calendar design. The Quick Tour slide show takes just a few minutes to discover the main features in Trumba and where you can access them. Links to the relevant help topics lead you to more information and instructions about how to implement features. 



Take the Quick Tour to jump start your calendar design today!

For assistance contact contact Support at



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SupportTopicsTop Support Topics


Sharing events with multiple calendars:

"Also shows on" vs. "mixing in"


There are different ways you can make events appear on more than one calendar, and you do not have to create duplicate events on different calendars! You have two options for displaying events on multiple calendars: Also Shows On and Mixing In calendars into a publication during the publishing process. The option you choose depends on what you want to accomplish.


Also Shows On is best used when you occasionally have events on one calendar that are of equal interest to the audience of another calendar. Also showing an event on another calendar does not create a duplicate event; you end up with a single event owned by one calendar that appears in multiple locations. With Also Shows On you can edit the event on either calendar and edits are reflected in both places.



Using Also Shows on to display an event owned by the Chemistry department calendar on the Biology department calendar






An event owned by the Chemistry department calendar is tagged to also show on the Biology department calendar


Mixing in is used when you want to roll up events from a variety of category or departmental calendars into a single organization-wide calendar, or you want to target a particular audience with a specific combination of events. When you mix calendars into a publication, you don't add events to other calendars or affect events in the editing environment. Mixing in lets you display a variety of events on a single calendar while giving visitors the option of filtering to see only events that interest them.
A health club publishes a top-level calendar that includes events from several exercise-type sub-calendars. Visitors use the Calendar List spud (outlined in red) to see only the types of exercise classes they enjoy.
For more information about Also Shows On and Mixing In see the help topic.
soundgraphdark  Client Services
Did you know that Trumba offers Client Services for consulting and implementation?

The best practice when getting started with Trumba is to build a clean calendar architecture from the beginning to avoid possible headaches as your calendar grows. 


Our Client Services team will work with you on designing your calendar structure. They can also work with you on new features like Custom Fields, Custom Event Types and Featured Events.


These services are offered to both new and existing Trumba customers for only $150.00 per hour. For those of you looking for more training on Trumba, contact Sales and they will help you come up with a package that meets your needs.



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