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May 19
Church Planter
Peer Learning Groups
9:30am & 7pm

May 21


JBA Quarterly Celebration
1:30pm - 3pm @

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May 29, 30, 31

Greater Jacksonville Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham @ Veterans' Memorial Arena

June 9
Stewardship Conference
10am - 12:30pm @ JBA
Lead by Clearance Hackett.
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June 16 & 17
SBC Annual Meeting
in Columbus, OH
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July 10
Senior Adult Banquet
@ Murray Hill Baptist Church
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July 18
Church Planters Family Fellowship

May 17, 2015


Let Them See You Bleed


One of the speakers at a conference I recently attended opened her talk with the question, "Do you let them see you bleed?"  This immediately got my attention, as I don't really think letting other people see my blood is, well, normal.   Now, she didn't mean that literally.  What she was getting at by that opening was having us in the audience explore how closed we sometimes become when we witness.  Do we let people see that we as Christians have our own struggles, weaknesses, hurts, and that we make mistakes or do we try to cover them.  In other words, we bleed when we get cut; it's a natural function of our bodies to a hurt.  She continued on by painting the picture of how perfect we can sometimes try to look to those we are trying to reach for Christ.  In reality many people who are far from Christ are looking to us to see just how real we are.  We can tend to think that we must present ourselves to the world as some kind of near perfect hero before we can be effective witnesses.  The world doesn't need more heroes it needs Jesus!


As the Son of God, Jesus came to earth as a human just like we are.  I'm sure that at some point as Jesus was growing up he got cuts and scrapes just like all children do.  He bled and His mother took care of him.  I'm sure he got splinters while working with wood in his father 's carpentry shop.  He got hurt and his father took care of him.  Do we think any less of him because we know about his hurts?  I actually think we feel more closely connected to him because we know he got hurt just like we get hurt.


The take away from the talk was to not be afraid to share Jesus with someone just because they know of your weaknesses and hurts.  By letting people see you bleed they can realize Christians are real people too.  Embrace your hurt, your weakness (Paul did), and your pain and allow it to show people that, in Christ, you have actually become strong and so can they.


After all, Jesus let the whole world see Him bleed....


In Christ,


Jeff Litton


Missions Engagement Coordinator/

Financial Bookkeeper

Jacksonville Baptist Association



Church Announcements & Celebrations  



Five Loaves Worship Event - ART Creative Ministry at Westside Baptist Church will be hosting a writing workshop Saturday, June 6 from 9 a.m - 11 a.m. with Author Holly Bebernitz.  The cost is $5.  For more information and to register go to or call 781-0618

Ext 28.

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College Ministry Intern at Hibernia Baptist Church - The College Ministry intern will learn about College Ministry from sharing the Gospel to making disciples with hands on experience. Through this internship, the individual will assist and report directly to the Young Adult Pastor.   The intern will also be challenged to grow personally and corporately while having the opportunity to make an eternal impact in the life of Hibernia's College ministry.

Click Here for details on how to apply.


Office Furniture Needed - Oasis Church is in need of desk chairs and office / reception chairs.

Please call 904-545-3497.


The Gospel Project Chronological Free Event - Workshop Preview, May 18th, 6:30-8pm at First Baptist Orange Park.

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House Parent Opening - At the Florida Baptist Children's Home Jacksonville location. We are currently seeking one or two married couples to fill the position of house parents at our Jacksonville campus. The position of House Parent is a live-in residential cottage position for married couples only and marriage for at least two years is a bona-fide occupational qualification for the position.

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Bilingual Pastor needed - Hibernia Baptist Church in Fleming Island Florida is currently seeking a bilingual Pastor (Spanish/English) to be over our Spanish group. For more information, please contact Paul Sweat at or 904-529-8944.

Opportunity - Local teens are in need of locations to complete court-ordered community service. If you are interested in allowing youth to complete community service at your church and maybe creating a mentor relationship, please contact Keith Money of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice at 904-391-3806.


Executive Assistant position - Child Development Education Alliance is looking for an employee with long term goals. If you are interested in applying, please contact Ellen McKinley 904-573-8831 or 8833 or email

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Back Up Pianist Needed - Orange Avenue Baptist Church is in need of a backup pianist for times their regular pianist is out. Please contact Curtis Phillips at 904-495-8414 or email


Needed used and or new Sound System - (etc... Microphones, Projectors, projector screen)- If you have any of this equipment and would like to pass this on to a new church plant, please contact Darriel Hagans at 904-528-0753 or email Joseph Lee at Or you can contact office number at 904-361-3820.


Chairs needed - Please contact Pastor David Mathis at (cell#) 904-415-5315 or (home) 904-879-0255. He also has a need for a PA system and other electronics for the church.


Music Organ needed - Union Progressive Baptist Church is in need of an organ. Pastor C. R. Morgan can be reached by email at


Parkwood Counseling Center - is a new resource in the Arlington community and greater Jacksonville area providing clinical counseling for all people. Using innovative, proven and creative strategies the clinicians will provide excellent care and compassion to help you and your family grow in health and stability. 

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Disaster Relief Training 2015 - Several areas in Florida for your opportunity in receiving training as a volunteer with the Disaster Relief Team.

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Special Announcement from Florida Baptist Convention 

At the February 2015 State Board of Missions meeting, legal counsel for the Convention was asked to provide a form bylaw provision that could be used by Baptist churches around Florida to clarify how their facilities, assets, and resources might be used. The following statement is provided for consideration by Florida Baptist churches.  If it meets the approval of these autonomous congregations, they may choose to insert this provision into their constitution or bylaws. The statement is attached for your review and also available on our website at:


Attention Pastors - If you are a young pastor of an established church and would be interested in gathering quarterly for fellowship and edification, please email John Green at


Guardian Ad Litem Volunteers Needed -

Abused, neglected, and abandoned children need YOUR voice in court. Please visit


Interim Music Leader needed - Springhill Baptist in Fernandina Beach is looking to secure an Part Time Music Man. If interested contact Pastor Bud Long (904) 553-7649.


Festival of




The Billy Graham Association is in Jacksonville! Franklin Graham will be here May 29-31, 2015 at the Veterans Memorial Arena.



Part-Time position for Teacher/Leader - in the Young Adult Dept. Hours: SUN 9am-12 & 6-7pm; WED 7-9pm, $100 per week. Please contact Pastor Steve Whitcomb at 904-910-3699 or send resume to


Part-Time Music Director - Palm Valley Baptist Church in Ponte Vedra Beach is searching for a part-time Director of Music. Please send resume to:


If your JBA Church has an upcoming event or something to celebrate, let us know!

JBA Team

Rick Wheeler

Lead Missional Strategist

Josh Dryer
Missional Strategist 

Walter Bennett

Church Planting Coach/Strategist


Jeff Litton 

Missions Engagement Coordinator/

Financial Bookkeeper


Tim Driscoll

Digital storyteller


Tommy Minton

Ministry Assistant


Lynn Stone

Administrative Assistant