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July 2014

Meaning of VERVE...


I believe...

Living without worthiness is dangerous and out of sync with our soul. The monster under your bed has always been the fear of not being enough of something or someone.


So Dare...

To stop being politely fed up with not living your own BEYOND fed up. To choose engagement over sitting it out. To live raggedy taking chances, falling down, skinning your knees but getting back up. To tell the monster to shut up!  


So that...

You engage with the world from the position of worthiness, authenticity, unapologetic and wonderfully imperfect and the world is blessed by your unique contribution. The monster slinks away.


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I hope you agree that the summer weather has been amazing. Hot days, cooler nights and great weekends. Isn't this what we have been waiting for...asking for...begging for? Seize the days of summer! Don't let September creep up on you and you have done nothing to refresh, awaken and recharge. We are so conditioned to go, go, go and often miss the opportunities to breathe, notice and pay attention to what we need. We can only see our needs and the needs of others if we are in awareness mode. I am sure you cannot believe it is already July. Flip the switch from anxiety of what you have not done to what is important and needed for you right now. Now is the time to course correct and inject some quality time that will make a difference.


Joyous woman Running Sizzling Summer! What You Must Do.


The other day, I caught myself exclaiming, OMG it is the Fourth of July! I know I need to stop and recalibrate when the same hours everyone gets seems like I somehow get less of them. Am I spending time on the wrong things?  Am I  burning up my time with things that are not really helping me? Am I going, going, going and not even sure where my time is spent? Or, is my to do list filled with things that do not inspire, bring balance or vitality to my life? It is probably a combination of all that. Good news,the summer is not over and you can course correct.


At the beginning of the summer, I shared a Create the Best Summer Yet Worksheet to help you lay out a great summer. The purpose of the worksheet is to go through the exercise of stopping to take a few minutes to remember the things you like to do and inspire you to do a few of them this summer. I bet there would be something on your list that you forgot you even liked to do that would require very little effort to make it happen.  For example, I forgot how wonderful it was to eat dinner outside on the deck with a music playing and a glass of my favorite wine. I made a commitment to eat outside whenever possible. It is amazing what comes to you when Etta James is belting out 'At Last' while you enjoy a great meal and company...connection, passion and love.   Consider taking your office outside. If you can work from home, why not create an outside office that allows you to breathe fresh air, hear birds, see flowers and smell cut grass. I will bet your ideas will be clearer, more creative and more expansive.  


There are so many possibilities that surface with a commitment to time to refresh, relax and gain a new perspective. The return on that time is priceless.


So, it is July. What are you going to do with this one wonderful summer? What do you want to celebrate at the end of the summer? Give yourself permission to Create Your Best Summer Yet!




"You have to start by changing the story you tell yourself about getting older...The minute you tell yourself, 'Time is everything and I am going to make sure the time is used in the way I dreamed it should be used', then you got a whole different story." ~Diane Sawyer


Coming in August:
Fall and Winter Workshop and Webinar Schedule...designed to balance, focus, empower and ignite! Create space for the unexpected.  

I have an amazing workshop and webinar schedule to share with you next month!  I will be collaborating with other talented coaches to bring you a powerful series of events that will facilitate creating your best life.  
Heads Up!  On October 4th, I will be co-facilitating with Life Coach Julie Holcomb to bring you the Reclaiming Your Tiara Workshop.  It will be a workshop you do not want to miss.  Look for more details in August!