One thing I know for sure, spring comes no matter how long and formidable the winter has been.  I made a commitment to not complain about how cold it is no matter how chapped, dry and reptilian my skin has gotten, no matter how many white-knuckled drives in the snow storms experienced and no matter how many times we've pulled out the snow blower.  Wait a minute...I think I am complaining.  Spring is here even if there is snow on the ground.  Nature is already doing its thing to refresh, reclaim and grow.  Nature has an amazing way of finding its way and stating with conviction that something amazing is in the works.  Let's take the lessons of nature and refresh our thinking, be deliberate in our focus and shed the things that are in our way of living our best life.  Let's's spring!





Don't' Tell the Snow, Spring is here!

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Nature has many lessons embedded in its splendor and spring is one of them.  Spring means to come into being by growth or to take an upward course from.  It also means to come out of cover, make a shift or to move.  All of these definitions mean one thing; it is time for change.  I love spring.  


What would your hour, day or life be like if you took the actions of spring and incorporated them into your life?  What would happen if you decided right now, that you no longer believed that you were incapable of learning a new language, going back to college, trying a new career or ending a destructive relationship?  What would your hour, day or life be like if you believed you could make positive changes in your life, just as sure as the leaves were coming back, the flowers were going to bloom and there would be new grass?  What if you jumped on the renewal bandwagon and took on the upward course of spring?  Why not, the time is now and the season is here. 


I am not talking about a corny mantra like 'be the the grass.'  I am talking about a deliberate statement of change and one action to confirm it, then another...and another...and another.  Growth is gradual, but once it starts, your adrenaline will function as fertilizer and you will enjoy the change and begin to make shifts you did not think possible.  Some changes will be easy and some will be hard, but they will be worth it if it is a step to living your best life.  One thing is for sure, like spring, your spirit yearns and works for what is best for you.  Your spirit is connected to what is good.  Let it connect to spring and awaken what has been dormant for far too long.  Get out of your own way.


In the morning when you get up and go outside, take in the inspiration of spring.  Everything is your cheering squad.  The air on your face is the confirmation that you are here, alive and have much to contribute.  The plants pushing through the soil are telling you to persevere and not to worry.  The birds who work hard every day tell you stay the course, don't stop before your blessing appears.  The diverse plants and flowers are telling you there is a place for everyone and everyone is beautiful and has value.    All of it together, tells us there is intelligent design and you are magnificent enough to be an important part of it.  I love spring.  


"Don't Let Go of Your Daydream." ~ Lance Secretan

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