October 2012
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                             Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  This is our "most wonderful time of the year" because everywhere you go you see pink! This is the month everyone talks about breast cancer and more importantly breast health.  You will see and hear stories of survivors,pink ribbon  treatments, and prevention.  You will be asked for donations from Susan Komen and the American Cancer Society, as well as many local fund raisers.  All of this helps the cause but the biggest thing that anyone can do to help in the fight against breast cancer is get your mammogram!  It all starts there!  DRA is open late for after work appointments as well as on Saturdays.  No excuses ladies!

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Donna Johnson
Community Relations Liaison
pink gloves 
      As of June 15, 2012, a new law regarding MRI screening for breast cancer went into effect in Connecticut. The law requires insurance coverage for breast MRI screening in patients who meet the guidelines established by the American Cancer Society. The ACS recommends screening breast MRI for women who have:

            1. BRCA mutation

            2. First-degree relative of BRCA carrier, but untested

            3. Lifetime risk ~20-25% or greater, as defined by BRCAPRO or

               other models that are largely dependent on family history

            4. Radiation to chest between age 10 and 20 years

            5. Li-Fraumeni syndrome and first degree relatives

            6. Cowden and Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndromes and first-

               degree relatives

      Patients should understand that your  insurance company will usually require that you  meet any deductible first, and then pay the policy's co-pay, before the insurance benefits will pay.

       We still recommend that screening breast ultrasound be done for average-risk patients with mammographically dense breasts, and that MRI is not needed in these patients. Screening MRI should be done for the high-risk patients (per ACS guidelines), and breast ultrasound then would not be necessary in these patients, even if mammographically dense. Mammography should be done for all patients, regardless of risk level, and regardless of whether they have ultrasound or MRI as well.

 High risk (meeting ACS guidelines) = mammogram and MRI

I will be making my way around the Greater Waterbury region handing out our calendars but just in case I miss you, stop by the office and ask the girls at the front desk for one.  I hope you like this year's design! 

 Oct. 19th National Mammogram Day

 Oct. 23rd Waterbury Triad at 7 Angels

 Nov. 1st   Business Women's Forum

 Nov. 6th   Election Day

 Nov. 8th   "Laughter is the Breast Medicine"  Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center 5:30pm

Nov. 9th    Easter Seals' 5th Annual "Ladies Night Out" Courtyard Marriott, Waterbury 5:00-10:00pm

 Nov. 14th Waterbury Chamber Health Care Council  Breakfast Seminar "Health Care Updates for Medical Practices"   Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center 7:45am

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