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'Salving' When a Solve Was Needed...
August  2014
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October 4thReclaim Your Tiara! workshop. Stop 'power-leaks' and get YOUR life back on track.   Look for an August 4th announcement from VERVE with workshop details.  You do not want to miss this event!  This will be an one-day event at The Holy Family Retreat Center in Farmington, CT.  Mark you calendar and look for the flyer!  Want to take a peek ahead of time? - November 2014 webinar: Using the Circle of Care to Manage Holiday Challenges:   Learn how to effectively use the Circle of CareŠ tool  to manage the stress of the holidays - get-together, parties, families, gift giving and expectations, oh my.  Break the cycle of overwhelm and experience a positive and balanced holiday season - registration details in the September VERVE newsletter. 

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Are you stuck on band aids because band aids  are stuck on you? Bandaids have a purpose. They provide protection when we need them. However, if the wound is more serious it requires a more serious solution. Problems are like that. Sometimes putting a band aid is needed in the moment, but eventually they get dirty, lose their adhesive and many times fall off exposing the original problem. It went away for a moment and now it is back. Maybe you were 'salving' when a 'solve' was needed. Get ready to rip off the band aid and address what hurts.


We have all done it. Put off a conversation that needs to be had, not put an end to a rotten relationship, let a rude colleague slide or put up with a bully-boss. Not today, we said. We smeared the issue with salve and slapped a band aid on it. It still stung, but not quite as much.   A salve is not always a bad thing if the intent is to give you time to create a productive game plan and move to a solution. But when you're going into anaphylactic shock from being covered in band aids, it's time to 'solve' some of those problems because ultimately letting them go without addressing them chips away at your happiness and well-being.


Grab a piece of paper and make three columns. In column one list three to five items you are salving;   title column two 'the cost of salving' and title column three 'benefits of solving'. Fill out your template as completely as you can paying attention to the emotions you feel while describing the issues, the costs of continuing to salve and the benefits of addressing them. Decide which one if addressed would make the most difference in your life and get to creating a solving plan. Pick them off one at a time or give the issue to the real owner if necessary (that is still a solve).  For all of you 'summer-salvers', salve now but get to solving in the fall! 


The key to this is maintenance, becoming aware of when you are' salving' and when you are solving and then putting a plan in place to move to solve.


Initially pulling off the band aid may sting a little, but in the long run it will hurt a lot less. 



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