Love is in the air. February is all about showing others how much we love them. I want us to look at this month of love through a different lens. Let's look at loving ourselves. In these challenging times of excessive stress, record job dissatisfaction, job loss and unloving or unhealthy relationships it is time to take our hearts in our hands and give it what it needs...loving care. It is time to take stock of what we truly need to be happy and pursue it. And, pursue it as if our true life depends on it, because it does.





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February 23rd
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 Quotes of the Month:  



 "We know that we all yearn for more love in our lives. But we delude ourselves when we think this is only true of our personal lives and is not just as vital to our work environments. We all want more love in all of our lives - at home and at work."


~Lance Secretan



"Fair or unfair, sometimes we have to give to ourselves what we wish we could get from someone else."



~Phil McGraw




"There is only one be able to spend your life in your own way."

 ~ Christopher  Morley
















I love myself
Holding Your Heart In Your Hands
I believe we were born with the ability to love ourselves and to care deeply about how we feel. We were connected to what was important and what nourished our soul. We instinctively knew what brought us joy.  Our soul and our intuition were connected. We had the heart of a child which loved freely allowing us to love ourselves.
Somewhere along the line, we were taught not to focus inward and that what we wanted was not as important as what others wanted. We were taught that it was not about loving ourselves, but who we could get to love us. Our thoughts shifted because the world told us that love was something that you gave to others and it became foreign to think of giving love to ourselves.


It is in this space that we fall off the path of connecting to our soul which is directly tied to love. It is in this space where we make choices that do not serve us. Each step away from love moves us further away from our soul, our calling and our hearts. You fall out of love with one of the best people in the world, you.


We spend a lot of time looking for others to love or validate us. When was the last time you can honestly say that you loved yourself? Can you look in the mirror and say ,"I love you" and really mean it? While that may seem like a strange thing to think or do, it's not really. Loving yourself simply means caring deeply about what matters to you and that you can embrace the special things that make you unique. It means knowing that you have gifts and talents that no employer, lover, frienemy or stranger can take away from you. It is embracing and celebrating you.

The wonderful thing about life is that it is a sandbox that provides the opportunity for you to reshape, rearrange and regain your 'inner love'.  Why not reawaken your soul by taking your heart in your hands and taking the walk that is uniquely yours? Loving who you are will allow you to tap into your inner guide that will tell you when it is time to change course, regroup or push on. Loving you will allow you to love others in healthy ways that creates the space to grow as people. When you are in love, you are the best person you can be, not perfect in a worldly sense, but perfect in a soul sense.



Take time to reignite the love of you. Set a date, make a wonderful dinner, set the table, pour a glass of wine, light candles and enjoy a quiet night with just you, wonderful you.  Write a love letter to yourself, address it and mail it. When it comes back, read it, hear it and believe it.


Love is ever ready to believe the best of every person.



I Corinthians 13:7 




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