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                It's been a while since you have heard from me and I hope you have missed my newsletters!  So much has been happening lately that I have simply just not had the time to sit down and tell all!  Now that Breast Cancer Awareness month is over and everyone is sick of pink (not us of course) it's time to talk turkey.
                 My friend to the right has been granted a pardon for another year and he, along with everyone at DRA wishes you a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving and a Happy Hanukkah.  The DRA offices will be closed on Thanksgiving day but we will open the day after, Nov. 29th and Saturday, Nov. 30th. 
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The Connecticut Center for Advanced Vein Therapy is a comprehensive vein care center offering treatment for all types of veins from spider veins, to bulging varicose veins, to veins with complications such as leg ulcers. Director of The Vein Center is Duncan J. Belcher, MD and for the next few months he will be answering the most commonly asked  questions concerning varicose veins and treatment.
 Is Endovenous Laser Therapy Painful?
 Most people report little or no pain associated with the endovenous laser therapy, however individual responses vary.  Usually the only sensation is felt during the delivery of anesthetic to the leg.  After the procedure you may feel some tenderness, tingling, itching or tightness in the treated leg.
The Connecticut Center for Advanced Vein Therapy is located in the Middlebury office of Diagnostic Radiology Associates at The Turnpike Office Park, 1579 Straits Turnpike.  Consultations with Dr. Belcher and Dr. Eric Hyson are available by calling 203-758-1980.
Meet Our Ultrasound Department
(from left to right) Elizabeth DiPinto, RT(R), RDMS(AB,OB/GYN,BR),RVT(VT), Kaitlyn Ruskary, RT(R),RDMS (AB/GYN, BR) RVT(VT), Sara Szymczak, RT(R), RDMS, Mayra Johnson, ARRT(S), RDMS, Antoniette Donofrio,RT(R),(M),(CT),ARDMS,(B), Amy Raymond,RT(R),RDMS,(Br,OB/GYN,Abd)
Meet the ultrasound team from DRA!  Due to the demand for ultrasound we have expanded our department so that we many accommodate patients that need same day exams.  Our team of sonographers are highly-skilled professionals that use specialized equipment to create images of structures inside the body that physicians then interpret to make a medical diagnosis.  A sonographer has extensive, direct patient contact and they must be able to interact compassionately and effectively with people.  They must use their judgement in recognizing the need to extend the scope of the procedure according to the diagnostic findings and their expertise is invaluable to the radiologist.  We at DRA feel that we have a fantastic group of sonographers and are confident in their abilities and we are proud to have them as part of the DRA team. 
The Older You Get, the More You
Need a Mammogram
Breast cancer is the most common cancer that women may face in their lifetime (except for skin cancer). Your risk of developing breast cancer increases as you get older.  Nearly 8 out of 10 breast cancers occur in women older than age 50.   A woman senior women who is 70 is almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer in the next year as a woman who is 50.  As your age goes up so does your risk for breast cancer.  You should continue having a yearly mammogram, regardless of your age, as long as you do not have serious health problems. Remember 70 is the new 50!!

November 27th  Hanukkah begins at sundown
November 28th Thanksgiving DRA offices closed
November 29th & 30th DRA offices open
January 26th 10th Annual "Frames for Our Friends" Home-to-Home  Foundations Bowl-a-thon, Thomaston Lanes 


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