August News
President's Message

Dear OCA Members,

Every year at this time, I am shocked that camp and summer are almost at an end. They go by so fast! I hope you have had a safe and successful summer.

Many camps will be in operation until the end of August. Please know that there is ongoing support for you! If you have a crisis or serious accident at your camp, or are in doubt and require support, please note the following information: 
  • the OCA office is open during business hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 416-485-0425 or toll free at 1-844-485-0425 
    OR you may contact the 24-hour Crisis Support phone number at 416-708-8131
  • the newly revised Crisis Response Resource Manual is available on the OCA website's homepage bookshelf and may be downloaded by clicking here
**Membership Renewal packages have been mailed and emailed through Wild Apricot to your attention. I would like to thank all Members who have already renewed their Membership and who have reviewed and revised their Membership information and their camp's 2016 Camps Guide description. 

Online Renewals and 2016 Camps Guide Information:
If you have not completed either your Membership Renewal or 2016 Camps Guide Information, please click here. If you need assistance, please call the OCA office.

Mailed Renewals and 2016 Camps Guide Information:
Members who have mailed their Membership Renewal will receive an electronic receipt by email from the office. **Please call Jen Gilbert with any changes you may have for the 2016 Camps Guide.

**This will be the last year that the renewal package will be mailed to Members. However, consideration will be made for those Members who do not have a computer.

**Standards Answer Sheets
This is a gentle reminder to mail the white copy of the Standards Answer Sheets to the OCA office as soon as your Visit has been completed. 

**Awards Nominations
In your renewal emails and mailed packages you will find information on the OCA's Awards Nominations. Please use this opportunity to recognize your peers or staff for all of the wonderful work they do as a volunteer. 

Your participation in the OCA Newsletter is important. Please send your information, pertinent topics and ideas to before the first of each month.

If you have any questions regarding the Association, please let me know. 

  Adam Kronick 

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Health Care Resources

For all of our up-to-date Health Care information and resources, please visit the OCA website here.

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