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Feburary 2014
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Greek Village Salad (Χοριατικη)

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Friends, I only lost 3 lbs in the first month of the year. Although it is not what I expected, it is a good start. I'm currently keeping an intense exercise schedule. Earlier in the month I did not control my food intake. I am now keeping a food log for my coach. I hope in March I will have better results to report.


As I looked over my goals last week I realized that I had not included my spiritual growth goals. Healthy mind in a healthy body was a saying that I heard frequently when I was growing up in Greece. We are not just flesh. We have a spirit that needs to be nurtured like our body. In the Living Healthy section I have included 6 ways to grow and feed your spirit. Take the time to read some of the ways to make your spirit healthier and please adjust your goals and devote time to this very important part of our wellness.


I have been reading QBQ: The Question Behind the Question - a book written by John Miller that is about personal responsibility. What a great book! I have encouraged my children and co-workers to read this book. If we stop blaming others and start doing what we can to take care of the tasks at hand, then we can work as teams and create fantastic results. This book is a short, easy read and full of good examples. I recommend you read this book too!


Time passes by so fast! Now the holidays are behind us, February is here and Valentine's Day is around the corner. Let's dedicate the time and effort to show our spouse or significant other our love and affection this Valentine's Day. Think outside the box. Flowers and gifts are always nice, but let's try to make something different. I think it is really important to revive what triggered that first spark - so make it a date go to the movies, go out for dinner, have some fun. But most importantly show your significant other how much he or she means to us.


Several of you have sent emails. Some of you talked to me as I visit, and have been setting goals and doing some of what I am doing. Please continue to send me your feedback and like us on Facebook! Please read and comment with your questions and ideas and if you will like me to write about a specific subject, send me an email at .


Following are two articles of great importance. The first, Managed Services, is a new way of taking care of your technology needs. The second, Firewalls, are the devices that we use to protect our networks from outside intruders.


As always another great recipe will be uploaded to the website for this month.


Costas Soulakos

Managed Services.


For over 25 years ExecuSoft Controls has provided computer services on demand (Break-Fix). A typical scenario:

  1. Client calls and reports issue(s).
  2. A computer consultant calls back and tries to help Client over the phone.
  3. If we cannot help our client, then we schedule a service call to go on site and repair the issue.

Firewalls and how they work!



A network firewall protects a computer network from unauthorized access. Network firewalls may be hardware devices, software programs, or a combination of the two.


Network firewalls guard an internal computer network (home, school, business intranet) against malicious access from the outside. Network firewalls may also be configured to limit access to the outside from internal users.


6 ways to grow spiritually!


Follow these 6 steps to help you grow siritually