Every once in a while there is a book, webinar or speaker that says something that is so important or impactful that I take notice because the message is life changing. It is a message that needs to be taken in, talked about and acted upon. Dr. Brene´ Brown, author of Daring Greatly, was a guest on Oprah's Life class and talked about vulnerability and that is was a necessary part of growing, changing and living an authentic life. The thought of being vulnerable can strike fear in our hearts because of the negative words and feelings we associate with it. Let's change that perception because vulnerability is the gateway to new experiences, new opportunities and loving relationships.




Embracing Vulnerability...  
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Quote of the Month


"You can't get to vulnerability without walking through courage."


Dr. Brene´ Brown




I am like everyone else and don't like the feeling of being exposed and without cover.  No one likes to put their heart, hopes and dreams out there and have them stepped on, dismissed or invalidated.  We would rather hold back than expose our true intentions.  But every time we pull back, we leave a piece of our brilliance and joy behind.  We see it in the rearview mirror and watch it get smaller and smaller until we think it is gone and no longer matters.  It matters. 


How do we step into vulnerability?  We stop looking at vulnerability as a weakness.  It is living authentically and letting your true colors show, living from the heart.   It is having the courage to say, "This is me and this is what I believe, want and don't want."  It takes courage to want that kind of freedom, to be willing to take it and live with the outcomes of such wonderful, vulnerable freedom.    

Dr. Brene´ Brown says that vulnerability is the opening of the heart and a willingness to take the chance of failure,  disappointment or getting hurt for the opportunity to love more, learn more and experience a more amazing life.  I could not agree with her more.  You have to be willing to lose to gain.  What you gain is so powerful and important!  You know for sure that you can get back up after a fall.  You learn that you can trust or love again - but you are more discerning.   You can be authentically you with no apologies or contortions to be someone else.  You can let go of the stress of putting on a mask that everyone thinks is your face.  You will be shocked what you can accomplish and how you will feel from this new vantage point. Vulnerability is worth it.

So, be vulnerable.  It is okay if your heart races, your hands sweat and you are short of breath.  Jump off and feel the exhilaration of flying with your wings.


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