Recently, I was reminded about the importance of intuition.  Intuition is the quality or

ability of having direct perception or quick insight.  It is the feeling we get when we are not 'thinking'.  It is the tug from the soul telling us to pay attention, stay sharp, re-think or DO IT.  Intuition is there for the big things and the small.  It can be one of the best tools in your tool box.  Don't ignore it.  Dust it off and put it into practice.  It could change your life. 




 Intuition.  Pay Attention...It Could Change Your Life!
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"Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way."

- Florence Scovel Shinn



"There is no instinct like that of the heart."

- Lord Byron





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Have you ever just felt sure about something, but had no scientific or tangible reason to know? You just knew in your spirit what was the right thing to do, right thing to say or the right action to take. Your heart was telling you the direction to take and you took it. The beautiful thing was that it turned out to be a great decision. That is intuition at its best.


Intuition is a much underrated gift that we all have and could use to live better, fuller and more balanced lives. There are many purposes for intuition. It can be a pathway to self-care, genius or adventure. It can help us in deciding to take a job or not.  It can help us discern danger or unhealthy relationships.  Most of all, I think it is an avenue to wisdom. Intuition is there to get to the decision that is best for you.


Everyone has the ability to tap into intuition.  We are born with it.  Do you remember being a kid having a feeling about something that turned out to be right.  We lose this insight through the years when we are made to feel that 'feelings' are not part of the decision process.  We condition 'intuition' out of our lives cutting off a vital part of insight.  Tapping down our intuition can lead to bad decisions and unfulfilled dreams.  


Intuition has made me take risk when my head told me not to.  I did not regret it.   Intuition has told me when I was in danger.  I listened (it is story for another time).  Intuition sees what I can't and tells me to believe and I do. 


Hearing the message of intuition requires an inward focus. I know, I know. It is difficult to stop for just a few minutes, breathe and stop thinking. It may help to remove yourself from everyone for just a couple minutes and take a few cleansing breaths, close your eyes and just wait. Be in silence, pray or whatever you need to do to cleanse your mind of shoulds or others expectations. Try not to solve and wait for intuition to unfold. Your answer may not come immediately, but wisdom comes when you are ready to hear it. Tap into the instinctive knowledge of intuition and free fall into a wonderful gift. 




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