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March Madness: Seven Lessons We Can Learn From IU Athletics
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Sustainability in the News
Initiative helps spur recycling

March 6, 2013

IU will recycle more than 5,000 pounds of plastic, metal, paper and cardboard today alone, according to a poster near a trash receptacle in Wright Food Court.

For No Waste Wednesday, volunteers helped students organize their trash into the correct receptacles at Wright Food Court.

The No Waste Program , which is a part of the IU Office of Sustainability, is dedicated to informing students about how to reduce waste. Graduate student Mark Milby, No Waste Program coordinator, said the program works with Residential Programs and Services to help improve their recycling system.

The waste bins in IU dining halls have compartments for plastic, plastic bottles and trash only. With all these options, students can be unsure of where to put their waste. 


"One of the places IU definitely needs more education on recycling is in the campus dining facilities," he said. "The most powerful way to change someone's behavior is peer-to-peer modeling." 


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WonderLab teaches sustainable living

March 5, 2013 
Children sewed fabrics to make objects such as oven mitts at the Wonderlab Museum of Science, Health and Technology on Friday as part of the project Discardia

Wonderlab partnered with Discardia, a project of the Bloomington Center for Sustainable Living, whose focus is to take used discarded materials and refashion them into various items. 

The Indiana Arts Commission, the Community Foundation of Bloomington Monroe County, Art Works and Ivy Tech Community College sponsored the event. 

According to the Center for Sustainable Living's website, "Discardia has a goal of stopping textiles and other reusable materials from going into landfills." 

IU Bloomington offices announce fellowships for sustainability course development

February 22, 2013

The Office of Sustainability and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington are seeking fellowship program proposals supporting faculty interested in developing courses that engage IU students with sustainability principles.


"These fellowships are an important part of wider efforts to create a community of faculty at IU who teach or want to develop courses pertaining to sustainability. We want to highlight and support the impressive interdisciplinary range of sustainability course offerings available on our campus," said Lisa Sideris, associate professor of religious studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Sideris was a 2011-12 recipient of the award and is academic initiatives co-chair at the Office of Sustainability.


Now in its fifth year, the Sustainability Course Development Fellowship awards up to $8,000 to faculty interested in cultivating a sustainability component within their field. 


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March Madness: What Seven Lessons Can We Learn From IU Athletics About Organizational Excellence? 
By Bill Brown


At a recent campus committee meeting it was proposed that we aim for the "mean" of the Big Ten to set a particular policy goal. Being in the middle of the pack is certainly safe and defensible, but the thought occurred to me, which I felt compelled to ask in the meeting, "What would Fred Glass or Tom Crean say about aiming for the middle of the Big Ten?"


So often institutions settle for compliance, which is the worst performance allowed by law, or something slightly above that which won't attract too much attention. On the north side of this campus, the goal is always excellence, which means being number one. It is a high stakes gamble with great risks and the potential for great rewards.


Here are seven lessons we can all learn from IU Athletics: 


1. Have a vision of excellence. A vision should inspire people to imagine a future that is so compelling they personally commit to achieving it. This shared commitment unites the team and makes almost anything possible. Excellence becomes contagious.   


2. Be prepared to lose before you win. The first years of a vision of excellence may be filled with frustration, especially if you are starting from the bottom.When Victor Oladipo was asked how IU basketball went from a losing team to a winning team last year, Victor replied, "it's the will man." If you ask Victor what his goal is this year, he will not tell you it is to achieve the mean of the Big Ten. They want to win it all, and they want to do it as a team. They are a tight-knit team because of the early hardships they had to endure together to get to this level as Big Ten champions and a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Audacious goals require persistence and patience and will. Learn and grow from your defeats.


3. We are all in the education business. Cody Zeller and Jordan Hulls are Academic All-Americans. IU Athletics never forgets they are educating students and places academic excellence before athletics excellence in their mission statement. Even with the demands of a premier sports program, IU basketball players are graduating in less than four years. How can we make everything we do reinforce the educational and research mission of the university? 


4. The business case for excellence is better than the business case for mediocrity. Ever try to get good seats for a sold-out IU game this season? Have you noticed all the five-star recruits visiting campus? How important is overall excellence to recruiting at Indiana University in terms of students, faculty and staff? Want to raise a lot of money from donors to build new facilities and attract the best people? Have a compelling vision of excellence. Donors invest in greatness.


5. Engage the Hoosier Nation. What's with the toddlers wearing candy stripe pants? Turn spectators into part of your team. Engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all Hoosiers in your vision. Tap into the vast Hoosier Nation. Build a compelling winning brand and an enthusiastic fan base.


6. 24 sports, one team. Break down the silos, divisions, departments, units, or and other artificial barriers that are keeping your people from collaborating to achieve excellence. We are all one team.


7. Celebrate your successes. There's nothing wrong with celebrating along the way those milestone successes.Storm the floor and ride the fire truck from time to time. Cut down the nets. Hang a new banner. Thank the people who have helped to make the vision a reality.  


So, what does this have to do with campus sustainability? On April 5th, our board will revisit our 2020 Vision, originally created in 2010 at the beginning of the Decade of Sustainability at IUB. Our 2020 Vision states:

Indiana University is an international campus sustainability leader recognized 

for innovation and excellence in academic programs, research, campus 

environmental quality, campus operations and community outreach that facilitate 

and demonstrate the path to a more sustainable future.


The 20 Goals for 2020 that will lead to the achievement of that vision are about to get a tune-up. Some have already been achieved. We plan to hang a banner in 2020 with a #1 on it. There's nothing in this vision about compliance or achieving the mean. It is about being the best in the world in preparing for a future in which we would all want to live.


Sustainability may not be as exciting as athletics, but it is very important to this generation of students. When Aramark surveyed thousands of students about their most important criteria for selecting their university, 26% listed campus sustainability and 14% listed collegiate athletics.  Excellence is important in all realms of the university experience and we can all learn many great lessons from our dedicated student athletes and their coaches and administrators.


Go Hoosiers!


IU Spring 2013 Energy Challenge Results 

By Andrew Bushnell  


BLOOMINGTON, IN. - The 2013 IU Spring Energy Challenge, part of Campus Conservation Nationals, ended last Monday with Read Residence Center winning the electricity conservation category, and Eigenmann Residence Center winning the water conservation category.


The Spring 2013 Energy Challenge was a three-week event that spanned from February 18 to March 11. The competition consisted of 10 residential living centers on campus and was part of Campus Conservation Nationals, a nationwide energy saving competition for Colleges and Universities. The competition encouraged reduction of electricity and water consumption and was designed to foster behavioral changes in students and building staff. Unlike past challenges that included academic buildings and Greek houses, this event included only residence halls to focus efforts to change consumption behavior and pilot a new dashboard designed by IU's physical plant.


In total, 81,565 kwh of electricity were saved or the equivalent of taking 113 houses off the grid.  698,728 gallons of water were saved throughout the competition, equal to 14 tanker trucks full. These savings helped avert 152,626 pounds of CO2 emissions.


"It's amazing what thousands of small changes add up to in three weeks,"said Bill Brown, Director of Sustainability. "Read saved more than 13% of their typical electricity use and Eigenmann saved over 25% of their baseline water use."


Trophies will be presented to the winning building on April 12 at 10 am in Dunn Meadow. Winners will receive unique traveling trophies that consist of recycled parts of valves, meters and other used components.


The rankings in the each of the competitions were as follows:




      1. Read

      1. Eigenmann

      2. Wilkie

      2. Teter

      3. Ashton

      3. Union

      4. Teter

      4. Ashton

      5. McNutt

      5. Briscoe

      6. Foster

      6. McNutt

      7. Union

      7. Foster

      8. Collins

      8. Collins

      9. Eigenmann

      9. Read

      10. Briscoe

      10. Wilkie

To learn more about sustainability-related programming and events, visit the IU Office of Sustainability. For more information about the 2013 Fall Energy Challenge and tips for conserving electricity and water, visit theIU Energy Challenge website .

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Sustainability Course Development Fellowships Available 
Application Deadline: March 22, 2013
Description: Applications are being accepted for the Sustainability Course Development Fellowship, and opportunity offered by the Office of Sustainability and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs.  This Fellowship supports faculty who develop new courses which apply principles of sustainability.  Development of both undergraduate and graduate levels of instruction are supported, as well as service-learning courses.  
Questions: For more information, visit the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs website at: . 


2013 Geothermal Student Competition
Application Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2013
Description:  The US Department of Energy's Geothermal Technologies Program and Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education are pleased to announce the 2013 Geothermal Student Competition.  The Competition is looking for engaged students to take part in a collaborative exercise to make a business plan for developing a geothermal enterprise.  Applicants are encouraged to consider a candidate resource in their home state/region, though convincing plans for any domestic target will also be considered.  
Questions: For more information, click here or contact Dr. Desmond Stubbs, Program Manager, at: . 
Best Internship on Earth with the Sierra Club 
Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Description:  Interns will be required to travel around the country to different Sierra Club outings and activities  -- you might go hiking and rafting in spectacular natural settings, and learn about all the different ways the Sierra Club is protecting the planet. The interns will film these adventures and produce a regular video blog about youth and the environment.  Depending on time and interests, other media will be utilized to enhance the storytelling and help us experience your journey.  The ideal candidate is passionate about the environment and being outside, open to new experiences, a skilled storyteller, and engaged with their online community.  
Questions: For more information, click here and see the list of FAQ's about this internship by clicking here

AHA Bolivia Sustainability/Social Responsibility Internship 

Application Deadline: TBA
Time Commitment: July 17-18, 2013
Description: This combined internship, learning workshop, and cultural experience program is designed to introduce students to socially responsible business practices, international business, and environmental respectfulness in business. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how business works in a developing nation, and how it relates to export markets such as the US and Canada. Participants will engage in hands on learning and will produce a measurable intern project by the end of the program.  Program includes: practical internship, learning modules and accompanying activities (6-8 hours per week), accommodation (shared housing), artisan site visits, spanish classes (6 hours per week), and airport pick-up.  The program does not include: airfare, meals, travel/emergency insurance (required), and optional cultural activities.  The cost is $2700 for 4 weeks.  

Questions: For question, or to apply, please send your resume and a letter of interest to Cecilia at Visit us at


Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) 2013 

Application Deadline: TBA
Time Commitment: two-week intensive workshop and lecture series in August 2013
Description: This series is geared towards individuals interested in the title subjects: sustainability and energy. From August 5-16, a diverse body of participants will converge on the UIC campus and immerse itself in a broad spectrum of sustainability and energy related topics. Issues presented will be of interest to scientists, economists, political scientists, urban planners, engineers, architects, and entrepreneurs. Participants will engage these issues through interactive and interdisciplinary lectures and panel discussions, collaborative research projects that stress scientific innovation and entrepreneurship, networking opportunities with academics and professionals, and tours of sustainability and energy related sites in the Chicago area.  Admission into the program is highly competitive. 60-80 participants will be accepted from a pool of national applicants. Those accepted into the program can expect to receive financial support including transportation getting to and from Chicago, lodging during the duration of the program, and most meals.

Questions: Visit their website to learn more: 


Job Posting: Program Director- Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville 
Application Deadline: Monday April 1, 2013, at 5:00 PM 
Position Begins: Approximately April 22, 2013
Time Commitment: Monday through Friday from 10:00-6:00 PM (Evening and weekend hours as required)
Description: Supervise and coordinate year-round programming for large youth program, reaching 300 youth per year and averaging 100 youth daily. Performance areas include program development, staff & volunteer leadership, facility management, risk management, fiscal management, financial development, public relations, and data tracking regarding program attendance and results. Programs include varied, diverse, and age- progressive activity content during the summer and school-year including special events. Responsibilities include obtaining a Commercial Driver's License and providing transportation for youth.
Questions: Contact Brenda Salvo, Ellettsville Unit Director, for more details- or 812-935-6970

To Apply: Mail letter of interest, resume, and three professional references to HR Director, PO Box 1716, Bloomington, IN 47402

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