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June 2013

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Dear Colleagues, Clients and Community, 
I've been fortunate in my life to have worked with a few 
really great coaches. Whether it was a focus on business leadership and managerial style, presentations, or even basketball - I learned a tremendous amount.  I discovered that strong coaching always helped me to catapult over obstacles, 
create more focus on what mattered, discover my strengths and learn how to minimize my limitations along with simply becoming a better individual contributor or leader.

The best coaching can be defined as a process of discovery.  It's about having an on-going conversation (often rare in the digital age) that allows you to pause, reflect and discover new and better ways of doing and being.

It's a part of my practice that I'm passionate about and invite you to participate!  Today's newsletter presents some coaching advice along with ideas about how you might engage.

Mari Pat Varga 

Receive a complimentary one hour coaching session with Mari Pat if you book an engagement before July 2, 2013.

Working with a Coach
Is it right for you?

As a leadership development and speech coach, clients typically come to me with some variation on the following themes:
  • "I've just been promoted and have gone from leading a group of 5 to a team of 150.  I'm excited about it but feel I need support in discovering new approaches to engaging a team of that size."
  • "We've recently gone through a great deal of change in our organization. My role is to get employees oriented to the change and excited about the future.  Can you help me organize my leadership messages so that I am leading change and inspiring others?"
  • "I make a lot of presentations and I do a respectable job  but I'd like to do a great job!"
  • "I have the biggest speech of my career coming up and I want to rock the house with it.  Can you help me design a memorable and meaningful speech?"

I work with clients who have these kinds of goals and more.  If you are considering working with a coach and trying to determine if it is right for you, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Would it help to have an outside perspective on your internal challenges?
  2. Would it be valuable to designate specific time to work on your professional development goals so that they aren't forgotten in your day-to-day busyness?
  3. Would you benefit from having a sounding board and business thinking partner?
  4. Would you like to develop your communication skills - both interpersonal and presentation - in a confidential forum?

Years ago before I embarked on my first coaching partnership I told a colleague that I was doing pretty well and just didn't know if hiring a coach was really what I needed.  He said to me, "Everyone needs a coach...even Michael Jordon."  It struck a chord with me that rings true today.  Even if you are at the top of your game - like Michael Jordan was at the time - you still need the guidance and support that having a coach provides.


Is it right for you? 


Coaching Options 
What does it look like?

Coaching relationships can take shape in a variety of ways.  Here are a few ways I work with the clients I coach:
  • Coach on Call - A monthly retainer:  This is where you can have on-going access to me, as your coach.   Our retainers begin with a commitment of three months, a flat investment fee for a specified numbers of hours each month.  You determine the goals and choose when and how to use those hours.  They could range from face-to-face meetings, telephone check-ins or online support.  
  • Individual Coaching Sessions:  Together, we establish either 1/2 day or full day sessions were we focus in on your specific objectives.
  • Coaching calls:  At any time, we can arrange to Skype or call, to work on specific projects or goals. 
Call today to have a conversion about your needs and goals and determine the best coaching

If you are interested in having a conversation about your developmental needs, call Mari Pat Varga at
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Our practice is about helping you achieve
your personal best!

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